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Best Drought Proof Shrubs

Tough Shrubs that Get The Job Done

Shrubs are woody-stemmed plants that are available in an array of shapes and forms.  Shrubs can be evergreen or deciduous and play an important role in providing structure to a perennial border. Shrubs also can be used in foundation plantings, as hedge plants to create privacy, or as container plants.

Some shrubs are drought tolerant, easy to grow and tolerate a wide range of soil conditions.

It is important to amend  your soil as needed and water well the first year until your newly planted shrubs are established.

Foolproof Shrubs
Berberris - is a colorful shrub with bright purple leaves that remain colorful all spring, summer & fall before turning  a vibrant blazing scarlet in autumn. Drought proof & deer proof and tolerant of clay soil  Grows 24" tall.  Hardy to Zone 4.

Caryopteris  - Blue Mist Shrub- is a low growing deciduous shrub reach 24-36" high with fragrant foliage & flowers that butterflies loves.  Highly drought tolerant & deer proof. It makes  an easy to grow flowering hedge plant and an excellent cut flower.  Hardy to Zone 5.

Burning Bush -Euonymus Compactus  begins to to leaf out in the spring with green leaves and turns a vibrant flame red color in the fall.  Fast growing shrubs that is well suited as a hedge plant for privacy.  Bark is cork-like and  Berries give winter interest.  Can be pruned if desired.  Very adaptable to dry or moist sites in shade or sun.  Grows up to 5' and hardy to Zone 4.
Butterfly Bush - Buddleia is the best shrub ever for attracting butterflies and now in available in a range of heights and flower colors.  This shrub is easy to grow and perfect for adding color to the late season early fall garden.  Works well as a hedge plant.

Thuja Green Giant - this tough arborviate makes the best hedge plant for privacy .  Disease free and drought tolerant, Thujas are the perfect fast growing tree.  Hardy to Zone 5.  Reaching up to 50' tall.