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Miniature Butterfly Bush

Buddleia Blue Chip - Lo & Behold

Proven Winners Butterfly Bush with compact profile and look that won't overwhelm
From breeder Dr. Dennis Werner &  Proven Winners comes Buddleia Lo & Behold® ‘Blue Chip' PP19,991. This impressive sun-loving flowering shrub is perfectly sized at only 3 feet tall. Nicely proportioned with impact, not the burdensome size of taller Buddleias. Hardy to Zone 5-9. 
Butterfly Bush offers 3 months of blooms, fragrance & butterfly appeal 
Blue Chip delights the senses with fragrant blue-purple flowers from early Summer to Early Fall beckoning butterfly & hummingbird visitors to linger.  No pruning needed to keep blooming!  
Versatile Blue Chip offers multiple landscape uses
Add a distinctive low growing hedge to define a property line, edge a pathway to your front door and let the butterflies great your summer guests. Use in containers in a sunny spot or anywhere you want to lure in the butterflies.  Use this long flowering shrub to create an enchanting children's garden.
Bring your perennial garden to life with easy to grow Butterfly Bush
Never weedy, Blue Chip offers a durable, no-nonsense performance that stands up to heat & drought and with no pruning. This award-wining Buddleia looks fresh and appealing even on the hottest days of summer with low water needs once established.