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Huge 6" blue blooms over 3 months!

One of the best landscape Hydrangeas ever!

Hydrangea Nikko Blue

True blue Hydrangea!

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Chris' Pick

“Hydrangea Nikko Blue will flower reliably blue in a wide range of soils.  The key to having blue flowers is adding Aluminum Sulfate to get them blue.  This reliable landscape plant will give you years of enjoyment with its fantastic floral display!

Hydrangea Nikko Blue

  • Giant 6" true blue flowers
  • Superb landscape Hydrangea
  • Blooms for 3+ months
  • Prefers morning sun & afternoon shade
  • View all Hydrangeas

Zone 5,6,7,8,9 Blooms Summer-Fall
4-6' x 5-7'

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Product: #HYDNB2Q
Pot Size: 2 Quart
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Hydrangea Nikko Blue is one of the most reliable blue Hydrangeas blooming blue in a wider range of soils.

Nikko Blue starts with flowers that are cream with blue margins than turn a solid blue as the plant matures.  In acidic soil, Nikko Blue has deep blue flowers, but alkaline soil turns blooms pink.  The Blooms are full and fluffy and make for beautiful dried arrangements that keep their color.

Nkko Blue grows well in partial shade.  The blooms are formed on growth from the previous season so any pruning should be done right after flowering. 

Nikko Blue pairs well with colorful Heucheras, bold-leaf Hostas, and Hardy Ferns.

Hydrangeas are continuing to take the flowering shrub world by storm. They are widely adaptable to both clay and sandy soil provided they are given copius amounts of water during the prolonged summer dry spells. Almost all Hydrangeas thrive under morning sun and protection from the intense afternoon sun. This queen of the flowering shrubs allows for a multitude of uses in garden designs including: solitary specimen, mass plantings, or even container gardens. They even make long-lasting cut flowers!

Special Features: Cut Flower, Dried Flower, Easy Care, Fast Growing, Long Blooming, Moisture Tolerant, Multi-Seasonal Interest


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About Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are shrubs with some of the most beautiful and handsome flowers.They grow very well in the shade, but actually flower better with some sun. The ideal location is where they can receive morning sun and afternoon shade. Some of the best information about hydrangeas can be found from folks that specialize in hydrangeas and have a lot of experience growing them.