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Drought Tolerant Plants for Hot, Sunny Slopes

Beautify a Bank with Drought Proof Perennials

Steep slopes can be challenging, yet provide opportunities when it comes to garden design. The roots of plants grown on slopes help bind soil particles together to prevent soil erosion and slow rainwater runoff.  You can enhance plantings by adding a few large boulders.

There are a handul of perennials that  are easy to grow, take dry conditions, are low maintenance, and stay attractive through most of the season.

Top Selling Plants for Dry Slopes 
Daylilies - Daylilies massive root system make them perfect for slopes and banks.  Plant in drifts or intersperse with groundscovers
Delosperma - Hardy Ice Plant thrives in well-drained soil. They can take heat & drought yet still flower well into October.  They only thing they detest is poor drainage
Dianthus - Fills out well & does a good job locking down the soil on slopes- blue-green evergreen foliage stays attractive
Lavander -  Evergreen foliage & fragrant flowers
Nepeta - Catmint Tough as nails and blooms all summer
Creeping Thyme - Evergreen, fragrant & keeps the weeds at bay
Phlox subulata - evergreen - ushers in spring with hundreds of blooms
Sedums - Combination of evergreen and semi-evergreen you can mix or match

Depending on the site & soil conditons, you might need to amend the Soil.  Good drainage is a MUST for these plants to thrive. The first year your newly planted area will require sufficient water so your plants will become established. When designing, consider creating access with a workable path for maintenance purposes.