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June 25, 2015


Greetings to Mary and Chris--

I spend much of my summers buying plants online and seeing which of them I can rescue for my city garden. There is no issue with rescue with the plants I purchased from Great Garden Plants. They are beautiful.

It is clear that everyone involved--those who plant, those who harvest, those who pack--take great pride in their work, and are skilled at it. I am so very pleased, and wanted you to know.

Thank you so much.



Janice W.
Washington, DC


June 17, 2015


Hi, Just wanted to let you know we received our order today and they're awesome! We ordered 25 from Thuja Gardens last year and half of them died.

They, Thuja Gardens, claim to replace them up to 18 months no matter what, ha, try to get them to stand by that, we wasted our money. You have to dig them up and pay shipping, by the time you do that you might as well order from someone else, so that's what we did and glad we did!

What a difference in the quality. Wanted to share that with you........thanks!



Cheryl H.
Edwardsburg, MI


June 17, 2015


I just received another great shipment from you… having moved to a new property I have bought a lot of plants, but what you sell , the size, and shipping are the best. I am a loyal customer.



Cheryl McG.
Clarendon Hills, IL


June 14, 2015


Dear Great Garden Plants,

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing and beautiful, excellent quality plants I received from you. The front of my home faces north and I can never find beautiful shade plants in my local nurseries. The only mildly interesting plants I could ever find were Hostas. That is, until I find your website! I was so shocked that so many beautiful plants and flowers were available for shade!

I've ordered plants online before and have always been disappointed. I either receive bare root plants that are dead by the time I receive them, or they're packaged so badly they arrive crushed and mangled, or they're so tiny they rarely take and when they do it takes forever to grow into something you can see.

I was so shocked and surprised how beautiful the plants were that you shipped me! They were packaged really well, they were established, they were moist and in awesome condition! Thank you so much for providing such quality plants! You have earned yourself a customer for life! Keep up the great work and know that your efforts are appreciated. I feel it's important to let companies know when they're doing a great job and you guys are doing a STELLAR job. (And I've told ALL my friends and neighbors about your site!)

Thank you again!

Sincerely, Your New Favorite Customer,



Kristen DeP.
Lindenhurst, NY


May 21, 2015


I received my order today and was, as usual, thrilled with the plants.

They were large and healthy, beautifully packaged and preserved for secure and safe shipping (I live on Cape Cod Massachusetts)

Great Garden Plants, you are a superior company to deal with and your products are excellent as is your service!

I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks again!



Philip G.
Mashpee, MA


May 21, 2015


The plants arrived in the morning of May 20, and were in the ground by evening. They were in perfect shape, and I must say, I have never seen better packaging.

You have a first class operation!



Bob A.
Maryville, TN


May 20, 2015


Hello Heidi, I just received my plants and I am absolutely thrilled!!! I've never ever had mail away plants look as amazing as these plants do.

They are huge, well packaged, and perfect in every way!!! Would you please put my name on your mailing list for future plants. Thank you so VERY much for these fabulous plants!

Great job!



Ann T.
Hillsborough, NH


May 20, 2015


Dear Pam:

I was so pleased with the plants that I ordered from you. They were larger than I expected and so healthy! I was not able to plant them right away due to a cold snap, and they remained in excellent condition until I was able to plant them. They are all growing well. I would recommend your plants to everyone and will definitely order from you again.




Cheryl B.
St. Augustine, IL


May 20, 2015


Thank you, Great Garden Plants!

I am so pleased by the 24 Thuja Green Giant plants I received from you a few weeks ago.

When they were delivered -- upside down, in spite of your "up-arrows" -- I worried that they might be damaged. But when I opened the boxes, I could hardly believe how well they had been packaged. Hard to believe, but they all seemed fine.

Within a few days, after digging and preparing the holes, I managed to plant them. They are now thriving, with no sign of shock, and are definitely a gracious full-size (3 ft. +) as promised!

Thank you again!



Belmont, MA


May 18, 2015


Received my order this past week and all in the ground as of Saturday.

No one ships better or delivers better plants for the money than you folks. Excellent condition upon arrival and size of plants above most other nurseries I have used.

Have and will continue to recommend you whenever the subject of plants come up.




Harold S.
West Bend, WI


May 18, 2015


Oh my!!!! The plants are definitely worth the wait. I have two 500+ sq foot shade gardens that have been ongoing for several years and are FULL as in little space available. Nearly all of the plants have been ordered online.

These are without a doubt the best plants I have ever received. I wish I had ordered all of my plants from you. I can not tell you how much money I have wasted on other nursery orders over the years. I am actually getting ready to place another order with you.



Mary J.
Wilmington, NC


May 12, 2015


Hi Pam,

I received the hydrangea last week, it's beautiful, so much larger. I want to thank you very much for sending this replacement to me. Great customer service. I will be ordering from you again.

Thank you,



Pelham, NH


May 8, 2015


Mary, I received my plants yesterday and was thrilled and absolutely amazed at how well they were packaged. I've ordered from you in the past but thought I should send you KUDOS! I've also referred several of my friends to your site.

Great job and many thanks!



Joyce K.
Moline, IL


May 8, 2015


Dear Friends,

Your box just arrived with my two ordered hellebores, and I opened it immediately. It looked as if the plants had been dug less than an hour ago, and were in perfect condition. I’ve already planted them and am certain that they will be beautiful.

I know that complaints are more common than compliments, so I just wanted you to know I am very happy with my purchase, and will certainly order from you again if I find I have more room in the shade!

Have a good weekend,



Bess K.
Denver, CO


May 7, 2015


I didn't see a place on your website to leave a review, but I wanted to let you know that I was extremely pleased with my recent order. I'm a first time buyer from Great Garden Plants and actually stumbled across your site when I was searching for drought tolerant plants for my landscaping.

I purchased four Echinaceas and received them yesterday. I've ordered from on-line garden centers before and what I receive is usually one stem with a few roots attached. What I received from you was more like what I would purchase from a brick and mortar nursery! My plants even already had blooms on them!

I was also impressed with the packaging of my plants. The whole experience, from ordering to planting, was superb! I really appreciate your detailed description of each plant with everything one needs to know to have a successful outcome. I will not hesitate one moment in ordering from you again.

Please feel free to use my comments on your website from a very satisfied customer!

Thank you!



Janice F.
Wichita, KS


May 6, 2015



Thanks again,



Patricia W.
Richmond, VA


April 27, 2015


I just wanted to email to tell you how happy I am (thrilled really) with the primula bellarina primrose I purchased!

These are the largest, healthiest and robust plants I have ever ordered through the mail. In fact, these plants are larger than those I can purchase at my local nursery. I am totally happy with my new plants and I will be a future customer. Thank you very much!




Sandra E.
Roy, UT


April 8, 2015


Hi Pam!

Please let everyone know that I received my order today – and these plants were by far the largest and most healthy I have ever received. Quality plants, Quality shipping materials – I am soooooo happy with them – and Great Garden Plants as a whole!!! The only negative is that I want to plant them right now, but it is raining at the moment.

If you ever need a testimonial, I would be most happy to provide one.

Thank you for everything!



Cheryl B.
St Augustine, IL


April 6, 2015


My plants arrived and I am VERY happy. I recently ordered plants from another online retailer, but your packaging, plant size and health were far superior! I appreciate you taking the time and care required to ensure I have a great garden. I am a fan.

Thank you,



The Geschwender Family
Napa, CA


October 17, 2014


Hi Great Garden Plants,

I wanted to let you know that I just received my plants and I am extremely impressed with the quality and care put into packaging and shipping my order to me. I have recently ordered from a different nursery and was extremely disappointed in the packaging and shipping of the plants; the majority of the plants were crushed and brown/dead or dying. I will definitely be ordering from you again. Great job.




Dorothee J.


October 8, 2014


Hello Allyson and Manager,

I just had to tell you how pleased I am with the way my plants have responded in their new surroundings. I am extremely pleased and the folks at great garden plants are doing everything right. I am an internet shopper and you have won a customer for life. Thanks for providing an unsurpassed service!!!




Michelle B.
Warrenton, NC


August 28, 2014



I just wanted to drop you a big "WOW" & Thank you for the beautiful trees! This is my third year watching these trees grow & I'm amazed at how fast & full they are coming along. I have about 25 of them & they are already up to & above my 5 & 6 foot fence. I visit your site often & look forward to my next purchase.

Thanks again,



Cheryl J.
Norton, OH


June 27, 2014



My plants arrived yesterday and it was packaged very nicely. The plants looked gorgeous and healthy. I'm so happy and excited to add these to my garden. I can't wait to order many more plants from The Great Garden Plants! You indeed have the great garden plants ;0). I've ordered plants before from other places and this is the first I've been very happy with them!

Thank you!



Woodbridge, VA


June 26, 2014


Dear Great Garden Plants:

I am an avid gardener who regularly buys plants--- Other women buy shoes, I buy plants!!!

Anyway, I ordered from you for the first time, and I needed to send you this email to tell you how pleased I am with my purchase of 14 hydrangeas. I have never been so impressed with mail order nursery stock-- your packaging was EXCELLENT.

The plants are LARGE and HEALTHY, and arrived in perfect condition despite being shipped during end-of-June heat. The careful packaging just floored me!!!! I can’t wait to spread the word to my plant-loving friends about your business, and I can’t wait to order again! THANK YOU!!!!



Adrienne V.
East Haddam, CT


June 19, 2014


My name is Tressa S. and you just sent me over 18 plants in the mail and I just have to tell you that I am so impressed with what you sent!!! I have been order plants on and off for years and I have to say that these are by far the best packaged and best looking plants I have ever received. They are like I just walked down to the garden supply store and picked them up.

Thanks so much for the wonderful products, I will be purchasing from you in the future. If you have a catalog, I would love to get one. If not, I will go online and browse. WE just purchased 18 acres and are in the process of filling it with plants, trees and grasses. Again, thank you for the exceptional plants.



Tressa S.
Marble Falls, TX


June 18, 2014


Hi folks at Great Gardens,

I was very pleased with the honeysuckle vine ordered and received today. It is a good size and was in very good condition upon delivery. Still hydrated and leaves on plant were well protected. I will definitely order from your company again.

Thanks for doing a great job with shipping.



Sherry W.
Mishawaka, IN


June 12, 2014



Received our order yesterday (24 boxwoods) and was blown away at the quality. We ordered a few boxwoods from another on-line company to compare as they were a little cheaper, but the quality was significantly inferior. Glad we went with you guys.




Scott G.
Brockport, NY


June 7, 2014


A note to say thank you for your excellent customer service during my recent order of Tomato Soup Echinacea. I received my plants today & I have NEVER received such healthy, beautiful, & meticulously packed plants! The quality of the echinacea is the best.

I have ordered from several companies over the years, but have never received plants with the quality, reasonable pricing, & excellent packing as yours. From now on, your company will be the ONLY company I purchase all my garden plants from. Thank you so much for your great customer care & service, it is exceptional!




Marlyce H.
Colorado Springs, CO


June 6, 2014


Hi! I just placed an order today for 3 types of sedum. I had to let you know that last year I ordered one of your sedum sod rectangles. I cut it up in little squares and planted it in various parts in one section of my yard. The sedum is going great --- lush and spreading nicely. I can't wait to get the 3 new versions to add to what's been planted. I have a semi-shady area between my driveway and a brook that I'm trying to fill in with a variety of sedum.

Your plants are so healthy when they arrive. Thanks for helping me add different types of sedum to my yard.

Happy Gardening...



Barbara J.
North Plainfield, NJ


May 26, 2014


Dear GGP friends,

My order just arrived yesterday, and I just had to write and thank you. Not only was the delivery prompt and very well packed, but the vivaciousness of the plants themselves made opening each box a pleasant surprise.

Everything was fresh enough to practically walk out of the box on their own, and the soil and root balls were still quite moist, which seems to have all but eliminated any shipping trauma.

I'm already looking forward to my next order ... as soon as my spouse lets me have the credit card back. :))



Antonio D.
Vashon, WA


May 23, 2014


I just wanted to contact you and let you know that my roses were received in great shape - your packing was tremendous. The roses are now in their new bed and blooming profusely.

Thank you again and have a great holiday and summer season.



Sharon S.
Southhampton, NJ


May 22, 2014


Hi, Just wanted to let you know that you guys are spectacular; your products NEVER disappoint and always come looking alive and ready to grow.

You will continue being the garden center of choice.

Thank you,



Eleanor F.
Levittown, NY


May 21, 2014


Rec'd. Our ordered roses today. Could not believe how wonderfully secure they were shipped. Arrived without any damage to plants/boxes.

Thank you. You have a new customer.

Keep up the great work.



Debra A.
Redkey, IN


May 21, 2014


I have received my plants from you and just wanted to let everyone there know that I am very happy with the way it was shipped and the quality of the plant... "Exceptional"

Thank you very much.....



Danny W.
Atlanta, GA


May 6, 2014


Hello Megan,

I received the below plants today! They are just as advertised and not bare rooted, Real plants!!!

I'm so impressed that I placed another order this afternoon, you can send them anytime, the sooner the better.

Thank You Again,



Ross D.
Batavia, IL


April 27, 2014


Our order has arrived and I am so impressed with the quality of the plants and the great packing. This was our first order and it will not be our last.

I have never received such healthy, large plants and shrubs from any other mail order company - ever! Great job.



Mary Lou C.
Attica, OH


April 24, 2014


Good Afternoon. I received my order yesterday. I could not believe how well it was packaged.

The Midnight Ruffles far beats any expectation that I might have had by size and beauty. I have never bought a new plant and had it in ‘full’ bloom when I received it.



Shirley B.
Delmar, NY


April 4, 2014


Got my order today and wanted to write and say how much I appreciated getting an order will large, well established plants.

I will put you on my bookmark for future purchases.



Herb R.
Corvallis, OR


March 13, 2014


I just received my plants today. What a surprise at the excellent condition of the plants. Shipping containers were perhaps a bit of over kill, but what great plants.

Great job to all the staff and a great big Thank You.



Richard T.
Panama City, FL


January 21, 2014


I absolutely LOVE the hellebores I got from your company. The weather is crazy weird this winter in California, (even though we are in the north), my plants all think it is spring.

The hellebores have at least quadrupled in size since I planted them. The shipment was packaged so nice and secure. All plants arrived safely.



Deanne C.
Magalia, CA


December 31, 2013


Just wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year -

I always get great compliments on my double Knockout roses (Radko Red) and they continue to bring me much satisfaction, as have all of the plants I've purchased from you over the past few years. You have great products, your care in shipping is outstanding, and your online information superb!

Keep up the great work.



Chris S.
Mystic, CT


October 16, 2013


Gentlemen & Ladies:

I received both orders today nicely packed with 5 healthy plants and they are currently in the ground. We had rain most of the week and are planning more tomorrow. Here's hoping they will do fine. They certainly are having a good start. I was pleased with my order. It came quickly as I was told it would and so nicely packaged. I will call you again when I make a new list. Thank you.

You are greatly appreciated,



Helen P.
Arlington, TX


July 18, 2013


Hi, my order arrived yesterday and I have to tell you that it was packaged extraordinarily well and even with the high temperatures and humidity we have had in the past few days, the flowers were in gorgeous shape and looked beautiful.

The FedEx guy even laid the boxes down on their sides on my front porch, and none of them were damaged at all. They looked so wonderful--strong sturdy plants and some with blooms and buds on them---part of my order was for my best friend and I was so pleased to give her such good-looking plants... just wanted you to know that both my friend and I are only going to order from your company from now on. Thank you again so much.



Roberta N.
Huntington, WV


July 16, 2013


Your plants are the very best. I found u by chance on Internet searching for particular plants. They are the perfect size and were packed expertly. I was very impressed and will continue ordering from u. Even after the plants got nibbled by rabbits, I put wire cages around them and they came back hardy and healthy. Again, thanks for the great plants!



Laura M.
Allen, TX


July 6, 2013


I should have watched some of your videos before ordering, not after I received my order! I am very impressed with everything, with the final result being the receiving of wonderful looking plants (Rhamnus Fine Line). These were the healthiest plants of any type that I have ever received from anyone ordering online!

I have 130 houseplants (30 of which are orchids) and probably close to 200 zone 3 perennials and shrubs planted in various places outside, so I have ordered on-line quite a bit (St. Thomas is a very small town and is a long ways away from any major metropolitan area with nurseries and retail plant sales).

The two shrubs that I received from you are in the ground already and are the feature focal point plants stepping into the new hand-constructed walkway entrance with rock garden mounds that I have been building. The foliage on the shrubs are the most beautiful green that I have ever seen (your pictures on-line cannot possibly ever show that).

My compliments to everyone who was involved sending me these beautiful shrubs. I am using them to be pillars, and this is one of the few types of shrubs that can fulfill that type of usage (especially with a zone 3 requirement). Thank you so very much. (I know business tend to hear the more of the complaints verses the compliments, but your company deserves the praise!)



Greg J.
Saint Thomas, ND


June 27, 2013


I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your company. I placed a big order for 70 Thuja Emerald trees and every single one of them arrived healthy and beautiful. Even the men I had planting them remarked how healthy they looked and couldn't believe I had them shipped from another state.

I was afraid the plants might arrive all smashed and broken up and out of their pots due to shipping but you packaged them so well that despite some of the boxes being turned on their side and upside down all of the plants (and soil) remained intact and in their pots.

It's sad to say but it's very rare that you find a company today that takes such pride and care in their work as your company so when I find one that does, I like to make sure that they know it.




Lisa P.
Aldan, PA


June 25, 2013


I placed an order with you in the Spring. The plants arrived in perfect condition. They are now in bloom and are just spectacular.

I love them so much I just placed another order. Thank you for these quality plants!



Ruthie I.
Solon, OH


June 16, 2013


Dear Great Garden Plants,

I received my package of Red Racer hellebores this week. I want to let you know that they are the finest looking set of live plants I have ever purchased by mail order catalog or via the internet.

The plants are vigorous, large sized, healthy, with immense root structure, and they were impeccably packaged to handle the rigors of shipping. Congratulations on a job well done. I will be ordering more plants from your company in the years ahead.



Kay V.
Neenah, WI


June 6, 2013


Hello ~

I just wanted to let you know that I received my Helleborus order yesterday and the plants were PERFECT!!!!

Wow! WONDERFUL quality...... GREAT packaging......

I've ordered from your company before and always get great plants, just thought you should know that once again, I was VERY pleased with my order!!!




Susan P.
Allegany, NY


May 28, 2013


Our plants came Fed Ex in very good shape. I was pleased with your communications updating me - from "order" to “shipping". I certainly will tell others of your healthy plants and your careful packaging care which enabled them to travel safely. Your catalogs are a source of perennial plants I can't find in the nurseries around me. I especially like the catalog that pictures flowering plants that thrive in sun and tolerates dry moisture.

Thank you.



Virginia S.
Greenville, IL


May 27, 2013


Hello Chris & Mary, My name is Brian and I'm from Rifle, Colorado. About a month ago I bought 6 Lilacs from GreatGardens. I received them about 3 week ago. I planted all of them on Mother's day weekend and they are doing great! Each one of them has lots of new growth on them.

You sure know what you're doing, from your location to my home is a long ways. I was very impressed the way the plants were packed and shipped to my home. Thank you for the job well done! When I received my plants I opened them immediately and I was pleased to see that the soil in the Lilac containers was still moist.

Once again, great job on your care for them long before they reached my home and extra special care of them for the long trip to Colorado. All 6 of them are very happy and enjoying our Colorado summer.

Thank you,



Rifle, CO


May 19, 2013



I heard you speak at the Gardening Study School in Niles. I ordered an Echinacea and it arrived safe and sound and is now happily in my garden. My husband, an ultimate curmudgeon, said that he never saw a plant take off so well. Also my friend, Ruth S., from the Root Seller, said you are a real plant person.

I wish you all the best and maybe one day our garden club will visit your facility.



Elizabeth P.
Buchanan, MI


May 18, 2013


Wow!!! I received my first order from Great Garden Plants on Thursday. For many years I have ordered perennials online as I liked the convenience of reading the information (information that isn't often available when I visit a local nursery) and thinking about the plants. I also like trying new varieties which aren't always available locally. But I also often received bare root plants that had been in transit for nearly a week or longer.

When I paid extra for second-day air, the plants would be shipped on Friday so that the second-day air really meant 5 days as Saturday and Sunday didn't count! So I nearly swore off ever buying plants online again.

Your plants arrived the third day after shipping (and shipping was free) and are mighty healthy and vigorous looking! They were nicely packed (no plastic peanuts) and looked like I had picked them up from a local nursery. I expected much smaller plants (like what I have received from the other online nursery).

I am so happy to have found a nursery that ships quality plants and that doesn't ship them bare root or by pony express! Thank you!



Mary F.
Colbert, WA


May 8, 2013


Hello, I received my Echinacea Hot Papaya plant today. It arrived in great shape. Thank you, you are great people to do business with.



Wood River, IL


May 6, 2013


Hello, received my 1st shipment from you Friday, I want to let you know that your "packing" is excellent!

I was surprised for the prices you charge how you can do it, only 1 other company I order from does such a fine job! The plants were of super quality! I still have several orders coming, hope they are as good as this shipment.




Havre, MT


May 2, 2013


I just wanted to let you folks know that my order of six houttunyia plants arrived yesterday. May I say... WOW! They were so big and healthy that (knowing the reputation of this plant) I was almost afraid to put them in the ground! Packaging was clever, safe, secure... and easy to unwrap.

I know these chameleons are just the thing for my troublesome erosion area. A young lady named Tamesha even expedited the shipping upon my request.

They are in the ground, looking beautiful already. I am really impressed.

I also received my hellebore plant in this order, and am planting it this morning (and expecting great things from it late next winter!).

I will shop your nursery again... it has been a REALLY good experience.



Andrew H.
Westerville, OH


May 1, 2013


Hi -

Just placed an order for your blue Endless Summer Hydrangea (I liked the strawberry one better, but this time I deferred to my husband who always wants me to have my way). We had purchased the Sweet Autumn Clematis, which is already planted, and we wanted you to know how pleased we were with the health of the plant when it arrived. It has been a couple of weeks now, and it still is looking fine.

We have lived in our former hayfield since 1951, so our ordering is minimal these days. Just thought you might like to hear from a satisfied customer during your busiest season. Keep up the good work and God bless!



Bill & Betty Lou C.
Horseheads, NY


April 29, 2013


Absolutely the best!

I live in a rural area and order many things over the net.I have ordered many plants and seeds from various places over the last 20 years and I have not always been happy when the product is delivered. Many "live" plants have arrived DEAD, however the plants I received from you arrived looking like I just bought them from a local nursery.(if i had a local nursery) Your unique packing is awesome and every plant is healthy and beautiful not some scrawny half dead seedling. I will never order from any other company, you are the best. Thank you for being one of those rare companies that deliver exactly what is promised!



Cindy K.
Big Pine, CA


April 24, 2013


Received my plants today and I was amazed how they were packaged. And how LARGE the plants were. I ordered from Michigan Bulb this year and your picture on-line is very accurate when you showed us and them (difference in the plants). I am very pleased with my order and I will order from you, probably exclusively, from now on. Your product and packaging speaks volumes.

Thank you,



Donna T.
Austin, TX


April 13, 2013


Hi Mary,

Ordering plants over the internet I thought would be dangerous but what the heck, I will give them a try. OH MY!!! The plants that I received were beautiful and lush. Packed so well that I had a hard time shaking them out of the packaging. I was so pleased and cannot wait to plant them once the Ohio weather decides to go to springtime.

I will be ordering again. Thank you for being the type of business that makes your trade proud.

Thank you,



Cheryl B.
Coldwater, OH


April 11, 2013



Mary, et all. Please let the powers that be that all the plants arrived in perfect condition. I couldn't be more satisfied. It's a pleasure to receive REAL plants! I'm recommending you to the local garden club and others. Thanks for a great experience, and I WILL be back.




Doug C.
Center Harbor, NH


April 3, 2013



My Knock Out Roses arrived today in perfect condition, probably because they were so well packed. I've purchased from several mail-order plant houses and your service is the best I've seen.




Nick B.
Durham, NC


March 28, 2013



I wanted to tell you how I "LOVED" my order of two Lo and Behold Butterfly Bushes. They arrived healthy and untouched. Thank you very much for a job well done. Blessings to you and your company.

*** I have an order of Salvia May Night coming my way.




Clinton, MS


November 6, 2012


Just spent a gorgeous fall afternoon here in WV planting the 9 Thuja Green Giant trees!! Hope they do well and grow fast!! Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I were very pleased with the Thujas....size, packaging, quality of the plants, etc.!! I'm sure I will be doing more business with you next spring!!




Donna M.
Parkersburg, WV


November 1, 2012


Hydrangea Vanilla Strawberry™


Hello - I just had to share this picture I took of this Strawberries & Cream hydrangea bush I ordered earlier this year - I think it was a little late in the summer to really plant here in the mid-Tennessee area - It was hotter than our usual summers and am thinking the entire country had higher than normal temps. I knew that unless I was diligent in watering my new little bush, it was not going to survive. Plus, the literature that you all sent with the plant said not to expect blooms for about 3 years taking into consideration the "Sleep, Creep, & Leap" time period. Well, I was diligent and really babied my little bush - and was so amazed when it began to bloom in the third to fourth month!! I have attached a picture which I hope comes through for you to see; it's beautiful!! I love the way the new blooms are white and then gradually change in color to a pastel "baby" pink, becoming a deeper and darker red as it ages out. I never expected blooms this first year, and thought maybe a bloom or two next season - but WOW, this has been the greatest surprise!! Notice the darker color bloom behind the tall new white bloom?! Granted the bush is still very small in size, but I have no doubts about its hardiness!! I just hard to share this with you and thank you for such an enjoyable, surprising, beautiful bush - I can't wait to see what the bush yields next year!

Thank you again - Happy gardening!!



Susan C.
Manchester, TN


October 15, 2012



Just wanted to say thanks for the great service, I'm kinda new to the flower garden, plant mostly vegetables. So, I decided to give flowers a try. Shopped around on-line, (more choices of plants, over local nurseries). I found Great Garden Plants and the service-shipping time-quality of plants are great. So, I just wanted to say thank you for a great planting season, kinda liking this flower thing along with friends and neighbors.

I told everybody that asked where I got them from!

Thanks again,



Paul S.
West Mifflin, PA


September 27, 2012



I was a little nervous ordering flowers on the internet but I recieved my Coreopsis order today and was very pleased. They arrived packaged so nicely and in very good shape, they look strong and healthy. I am following the instructions and looking forward to seeing their beauty next spring.

Thank you so much,



Norma H.
Green River, UT


September 12, 2012


I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with my order for 62 Thuja Green Giants. They were shipped to my door with not one of them damaged in any way. They were also lush green and very healthy.

They look so good that my neighbor asked me to order some for him. We have ordered 35 more.

Thanks so much, and great job!



Dave S.
Huntsburg, OH


August 30, 2012


My recent order of plants was received yesterday, and I am thrilled with the quality. Thank you! The plants were packed so expertly that even though the delivery person didn't observe the "UP" notice on the boxes, the plants were still intact and in great shape. Disabilities and age have diminished my gardening capacities but I still have an attachment to this wonderful hobby. It was with great pleasure that I unpacked the plants and admired each one yesterday.

I certainly would recommend your company to others. Thank you for your efficiency and for the wonderful plants! I'll be back for more!



Dorothy C.
Dunellen, NJ


August 7, 2012


Just wanted to let you know that all of my plants are doing very well. We placed a rather large order that arrived in the beginning of July. Only one plant didn't make it and you were quick to correct that by sending us a new one. All of my nepeta walker's low is doing fantastic. The ones facing the north have grown 3 times the size that they were in only 1 month!! They are covered in purple blooms already too. I water everything everyday and watch all of my beautiful plants continue to grow bigger and bigger. I can't wait to see how big they get next summer.



Leah K.
Sussex, WI


July 27, 2012


Just received my reblooming compact lilac plants (Syringa Bloomerang), and just had to write to you (something I have never done before). They were so much fuller and more beautiful than I had expected. I came across your site by accident when searching for these plants, and you happened to have them as the Deal of the Day.

Oh, how I wish I'd bought a couple more at that fabulous price. But at least I'm glad I found your company, and am looking forward to doing business with you again.




Jeanne G.
Buffalo Gap, SD


July 25, 2012


Hello Mary,

I received my order today in great shape. I want to tell you how much I like your earth-friendly packaging. So easy to get the plants out and recycle the plant holders. It was especially fun to open it and smell the lemon pledge nepeta.




Becky B.
Eden Prairie, MN


July 20, 2012


Mary and Chris,

Just had to take a moment to let you know that I rec'd my shipment of plants. I can not tell you how VERY impressed I am with the way they were packaged and the size of each. I have NEVER rec'd mail order plants this big and in such great shape! Usually, I get tiny little containers with tiny little plants, and sometimes I get them with bare roots. Little sticks with a few leaves. Some live, some don't. I immediately watered the plants I rec'd from you, and today I got them all planted. Now all I have to do is wait and see how they will hold up thru this extremely humid heat in the "deep south". I will keep them watered and baby them along...right now they look great!

Thank you for such beautiful plants...I LOVE them!




Janet P.
Tifton, GA


June 23, 2012


I've received my shipment and I'm very pleased with my order. They look very healthy and I just finished planting them. I'm thinking of ordering more Hosta Stain Glass or maybe you can give me some suggestions on what to get. What I'm trying to do is to give my flower bed some contrast that is mostly green already and is in the shade, preferably hardy plants.




Carol W.
Mount Vernon, NY


June 22, 2012


Good Evening,

I just received the six hostas I ordered and am so pleased I needed to let you know. I am very impressed with the packaging of the plants. The individual cardboard containers, the plastic bags that the pots were in... all arrived without any sign of the long trip! The leaves weren't wilted or damaged and the plants are a good size... just as the video described them.

I'll get them in the ground tomorrow but I just know they will thrive.

Thank you for your thoughtful and careful shipping and quality plants. I know I'll shop with you again,



Laurie R.
Seneca, SC


June 15, 2012


Just wanted to let you know that I received my first order from Great Garden Plants yesterday, and I am very pleased with the size of the Berry Smoothie Heuchera, and the way it was packaged and sent.




Donna M.
Parkersburg, WV


June 8, 2012


My plants just arrived, and they knocked my socks off. They were much bigger than I've gotten from other vendors and they were well packed.

I'm buying only from you folks from now on.

Many thanks,



Tom G.
Lakeport, CA


June 6, 2012


Hello garden friends. I have just received my first order of lovely plants. I am delighted to report that they all arrived in great shape. Your boxing method is ingenious, nary a single branch broken on any of the ten bushes.

I will definitely bump Great Garden Plants up to the top of my favorite plant dealers list. Thank you for a quality job, fast shipments, and plump healthy plants.



Dr. Bonita R.
Knoxville, TN


June 6, 2012


Hello, Thanks for the beautiful and healthy KnockOut Roses received today in excellent condition. I can’t wait to plant them in my garden.

Looking forward to ordering more plants from your company...



Onelia W.
Brooklyn, NY


June 5, 2012


Just wanted to tell you how pleased we were with the order we received from you. We decided to try a few different online nurseries to order from.

Yours had the best plants, including healthiness, packing, etc.

Thank you,



Don B.
Kewanee, IL


June 3, 2012


I recently ordered from your online catalog for the first time. I wanted to let you know how completely satisfied I am with the quality of the plants I received and the condition they arrived in.

Your packaging practices are magnificient. My delivery was actually delayed because the package was delivered to the wrong address (delivery man's error not yours) but even that delay did not harm them due to your careful packaging.

I have been ordering from another online nursery and I ordered some of the same sedum from you that I got l from them last year. Theirs was delivered in a way that made them hard to plant and be sure they would establish where you wanted them to. Yours came established in containers so I had control when planting them. I am thrilled.

I also ordered the Stained Glass Hosta. I am a huge Hosta grower and this one sounded like a beauty and one that I could send my sister in Alabama (much different climate than Michigan) and she would have success with it. I am so excited with this Hosta it is so beautiful. The planting tips insert was such a help.

Thank you,



Faye S.
Saginaw, MI


June 1, 2012


You cannot imagine the thrill I got when I open my box and found the roses to be in excellent condition. Thank you so much for this.

I have ordered plants from well know companies and they were half dead or dead when they arrived.

You will have a customer for life. Thank you, thank you,



Billie P.
Paoli, OK


May 29, 2012


Hi Mary....... I got my two separate orders of Hydrangeas from you during the past couple weeks and had to let you know how pleased I am with my first plants from you.

Your shipping boxes are something else !! All my plants arrived on time and were big, healthy, and in perfect condition. Am so glad I found Great Gardens and your plants were so nice I hated to put them in the ground but I did and am glad to report they are doing great.

Keep up your good work. I'll be ordering any future plantings from you.



Les B.
International Falls, MN


May 25, 2012


Hi, Last year we purchased 6 of your City Line Paris Hydrangeas. Talk about spectacular!!! And, again this year, they are on their way to outdoing even last year.

Thank you for sending such lovely plants. We will definitely be ordering more perennials from your site.

Happy gardening.



Karen and Elizabeth B.
Orion, MI


May 12, 2012


I was so blessed by your web site, that I just wanted to take an opportunity to let you know. I'm in the process of buying a home and would love to have a colorful garden to enjoy. I went to places like Home Depot and OSH and must say I didn't have the same experience I had when I checked out your web site.

So many choices, and helpful information for someone who never had a green thumb, probably never will, but love the idea of trying just the same.

Thank you, and know that in a very short time I will be back to place my order. Must learn the names of the flowers I like first... smile.



Joan :)


May 11, 2012


Good morning,

I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know how much I love the plants I have received.

They are very healthy and took right off! Unbelievable.

It is hard to get good plants online...which is how I shop, because I want different plants than what are available at local places. I live out in the country. I look forward to seeing new items on your website.

Thank you very much!



Kristin O.
Polo, IL


May 11, 2012


Hi Mary, Chris, and Megan,

The plants arrived today and I cannot tell you how happy I am with them. All four are healthy, well-established hydrangeas.

Now, all I have to do is get my super to lend me his very tall ladder so that I can plant the climbing ones up on a wall so that they can get to work covering an ugly chain link fence in front of an even uglier storage shed in the next lot.

Thanks again for all your help!




Chris F.
New York, NY


May 8, 2012


I placed my first order with Great Garden Plants this spring and I just received my order. All I can say is WOW!!!

The plants were a good size and were in excellent shape, and the packing was impeccable. I have ordered from quite a few mail order companies, and I must say, I've rarely received plants of this size and health.

Thanks for great plants and service. I will definitely be ordering again!



Robin E.
Export, PA


May 3, 2012


I just received my hydrangeas. I want you to know that they are the healthiest plants I have ever purchased by mail. They are just perfect.

I will be purchasing all my flowers and shrubs from Great Garden Plants from now on. I am very satisfied with the quality.

Thank you,



Linda L.
Philadelphia, PA


May 2, 2012


I would like to thank you for the best quality plants I have ever received. So many companies send just a sprig of something and I can never get it to grow. I should not have any problems with the great plants you sent.

I will continue to place future orders with you.

Thanks again!



Mike J.
Bristol, TN


April 30, 2012


I just received my first order from you - yellow knock out roses- and I have to say I am so pleased by how well the plants were shipped, how healthy they are and how efficiently the whole ordering process was handled.

I planted them this morning and as I looked around my yard I was thinking, "Golly, how much more of the grass can I dig up so I can create another bed and order more plants from you."

Trying not to be overly ambitious and to act my age( more than 39) I am going to go slowly but consider carefully what I can create using plants that you sell. So, thank you very much.

Truly quality from you,



Rachel K.
Pikesville, MD


April 27, 2012


I bought plants from several on-line companies this spring for my new house. Great Garden Plants' prices are competitive, though not the cheapest. When my first order arrived, I was surprised by the over-sized box. Inside were individual cardboard tubes for each quart-sized container. When I slid a Hosta Great Expectations out of its tube, the yellow and blue-green leaves sprang out like a magic trick. I actually said, "Wow!"

I've ordered from them twice more, and the plants ship during the week selected on the web-site. I particularly liked the beautiful condition and color of the Dicentra Burning Hearts (blooms intact), and the large, healthy Pink Lemonade Blueberry plant (the stem is 3/8" thick!). My last order included a Brilliance fern that, a day after planting, has settled to nearly two feet wide, and has new fronds unfurling.

I highly recommend Great Garden Plants for its large, high-quality plants and outstanding shipping methods.



Dave's Garden


April 27, 2012


I appreciate the sturdy packaging. I placed three orders from three separate online nurseries and Great Garden's was by far the best packaged. The plants were more mature than the other nurseries and I believe the cardboard sleeves allow you to ship larger plants. I will definitely order from you again.




Asher D.
Ellicott City, MD


April 26, 2012


Just wanted to let you know that the knockout roses arrived today in great shape. I'm impressed with the packaging. I had stopped ordering plants online due to quality of the product received, often due to poor packaging. I think I need two more!



Karen K.
Kingwood, TX


April 19, 2012


Wow! I was amazed at the size & health of the plants received today (more so when compared to a pitiful but similarly priced shipment from other retailer). The care with packaging was unbelievable, and free shipping!

FedEx delivered one box upside down with no issues inside - I think a car could have run over these with minimum damage to plants! My preschooler loved building towers with the inner shipping boxes so you have provided more fun than anticipated for all of us.

I'm new to mail order nurseries (& gardening too); so glad I ordered from you. Will order again & recommend.

Thank you,



Amanda S.
Goodlettsville, TN


April 18, 2012


Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my order I received today. The plants were far superior to anywhere else I have ordered. I like that the customer picks the shipping date and everything from customer service to how the plants were packaged was excellent. In my rating you receive an A+.




Deborah A
Young Harris, GA


April 18, 2012


I just wanted to thank you for the great plants! They were packed so well that even though FEDEX delivered them on their sides, there was no damage to the plants!

This was my second order, and I think they were even better than the 1st order! I would be happy to recommend you-




Teresa S.
Branford, CT


April 13, 2012


Hi Mary,

Got all of the Great Garden Plants and I was very pleasantly surprised!! The plants are so healthy and strong! (Unlike plants you get from other places) I will definitely buy more from Great Garden Plants when we are ready to plant again. The planting instructions are also GREAT! I planted everything by your instructions. I have no doubt that everything will take hold and grow.




Linda V.
Carrizozo, NM


April 12, 2012


Good morning Mary. I just wanted you to know that I have the replacements you sent and they are absolutely beautiful. Every one looks great and I am anxious to get them in my garden. The packing was exceptional and all are healthy, full of green leaves, and in perfect condition.

Again Mary, I really do appreciate your sending me the "4" plants. I am truly happy and am watching all the other plants I purchased from you come to life. I get so many compliments on my garden when people walk by and am proud to say where many of my beauties came from... they are truly Great Garden Plants!!



Linda T.
Pinehurst, NC


April 11, 2012


I just received my order today and WOW was I ever surprised. I have ordered from many companies throughout the years but I have never received any plants like these. I was very excited when the box came but when I opened it I was overwhelmed.

My order consisted of 7 daylilies and 5 roses. The lilies look like they have been growing in my garden for over a year and the roses were great healthy large bushes ready to plant. They look like they have been out there for months.

I was so taken by the packaging and presentation of the plants. The greatest thing was the fact that you had included a planting guide bur more importantly the little facts that were included have never been presented to me like this before. There is no doubt that these very wonderful plants will thrive very well in my garden. Thank you for such a caring way of presenting your goods to a customer. I am certain I will order more plants from you. I immediately called my friends to tell them about my wonderful plants and your company. I hope they will also order from you. GREAT JOB!




Carole S.
Whitehall, OH


April 11, 2012


I placed 3 orders over the winter at 3 different online nurseries and the packaging at Great Garden Plants was by far the best. Your plants were also the most mature. I believe the tall cardboard sleeves each plant is shipped in allow you to provide bigger plants. I definitely will order from you again.




Asher D.
Ellicott City, MD


April 10, 2012


Hi Mary,

The plants on my order arrived. Beautiful plants, as usual. Thank you so much! I'm certain I'll only be buying my nursery stock from Great Garden in the future. Nobody out there can touch your quality. Healthy plants, well established. A home gardener's dream come true. Hope you had a nice Easter.

Thanks again!!!!



Katie G.
Federal Way, WA


April 9, 2012


LOVE your company and the quality of plants I received. I have ordered plants online before and have not been pleased with other companies, but your plants arrived in beautiful condition. I like your update emails, too, which keep me posted on what's happening. I'm quite impressed with your
company and will definitely order again. I've told several of my friends about your company, too.




Sherri M.
Southlake, TX


September 25, 2011


I received my plants last week and have to say they are fantastic. I was kind of leery, because others advertise quart plants and their idea of quart plants is not mine. But these plants were gorgeous, and well worth the money. I will tell my friends about you and will probably order again.

Thank you,



Sharon Z.
Wausau, WI


September 20, 2011


Just wanted to tell you what great plants you shipped me in May of this year. I bought the knockout rose collection and 7 other plants. All of them are doing wonderful, the roses are just great. Everyone who has seen them just raves about their beauty. Thanks again for shipping me so much fun and pleasure, the quality of plants and roses is the best.



Julius S.
Shelbyville, KY


September 18, 2011


I just wanted to let you know how much I love your company!

I have bought lots of plants from you this year and most of them made it, but for the ones that did not your company replaced with no hassle. I will be buying more plants from you next year and have told all of my friends and family what a great company you have.

I just thought you should know.

Thanks again,



Melissa G.
Hancock, WI


September 12, 2011


I received my order and was truly amazed at how wonderful my plants were. When I ordered them, I thought they were somewhat high in price. I will tell you they are worth more than what I paid. I will not be doing business with the other companies that I have ordered from before. Their plants cannot hold a candle to the ones I received from you. Thanks so much. I have already placed another order.

Thanks again,



Diane V.
Oak Ridge, TN


August 29, 2011


I just wanted you to know that they are by far the best plants I have ever ordered, or even bought straight from a nursery. They are just beautiful and have done so much more than I expected from first year plants. I can hardly wait to buy more plants from you. If you ever need a testimony, I would be happy to do so.



Kenneth C.
Madrid, IA


July 23, 2011


I ordered 7 Siberian Cypress from you recently. They arrived today - I'm just amazed at how large and beautiful they are. I had a bit of buyer-s remorse after ordering them, thinking I might have done better locally. No one in Colorado Springs even carries this evergreen shrub, so now that they have arrived and are so gorgeous, I'll be ordering from you in the future (actually have miscanthus Huron on order for August shipping).

You are the best direct-mail greenhouse I've ever dealt with - you are easily competitive with the local nurseries too. Thank you so much!



Pat R.
Colorado Springs, CO


July 21, 2011


Dear Great Gardens,

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the plants we ordered. This was our first time ordering on-line and we were a bit uneasy.

However the plants you sent were beautiful…..healthy and packaged extremely well. They are all doing very well, especially considering the terribly hot, dry weather we have been having here in northwest Ohio. Yes, we have given them extra TLC, but they arrived in great shape and were wonderful plants to begin with!

We are really impressed with your plants and your service and definitely will order from you again (and again)!

Thanks for such great service.



Fred and Carole P.
Defiance, OH


July 16, 2011


Chris and Mary:

This is a bit slow in coming to you, but I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the plants I ordered this spring. They were packaged so well and the plants were so healthy, it made feel more confident about planting. I live in an area that makes gardening a real challenge. The plants I got from you are all doing very well!

Thank you,



Gerri T.
Hinckley, UT


July 8, 2011



Thanks so much for this order that I just received. I have been ordering plants for many years, but I have never seen such excellent packaging! The plants are an excellent size and look in great shape also.

I have another order from you that I think is shipping next week, and I will definitely be ordering some more coneflowers, and etc., when you replenish your stock. I will pass your name along to my friends also!!

Thanks again,



Lewis P.
Roanoke, VA


July 4, 2011


Hi garden people,

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the plants I got from you last year. First, the packaging is great and the plant size is good - after all, they do go through the mail. I have had great results this year with the cone flowers. The hot papaya is incredible. I should have more of them teamed with blue delphiniums. Any way, I just wanted to tell you I have been bragging about you to my friends. You have Michigan bulb beat in all ways.

Thanks again for making my garden beautiful.




Barbara B.
Stroudsburg, PA


June 17, 2011


Hi Chris and Mary,

You guys receive tons of customer appreciation emails about your products and service... please add mine to that as well. Absolutely stunning plants came in the boxes and was shipped in a manner that I was simply impressed! This is really what makes your business different from others.

I just placed another order today after receiving my first order today. Looking forwards to these roses in our front yard. Have a good weekend!




Manmeet A.
Saratoga, CA


June 16, 2011


Chris and Mary,

I had sent an email a few weeks ago about the poor service from Federal Express and my concern that some of the plants might not make it. To my surprise today Federal Express arrived with replacement plants. HOW VERY NICE OF YOU. How nice to now have much healthier plants. My first flower garden and my first experience with Great Garden Plants is a GREAT ONE due to your excellent service and products. The gal who helped me start my garden with helpful hints and a tour of her splendid garden is coming to see my garden tomorrow for the first time. The replacement plants have further improved my garden. I will surely tell her about your wonderful service.

Gratefully yours and a happy GGP customer,



Maureen G.
Auburn, ME


June 16, 2011



Well I received my 4 Geranium Rozanne and they are in excellent condition. This was a replacement for a significant order including Rozanne, Coreopsis and Corel Bells I ordered and received in early spring.

All the plants I received were meticulously packed and shipped overnight. I think you provide the best plant shipping service out there, and I’ve used many. Unfortunately I had lost 4 geraniums and you graciously replaced them with no hassle whatsoever.

I thoroughly enjoy doing business with Great Garden Plants and watching their informative videos on the site.

Thank you and I’ll be back!



Wendy S.
West Greenwich, RI


June 13, 2011


Dear Mary,

I just received my first order from your company, and was amazed at the quality! I saw your ad in the magazine Garden Gate, and ordered three Helleborus. The plants are absolutely beautiful, and your instructions are very informative. How true the sleep, creep leap is. The third year is when things start to come around. I was glad to hear it from someone in the business. I have experienced it myself, but didn't know it actually happened to others.

I an going to tell all my garden friends about your wonderful company, and will definitely order more myself.

One satisfied customer,



Sarah H.
Willits, CA


June 5, 2011


I wanted to thank you so much for delivering my plants in such a finely packed manner. I love them. They all arrived safely and look like they were just picked up at the store. I couldn't believe how lush green the Boxwoods and roses arrived. I will definitely recommend your business on facebook today to my friends. And I will certainly be purchasing again.



Joanne B.
Tupper Lake, NY


June 4, 2011


I very rarely praise a nursery for the plants they provide by mail, in fact, it's the opposite. "Every" plant that I have purchased from you were awesome . I think that the main reason besides being "hardy" , they are shipped and packed extremely well.

You can be assured that I will continue to do business with you.

Thanks again,



Mike M.
Watonga, OK


May 26, 2011


Hi Folks,

I just wanted to sing your praises once again! My Skeeter's Broom arrived yeaterday. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL TREE!!!! I love it, I can't say enough about your products, the way you ship them and the sheer JOY, your plants bring me.

I have had my hours cut at work by 15% this last year, I have to be careful with my money... I don't entertain, go out to eat, or indulge in anything except my garden... and you have given me more than the best.

Thank You,



Patricia D.
Hubbell, MI


May 25, 2011


Since most people only comment when there's something wrong, I want to comment because something was right.

A few weeks ago, after I placed an order and then realized we would not be at our garden for several weeks, I e-mailed you to delay the order to come just in time for when we would be at our garden. I also had another order in the same situation with another company, and did the same with them.

You got back to me right away and assured me the order would arrive when I wanted it. And indeed it did--your timing was perfect. Thanks!

The other company did not respond to a couple e-mail messages so I had to phone. After the first phone call, I forget why but I became concerned that they did not get it right, so I called again and learned that indeed it would have been shipped at the wrong time. I was then assured that everything was under control. But then, after all that, the package arrived three weeks too soon. When I called about it, I was told either to get refunds if the plants die or ship it back (at my own expense) and reorder (for more shipping charges), but again there would be no way of telling if they'd come at the right time. So I sent the plants back for a refund and won't be doing business with that company again.

I'll be in the garden in a couple days and hope your plants do as well in the garden as you did with your customer service. Next time I want to order plants, I'll come straight to you.

Thanks again for excellent service,



Joan R.
New York, NY


May 23, 2011


Just wanted to tell you that my order came the last week and I could not possible have been more pleased. The plants were large, lush and well packaged. It so happened that I received two other orders from two other vendors that same day and there was NO comparison in the quality of the product or the packaging. I have never used Great Garden Plants before but you can be sure that it will be my number one place for plantings in the future. Thank you so much for making the landscaping in our new yard spectacular.



Rebecca E.
Marshall, MO


May 20, 2011


My shipment arrived yesterday - exactly when you said it would. The plants were packed securely - they arrived in perfect condition. I unpacked them and watered them; they will be planted in their new beds later today and tomorrow.

Thank you so much for the prompt efficient service and the excellent quality of the plants.

You can be sure you have made satisfied, new - to be repeat - customer who has already begun to spread the word about your site and the quality plants.

Very truly,



Donna B.
Saxe, VA


May 20, 2011


Megan...the plants arrived Wed. and were in perfect shape...I had never ordered live plants on line before so felt I was taking a leap of faith...I'm very happy with the size of the plants and how healthy they are... thank you.



Kathleen G.
Flat Rock, NC


May 13, 2011


Just wanted to email you and let you know how pleased I am with the plants I ordered from you. I have ordered from MANY nurseries over the years from Oregon to New York. Originally living in Wisconsin and for the last four years here in Tennessee, I have had four flower gardens started from scratch and so have dealt with many mail order stores. Yours is the BEST I have encountered in quality of plant, ie. size, general healthy appearance, mail packaging. While average in price range, you really give the customer his/her money's worth. The planting guide is one of the best and I will now be looking up you on-line catalog and plan on ordering some Knock-out roses, and maybe a few surprises...

Thanks again for your wonderful product, I really appreciate it.



Barb M.
Bon Aqua, TN


May 12, 2011






Susan F.
Leominster, MA


May 5, 2011



I received the above order yesterday and the plants look great. I am most impressed with the care your company takes to pack the plants efficiently and safely in a carton without foam peanuts for better air circulation. The plants arrived healthy and in great shape.

Another order from a different company also arrived and what a difference in the condition of the plants. I need four of those replaced and it's a hassle. It's disappointing to say the least. They do offer some unique plants that you don't but I'm not sure it's even worth it.

I just wanted to write to commend you on doing a great job from start to finish.




Pam S.
Ithaca, NY


April 27, 2011


Hi, Mary ! I just had to let you know that I am absolutely amazed.....I received the above order 21 days ago and today one of my Sunny Knock Out roses is in bloom !!!!! I can't believe it !!!! It is just a baby - only planted 20 DAYS AGO!!!!! I had to take a second (and third) look ! are not kidding....these are the best roses ever!!!!

Gotta go and let all my friends know about this amazing rose bush!!!!!



Joyce B.
Downingtown, PA


April 26, 2011


To All Concerned,

I'm one pleased customer! I started shopping for spring plants in Feburary 2011. I placed multiple orders over late winter. My total was over $400. When it came close to the time when I should receive my plants I still had snow on the ground so I called GGP. They backed my order off and shipped when I thought was appropriate.

I ordered Hosta, Ferns, Sedum, etc, etc, etc. and all arrived in packing that protected the plants, to the point of having bamboo uprights in the plant containers to keep the boxes from crushing the plants. To me, that's attention to detail. Of the multitude of plants I ordered I had one fern not make the trip. I nursed it for a few days but it was a lost cause. I called GGP and they replaced it without question. Folks I live in North Central Maine. I did my research on companies who do mail order plants and I can say without reservation this organization is everything they say they are.

Anyone who wants to order affordable plants for both shade and sun areas should come to Great Garden Plants and be more than comfortable receiving exactly what they order, exactly the way GGP say they will deliver them, with the exact warranty they state on their website. FYI, I ordered other plants from their competition and none came packaged the way GGP packaged theirs. I'll be interested in seeing how the "other" plants grow compared to those I purchased from GGP.

Happy Gardening,



David J.
Milo, Maine


April 26, 2011


I want to thank you and congratulate you on your service. The plants I got from you were already matured and healthy. At some other place where I order, the plants are still small, and many times my gardeners tend to destroy them unintentionally. Thank you for your great plants!



Aphrodite M.
Malba, NY


April 25, 2011


Hi Chris,
Just wanted to let you know that I received my plants a couple of days ago. I am totally amazed at the size and the health of your plants. I am so pleased with my order. I am grateful that I found your web sight.

It was the testimonials that made me decide to place my order with your company.
Now I have the right to say what wonderful plants I received.

I will definitely be ordering more plants from your company. Also I called to see if I could add on to my order before it shipped out. Your customer service is outstanding. Your staff is very friendly and fun to speak with. Thank you so much for making me so happy. One thing that I can say is I have ordered plants from many other places and NONE of them come close to the plants that I received from your company. I love to garden and I look forward to placing many more orders with you.

P.S. Your videos are very helpful as well!

Keep up the good work.
Thank you so much,



Kelly S.
Montgomery, IL


April 23, 2011


Thank your Mary and Chris for the fantastic plants that arrived this past week, the day of our 8" snow fall!! Fortunately it all melted by yesterday and I was able to plant. I am looking forward to seeing them grow and bloom. I have collected hellebores for some time but have never bought any that came with such size and leaf growth. I am giving a talk this week on Helleborus at our Little Garden Club in Leland, Michigan and will certainly share your Great Garden Plants. I have saved one to take to the meeting.

Thank you again,



Ann N.
Leland, MI


April 15, 2011


As I await my final few plants from my initial order, I just wanted to take a moment to say how incredibly happy I am with my experience at Great Garden Plants.

From the service, to the prices, to the actual plants themselves, it has been great to work with you and your staff. Every time I open a box, I’m always so pleased with how well the plants are packaged and what great shape they are in when they arrive... all the way from MI to TX.

I’m happy to say that everything I’ve ordered is thriving. I already have numerous blooms on my White Out rosebush and also my first full bloom on the Gaillardia Commotion Tizzy. Even the Hosta Patriots are waking up and producing the most beautiful leaves. The Phlox Blue Paradise that I’m waiting on will be a stunning backdrop to the White Out roses.

Thank you again for everything. I will definitely continue to check your site any time I need perennials and I have already recommended you to my family and friends who are fellow gardening enthusiasts.



Sheila D.
Cedar Hill, TX


April 15, 2011


Hello, I am just delighted with the plants I have received! They are SOOOO much nicer than the tiny, struggling things I have received from other on-line companies in the past, many of which have never reappeared alive in my garden. I have such high hopes for my perennial garden this year and for the years to come.

Thank you again,



Tim H.
Whiteland, IN


April 13, 2011


I just got my orders today and I wanted to write to tell you how happy I am. The emerald greens look great. They all looked very healthy and they look awesome along our fence. Some of the double knockout roses were blooming and were very pretty. They also looked very healthy. I know where I will be getting all of my plants from now on. I will pass your site to everyone I can. Thank you for the outstanding service.



Tim H.
Whiteland, IN


April 12, 2011


We received our order today and I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the trees. They are SO much nicer than the thuga's I ordered from another supplier a couple of years ago! I will order from you again for sure.



Julie S.
Indianola, IA


April 9, 2011


I NEVER RECEIVED AN ORDER SO WELL PACKAGED WITH SUCH DETAILED PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS. I WAS JUST SURPRISED. The plants were beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! The inserts were very inspiring. Keep up the good work.



D. Smith
Silver Springs, MD


April 6, 2011


I just have to write you to thank you for such great looking plants! My Coral Bells arrived in excellent condition largely due to your very careful packaging. This is my first time ordering from your company but I'm sure it won't be my last. Thank you again.

PS: Feel free to use this recommendation -- I'll be telling my friends about you,



Marla R.
Pickens, SC


April 1, 2011


Chris and Mary,

Last year I bought 24 Thuja Emeralds from Great Garden Plants. I put them in the ground the same day they were delivered. I erected a 2'H x 3'W x 50'L berm with good soil along my fenced in property line to block my view of the neighbor's yard and for some privacy.

We had one of the harshest winters in recent memory here in N.J. Not only did they all make it through their first year, they have grown unbelievably. I must admit, I babied these things for the entire year.

A friend of mine at work bought 50, and a friend of his bought 30, all from your company and they both got the same results.

Thank you,



Rich C.
Lawrence TWP, NJ


March 18, 2011


Dear Chris & Mary,

I just received my thuja green giants yesterday (a day ahead of scheduled delivery). I live in California so I got them right in the ground. I must tell you that I was thoroughly impressed with the excellent care that they were packaged for delivery. The plants look great and they are everything and more that you described on your website. I just want to thank you for the beautiful plants, the packaging and the speedy delivery as well as the excellent customer service. You really do deliver the best. I look forward to using you for all my future planting needs.

Now let the screening begin!




Ricardo P.
Lompoc, CA


March 9, 2011


Dear Mary and Chris:

This gives me an opportunity to express my admiration for GREAT GARDEN PLANTS: have ordered from some very famous nurseries before, and from some "Dollar General" types too... NEVER ever have I received plants so well packaged, so healthy and so easy to acclimate to my garden... well, of course, they were already nice and developed in their pots - the transplant was practically no shock to them, as opposed to all my previous experiences with "bare-root" and minimal soil attached in a stingy plastic baggy.

A very important advantage with you is the fact that when a large delivery arrives (one can get carried away while ordering!), there is no need to panic and drop everything to do planting from dawn to dusk else all those hungry roots dry up and die: Great Gardens plants are quite happy to wait in their pots until their turn comes.

I have pledged to myself to order only from you in the future, accept my congratulations and best wishes for great success always,



Mila D.
High Springs, FL


February 26, 2011


To Great Garden Plants,

My order arrived on time and in beautiful condition. Your packaging method with the bamboo supports are ingenious. Thank you for your quick response, the excellent plant and courteous service.

A very satisfied customer.



Robert A.
Anaheim, CA


February 24, 2011


Thank you for your help on my orders.

I love the plants I get from you. I tell everyone about you that asks about ordering from a website. I tell them that you have things that you can not get in a nursery and much more. I have never gotten bad plants from you.

Thank You so much Chris and Mary and your staff.



Marie K.
Williamstown, NJ


February 21, 2011


Thank you very much for your great customer service and professionalism. the plant arrived in great shape. If any additional plants are need in my garden you will be the ones I will turn to. I also recommend your business to all who ask and friends.



Jim D.
Temple, TX


November 21, 2010


I received my order exactly one month ago, in October, and the plants looked very healthy and were packaged well. I kept them moist until they were planted a week after they were received. I have watered them regularly, and they also got a good dousing of rain a few times. Here it is, November 21, and I went outside to water them this morning, and some of them already have blue blooms, which seemed to happen overnight! I am thrilled! I know these plants, with their beautiful blue flowers, are going to be gorgeous.

Thank you so much, and please feel free to use this testimonial in any of your advertising.



Susan C.
Alabaster, AL


November 7, 2010


Dear Mary and staff,

After many years, I can say that I’ve NEVER received such beautifully cared for and packaged plants!!! Kudos to everyone involved from planting, cultivating, harvesting, packaging and mailing. I was astounded by the attention to detail when I opened my plant box. They fit securely in the properly chosen box and the dirt smelled like they were fresh from the greenhouse! As I opened each one carefully removing each piece, i.e.- rubberbands to secure the plastic wrap, stakes to support the plant, and the carefully fitted cardboard to hold the moist dirt in, I was so impressed! It was like opening a treasure and they surely were. The plants were a nice size and looked healthier than I’ve ever received by mail.

Thanks again,



Dorothy S.
Perry, NY


October 14, 2010


I placed an order with you all for the first time recently. It was a gift for a dear friend. She is fighting hodgkins lymphoma and needs some cheering up daily. Her dear dog passed last year and she has not been able to get any plants to grow on his resting site. I ordered my two favorite plants, creeping jenny and black ajuga. You were the only place I could find it. Well she received it yesterday and was so surprised. Not only were the plants packed better than any I have ever seen. But they look amazing. They are much bigger than anything I have ever ordered from ANYWHERE. And there were packed better than anything I have ever received. (I know this because she sent me photos of them). I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful care you take when sending plants, the wonderful plants you send and all the information you send with them. You helped me to make a dear friend happy and bring her some lasting cheer.

Thank you!



Kay B.
Nashville, TN


October 12, 2010


Thank u for sending out my order. i wanted to tell u those were the nicest plants i've ever ordered. Very satisified and will definitely order again from ur company…



Nicole R.
Monroeville, IN


September 27, 2010


Hi there! I just had to write and tell you that I received my order today. I can't believe how nice the plants were and they made the trip here to Washington State in absolutely wonderful condition! Our local gardening 'guru', Ciscoe Morris, (King 5 out of Seattle) had featured the beautiful echinacea 'Hot Papaya' on his show a couple weeks back and, of course, I had to have it. I didn't expect that I wouldn't be able to make up my mind between the equally impressive 'Maui Sunshine' and 'Marmalade'. What the heck, get 'em all! Anyway, they are neatly tucked in for the winter (after I get some mulch around them) and I will be looking forward to their blooms next year!

Thanks again for such lush plants.



Sue E.
Mossyrock, WA


September 20, 2010


Good Morning!

I want to tell you that I love your website and your customer service, but I mostly love the plants I received. They were a good size for the price paid and I really appreciate that. I have ordered plants from other garden services and sometimes receive a piece of root or the world's smallest plant and have paid about the same price for those as I did for the plants I ordered from you. Most of the time they don't make it and I have wasted my money.

You are now my official go to web site for any future orders. I am also taking a Master Gardener's course and will certainly share your web site with my classmates and other Master Gardeners. I appreciate you actually sending me plants instead of pieces of plants.

Thank you so much!




Betty A.
Iowa City, IA


September 14, 2010


Dear Chris,

I just had to email you to tell you that you have put your competition to shame. I have never received plants that were as big as yours, nor have I ever received them as well packaged.

I have also enjoyed the videos that you have prepared and found them to be very helpful. In addition, I have told my friend in Nebraska about your site. She too was so impressed that she placed an order. After she received her order she informed me that she will become a permanent customer. She sees no need to order from any other place. I agree.

Chris, thank you (and Mary) for everything that you do to keep us plant lovers happy.




Bev F.
Great Falls, MT


September 2, 2010


The Green Giant Thujas you sent Monday, August 30th, 2010, were on our doorstep on August 31st! You packed all 21 beautifully and my Jim planted them on Wednesday, September 1st. Today, September 2nd we are happily watching the newly planted trees get rained on!!

We are delighted!

Thanks again...




Patty O.
Schererville, IN


July 23, 2010


Hello! I received my plants yesterday and planted them this morning. They were WONDERFUL! They are the perfect size for
planting and I was so pleased with everything--the ordering--the tracking and quick delivery--and the plants themselves. You get and A compared to some other online companies.

A well-satisfied customer...




Elsie K.
North Kingstown, RI


July 1, 2010



I just wanted to let you know that we received our shipment of 24 Thuja Green Giants yesterday and they look just beautiful! We were very pleased with the size and their great color. We will be planting them this weekend and hope they do well!





Jennifer A.
Hubbardsville, NY


July 1, 2010


I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the quality of your plants and the way that they are shipped. I tried ordering ice plant from 2 other nurseries. One said that they wouldn't ship until Fall(?), and the other sent us dead plants.

Your plants are twice the size of others, and they arrived in perfect condition.

We also appreciated the free gift and, when we went online to view the blossom, we discovered many of the other plants for which we had been searching.

Rest assured, we'll be back! Kudos and THANK YOU!!!




Chris R.
Union Dale, PA


June 18, 2010


Hello Chris and Mary,

The "Blushing Knockout Roses" arrived today and I must say it's the best shipping order from a nursery I have received. The plants looked great, no broken branches and two of them had even buds on them. Holding my thumbs that they will love it here.

Thanks for the care you took in packing them, I can do nothing but highly recommend you to others.





Carla K.
Ouray, CO


June 10, 2010


I received my box of beautiful plants and what a job you guys do. Godzilla couldn’t have broken into that and destroyed a plant! Interestingly I had ordered Echinaceas from another place that was listed by Fine Gardening Magazine in their current spread on Echinaceas, just so I could compare yours and theirs since you make great claims.

Their order arrived about 3 days after yours and while the plants were acceptable, when planted in the same area with yours a couple of days later after hardening off, they looked like neglected orphans compared to the beautiful, healthy plants from you. Yours looked like they had lived in my Echinacea bed all their life. Two were already blooming, one with a big beautiful flower fully open. The plants from the other place were sad, although, again as acceptable as 99% of the places I order from.

I am delighted with your plants, your packing, and don’t mind paying a dollar or two more for what you produce.





Conway, SC


June 10, 2010


The plants I ordered arrived yesterday in great condition and we're very happy with how large they are and healthy they appear. Now that we have received healthy plants from you your company we'll start paying attention to your newsletters.





Fraser W.
Troy, NH


June 10, 2010


Just received my order and WOW the plants look great!

Thanks and can't wait to plant! I will recommend to all my family and friends to shop here for a great selection and healthy plants!




Susan B.
Allentown, PA


June 8, 2010


To whom it concerns:

May I express my sincere appreciation and "THANKS" for replacing the Euonymus Compactus [burning bush] on my original order that the deer promptly ate with the gold leaf privet.

I have been amazed with your plant quality and pleasantly surprised with the plants arriving in such good condition to Texas from Michigan. More than this, however, it is your integrity and service that ranks you as # 1 in my book. I am recommending you to all my Texas family and neighbors. Your customer rep trusted me with my account of what happened and promptly took care of me.

It's a great feeling to do business with a company that values customer satisfaction when so many now take the customer for granted.

Very pleased in Texas,




Ferel L.
Granbury, TX


June 5, 2010


I was trying to find your space online to state testimonials. I very much wanted to make statements. Please feel free to post it.

I ordered 24 double knockout roses. I was very nervous ordering plants online due to the poor quality I have received elsewhere. If you want to order plants online, there is only ONE place online to order them, GREAT GARDEN PLANTS!!! I received them timely and was able to track their progress which made it easy to plan their planting. They came packed beautifully and carefully. All were healthy and beautiful. All the plants are doing wonderful after planting. My neighbors all stop by and ask about them and where I got them.

I will never buy plants anywhere, locally or online except Great Garden Plants. When you invest your time and money into gardening, you want to know that you will be happy with the outcome. If you buy your plants from Great Garden Plants you will not be happy with the outcome. You will be THRILLED with the outcome!

Thank you so much for taking such care with your plants as well as your customers. You are a comfort to know that you are out there. I'm going to dig up more parts of my lawn just so I can buy more of your plants. I am just sorry I did not find you earlier.

A lifelong customer,




Mark S.
Concord, NC


June 5, 2010


I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how THRILLED I am with the Isotoma fluviatilis I ordered and received from you. I have noticed little buds spreading out and popping up from the ground. They have taken. At first I thought they were weeds coming up, but I was patient and waited and noticed that the leaves are the same as the plants. I was so concerned whether they would survive and grow, as I am not an expert gardener.

Thank you SO much. You have made me very happy.




Barbara W.
Prescott, AZ


June 4, 2010


I just want to tell you how surprised I was at the beautiful butterfly bush I received in the mail today! It was so healthy looking & a very nice size compared to other mail order places. I will definitely be ordering from you again.




Carol T.
Driftwood, PA


June 4, 2010


Dear Great Garden Plants,

I received my order and have planted my lenten roses. I just wanted to tell you how great to open them and see how beautifully they were packed. The plants are in great condition and I will certainly shop here again!




Elise N.
Cincinnati, OH


June 4, 2010


This is my third year ordering perennials from Great Garden Plants, and have been very pleased with the quality of your plants. But the latest shipment I received is what will keep me coming back again and again.

I ordered a Cotinus Golden Spirit, which shipped in its own box. Fed Ex smashed the box and from how it was laying on my front porch they probably just threw it there. When I opened the box, half of the pot was crushed. I wish I had taken pictures of it to send you, so you could see it. But because of the care you take in packaging your plants it was ABSOLUTELY FINE. I planted it, it perked up overnight and it is beautiful.

I couldn't be more satisfied with your company. I look forward to receiving my next order!




Gina L.
Youngstown, OH


June 3, 2010


I have just received my order of hellebores and I just had to write and tell you how wonderfully healthy they look. The packaging of the plants was exceptional in that the protective uprights insured no breakage. The plastic covers preserved 95% of the dirt and the moist cardboard kept them wet. I have ordered from other plant houses through the internet before and your product by far has outdone every one of them. Your plants are sizable, healthy and worth every bit that I paid for them. I am so looking forward to the new color that I have added to my collection. I also will bookmark your site and refer to it for further purchases.

Thank you again for your beautiful product.




Linda F.
Northport, NY


May 28, 2010


I wanted to tell you how pleased I was to find how well my 6 double red KnockOut Roses and my Garnet Japanese Maple arrived. Only a few twigs were broken in transit and they are so healthy. Keep up the good work and I will be buying from you in the future. I can't believe how many buds and blooms are on the roses. I use to try to grow roses but because of diseases, bugs, etc. I finally dug them up and disposed of them. I hope to find these as disease free as everyone claims.

Thank you,




Mary H.
Martinez, GA


May 28, 2010


Thank you so much for my delivery. It was packed professionally, and everything seemed to be wonderfully safe. I have been watering them every day, and this holiday weekend, FINALLY going to get them planted.

I would order from your company again any time!

Thanks again,




Bev C.
Wallkill, NY


May 20, 2010


Received my heuchera plants yesterday. I am very pleased with the quality of the plants! My online experience has not been great; I first check out garden centers in my area, ordering on line is second choice. I like the larger size of your plants. I wanted some color variety, but the "caramel" would definitely be my favorite. I have found that planting 2 weaker plants together works, as long as they are healthy. I was happy to see such select plants when I opened the box!




C. R.
Lake Forest, IL


May 13, 2010


I just wanted to Thank You for the beautiful plants. This was my first order from Great Garden Plants. Wow, what a surprise. I have ordered plants before but non compare to the quality or shipping of yours. Just amazing. You'll be getting more orders from me. Very happy customer. Keep up the great work. You guys are Awesome. Thanks so much!




Jan S.
San Jacinto, CA


May 8, 2010


Hi, I received my shipment today, and just wanted to let you know how happy I am with it! the plants arrived in beautiful condition, all are healthy and happy, and I'm pleasantly surprised at how large they are. I also want to thank you for the thought you've put into packing these in an eco-friendly way with minimal materials and no styrofoam peanuts.

Thank you!! I will definitely recommend you to friends and family and post a positive review on Dave's Garden.




Shari E.
San Mateo, CA


May 7, 2010


Just recieved our boxwood shrubs and had to tell you they are beautiful! We ordered 55, and NOT ONE was damaged or weak looking. All were beautiful, strong and healthy plants, and a great value! We couldn't believe how carefully they were packed. We know they will look great in our new landscaping project. We will recommend you to our friends and family, and will certainly be ordering again!

Thanks for the TLC you and your staff provided to our order.




Sharon S.
Saint Joseph, MO


May 7, 2010


I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I appreciate the quality of your plants. Over the years I have ordered from many places on line and never gotten the quality of plants that I have gotten from you. Though I am only able to grow them on my balcony in planters now, I will be back every year for more. I will recommend you to every one I know. Thank you so much for the wonderful quality.




Sharon N.
Salt Lake City, UT


May 6, 2010


Your plants arrived in great shape. They are so lovingly packed. What a wonderful way to get such healthy and unusual specimens!

Thank you so much!





Gale F.
Groton, CT


May 5, 2010


Hi, just wanted to thank you Order arrived today and I am amazed at the size of your plants again...I kept putting off getting these but sure glad I did guys are the best...Thank you for the free day-lily too!




Al D.
East Hartford, CT


April 30, 2010


Great Job!

A few weeks ago, I ordered three plants from GreatGardenPlants as a test. When you have plants shipped, you never know in what condition they'll arrive, so I was holding my breath as I opened the box I received today.

All I can say is "Wow. I'm sold!"

I ordered a May Night salvia and expected a puny seedling for ease of shipping. What I received was a vigorous plant with five flower stalks, two of which are two feet tall and all of which are just starting to open buds. Not a leaf was torn or even bent.

The Walkers Low catmint and Blue Star Creeper were just as healthy and robust. All of it was packed ingeniously with bamboo stakes used to hold each plant in place in the box.

Plus I got a free, hardy-looking daylily as a gift.

Count me as a truly impressed customer. And, in a few weeks, a return customer!

All the best,




Boyd B.
Little Rock, AR


April 30, 2010


My plants arrived and may I say wow!!!!! I have never ordered plants via mail but I will again. 22 plants arrived all packaged with great care and all are wonderfully sized. Thank you so much!




Christine V.
Spring Valley, MN


April 29, 2010


Just received my shipment of Dancing in the Rain Hostas from you yesterday. First, I was happy to locate a supply of the hostas after my original vendor cancelled my order due to unavailability. But, more to the point, I was mightily impressed with the quality of the plants and the care and timeliness of the shipping. The plants arrived in better condition after shipping than many plants I've seen as cash-and-carry in local nurseries. I will be a regular customer from now on.




Steve J.
Arden Hills, MN


April 23, 2010


I recently received a shipment from you and would like to express my joy over the quality of your plants. I was hesitant but am glad to see that you truly do offer quality plants at great prices.





Debra R.
Florence, KY


April 22, 2010


Please pass my praise onto your shipping department. I was exceptionally pleased by the way my plants were wrapped, packaged and shipped. I think you should put on a feed and have a cook out for them. Thank you!




Charlie H.
Baltimore, MD


April 22, 2010


I just want you to know how excited I was when I saw your package at my front door. And after opening it, I was amazed. The plants were packaged with great care and they were so much larger and healthier than others I have received through mail order. I’ve already made another order and I haven’t even planted the first one yet. I’ve passed your website onto 2 other avid gardeners. I have listed your website under “favorites” and you can count on my continued patronage...




Diane P.
Hawthorne, NJ


April 22, 2010


I received my order last week in excellent condition. All of the plants were good size and very healthy. They were packaged and shipped very securely and I was very happy with them. I would definitely order from you again.





Celesta R.
Twain Harte, CA


April 20, 2010


I wanted to set you know how delighted I am with the quality of the plants I just received. They came clear across the country to California in "great" shape just like your company name! They're by far the largest and healthiest specimens from any of the internet nurseries I've tried. You folks are going to the top of my garden bookmarks! Thanks!

Thanks again for the fine service!




Joyce B.
Napa, CA


April 16, 2010


I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful plants! They were in excellent condition and the packaging was great. Best mail-away plants I have ever gotten. Will order again!




Annette M.
Hanson, MA


April 16, 2010


Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful Becky shastas. They arrived as advised yesterday afternoon and are in the ground this morning. They were in great condition. I've never ordered plants before and really wasn't sure what to expect. You do good work!

Looks like you haven't billed my credit card yet, so don't forget to do that.

Thanks again,




Pat G.
Mobile, AL


April 8, 2010


Dear Mary & Chris,

I just received my plant order and I must applaud the two of you. I have never had plants of such quality and size. Your packaging 100% guarantees safety of the plants during their travels. Also, your plastic laminated instructions, letter and coupons just verify the quality of your company.

I can't tell you what a pleasure it has been for me. I am a Master Gardener and know the quality and care of product I have received from you. I will order my future plants from you. Thank goodness for people who care!! Keep up the GREAT work!




Maureen S.
Cumming, GA


March 24, 2010


I received my order of 3 Apricot Blush hellebores today and must tell you how healthy and vigorous these plants look. I planted them in my shade garden this aft. and am excited to see their blooms. I have lots of other hellebores but none this new color.

Thank you for the great quality!




Karen M.
Cumming, GA


March 16, 2010


Thank you so much,I am very pleased with the service I receive from you this year and last and I want to tell you the quality of your trees are great.

We had to replant our Emerald Thujas last fall after planting them in the spring and they are doing great.

You really do sell good quality.

Thank you again,




Rose B.
Massena, NY


September 13, 2009


Hi Mary,

I want to thank you for your website and your wonderful, quality plants/flowers!!

I ordered 3 of these awesome specimens from GGP and planted them in June. I was beginning to wonder if they were really going to bloom this year, then they did. They are PRETTY!! They also do withstand the wind that they get where I planted them.

They were packaged nicely and I appreciate that very much. I'd never ordered live plants this way and I was pleased. They were very healthy.

Thank you again,




Susan R.
Westerville, OH


September 3, 2009


Thought I would thank you for your great plants, prices, and great service. Just found you last year and have ordered quite a few plants since then. The plants are always nice and big and perfectly packed in the boxes - I really appreciate the extra care you take in this.

Your customer service is really delightful. I don't get put on interminable hold and any question is quickly and efficiently answered.

I also love your Web site - easy to get around, easy to find what you want, great colors, nice recommendations from Mary and Chris, and love the plant details on the side.

Please feel free to use this anyway you would like!

Thanks again,




Faith W.
South Weber, UT


July 14, 2009


Dear Mary and Chris,

My second order came in looking just as good as the first one. All plants were healthy, roots filled the pots, and they were ready for planting. It is a joy to open packages where the plants are full and not plugs. Keep adding new ones. I love the selection.




Stephanie C.
Collegeville, PA


July 10, 2009


Dear Mary,

I had to write to express my gratitude for recent order I received. The packaging was solid and unscathed by delivery, but the real surprise was the size and quality of the daylilies. Having ordered plants from other 'reputable' nurseries in the past, I was expecting a few weary tubers of each verity. Imagine my face when I started pulling out healthy plants with at least a dozen tubers each. To say the least, I was happy. I'm anticipating beautiful plants for many years to come.

Thank you.




Dave K.
Upperco, MD


June 7, 2009


To Whom It May Concern:

I just wanted to write you people a short note letting you know how PLEASED I am with my decorative grasses. I was thrilled when I opened the boxes. They were so carefully packed and arrived to me just perfect. I have ordered plants from other growers and they have been just HORRIBLE. One of them is Wayside Gardens. Very poor quality of plants. Again, I want to sincerely thank you for the decorative grasses and the condition in which I received them.

Very truly yours,




Corinne D.
Portland, OR


June 24, 2009


Just received my first order from you guys. I wasn't expecting much for the price I paid so I only bought a couple of clematis plants.

Everything looked too good to be true on the web site, but I decided to give you a try. I'm really glad I did.

I've been using various other online merchants before and I've never really been happy with the quality of mail order plants, or how I've been fobbed off with lies about when they were shipping (Park Seed especially). Not only was I blown away by the prices, but also the quality of the plants, the great packing job, and also the inserts, coupons, and now I know you guys are for real, the web site.

Do me a big favour… don’t go out of business!!! I want to use you for many years to come.

Cheers & have a great day,




Matt B.
Somerset, NJ


June 22, 2009


Hi, Mary~

Thank you for your phone call and your email. The amount you quoted for our order is acceptable. Actually, it is more than acceptable. Thank you so much.

If our phone chat was good for you, it was even better for me. Melody and I were talking just the other day how the quality of service seems to be declining any more. You, however, have restored my faith in good customer relations.

There are "boo koo" numbers of other nurseries on line, but for me there now is only one. I look forward to a continued relationship with Great Garden Plants. Treating people right is the key to customer loyalty.

Mary, thanks again for your personal attention. You have helped to brighten my Monday!




Wheeling, WV


June 6, 2009



This is Dorothy P… and I just wanted to thank all the hard- working people for the care they put into their plants. I was totally impressed in the way the plants were handled and packaged. I have never had anything packed so well before that was delivered to my front door. Awesome!

Keep up the great work. You made my work so much easier as an avid gardener.

Sincerely Yours,




Dorothy P.
Thompson, CT


June 2, 2009


Hi there:

Just wanted to let you know how GREAT I think you all are.

I've ordered a couple times, now, and I'm VERY pleased with your work ethics, your plants and your products.

First of all, I get the order when I want it, not when other people think it should be shipped. That to me is a great PLUS PLUS.

Then, the plants are packed so well. They're healthy, have strong roots, are a good size, not some skimpy, itty-bitty half-dead bare-root that takes forever to germinate and grow.

Of course, there's the selection and the web site.

I'm pleased to say that both are user friendly, the selection, especially, is vast and beautiful. The web site is easy to browse and the cart stays loaded for a few days. This is helpful to me, because sometimes I can't make up my mind, so I need to think about it a little before I decide.

Now to the products.

I've had tremendous success with all of them. The flowers are doing wonderfully. The Daylilys that I received FREE have grown tremendously in less than 2 weeks, can't wait till they bloom.

Heucherella Sweet Tea

Well, I have to say, that I don't have one inch of room left to put anything else in my garden, but I am ordering a Sweet Tea Coral Bells because it's so pretty. I'll find someplace to put it, never fear.

Thanks so much for being there. You all need to pat yourselves on the back for the wonderful work you're doing. KEEP IT UP!




Sarah D.
Hammonton, NJ


June 2, 2009



I just have a comment for you. I received an Echinacea plant last week that I had ordered & I have to tell you that it is THE nicest plant. So healthy & actually quite large for ordering on the internet. I was so pleased! The packaging was also great.

This is the first time I have ordered from your website but I guarantee you it won't be the I'll tell my friends, also. Thanks for doing a very good job.

Keep up the good work!




Kathy K.
Alpena, MI


May 30, 2009


My shipment arrived yesterday and is already planted. I want you to know that we have landscaped 7 houses and I have purchased plants all over Oregon and WA and from some of the best known and more expensive internet sites. Your plants arrived in perfect condition; were by far the largest plants I have received. None were root bound, but all filled the container nicely. I will be looking at your site first before purchasing plants anywhere else.

Thank you,




Vicki J.
Spokane, WA


May 29, 2009


Great Garden Plants:

I recently found your company online when I was looking for a knockout rose. You had great prices on your plants so I decided to give you a try. My order arrived yesterday and I was very pleased with the quality and size of the plants I ordered. In contrast to your order, I received an order a few days earlier from another online company that I've worked with in the past and their plants were extremely small and covered with a thick heavy layer of moss - very disappointing. Thanks for a good experience - I will be back and recommend you to others.




Mary S.
Rumney, NH


May 29, 2009


Good Morning Mary,

I was so excited when my plant order arrived yesterday. I cannot say enought about the care in which the plants were packaged to ship and the health, look, and size of the plants. I have to wait to plant them in their new homes until tomorrow- rainy day today in NH.

I am so impressed with everything that I have experienced with your company. I look forward to seeing my new plants grow and thrive! The inserts that were included to the shipment were a wonderful and quality addition. Thank you also for the free lilly.

I just wanted you to know that I appreciate the fine company that you are and that I will definitely recommend and buy from you again.

Have a perfect day!




Mary D.
Goffstown, NH


May 29, 2009


Just wanted to drop you a quick email and let you know how impressed I was with the packing, shipping and condition of the plants I ordered from you!! They were by far the best looking mail order plants I have ever received. I plan on ordering many more from you, and thank you!! Have a nice day,




Cyndi T.
Wellsboro, PA


May 28, 2009


Folks -

I have ordered from 5 different places for Thuja Green Giant's. The condition under which this order was treated was amazing.

- Soil perfectly packed and sealed around each plant.
- No breaking of any branches -No damage to package
- What you said you were going to send was done (no small deal - got e-mail from Molly thank you).
- Staked in 2 places for height protection.

I am but a small purchaser, but know that you have a good system going and I am going to order from you again and will tell my neighbors about you.





Charles M.
Elbridge, NY


May 28, 2009


I received my order yesterday containing 4 Red October Hostas and 3 Fire Island Hostas and 3 Lavender Hidcote.

I want to say how very pleased I am with the way they were shipped and the quality of the plants. I have never received potted plants before, just bareroot. These hostas are WONDERFUL - one Red October had 13 stems/leaves, the smallest had 4. The Fire Island are just like the picture. Very eye catching. I can’t wait for them to get big and bushy and with the quality of these plants, I will enjoy that this season yet! How wonderful not to have to wait another year (or two) to enjoy the true beauty of a mature hosta.

Thank you for the great plants – I will let all my friends and family know how pleased I am with Great Garden Plants!




Vonnie D.
Kaukauna, WI


May 28, 2009


Our order arrived today, and I could not believe the size and quality of the plants - even better than our local nursery. I've never ordered plants that were as carefully packaged as your plants - you really went the extra mile to make sure the plants arrived in good health. So I just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with everything - it far exceeded our expectations. Great job.




Chris B.
Norwich, VT


May 24, 2009


Satisfied, no WOW. This is the best condition we have ever received our plants from any business!!! You have hooked us as customers forever.




Joan & Dee G.
Hastings, NE


May 21, 2009



I just received my very first order from your company and I am still in shock at the upscale and professional way it was packed. All instructions were there and the plants looked healthy and not just one step above a "seed". What a lovely surprise. Speaking of surprises, there was one of those too. Thank you for the complimentary daylily.

I will add you to my favorites and spread the word to my friends at the great plant place, great prices and utmost customer service.





Marcia S.
Dubuque, IA


May 21, 2009


Dear Mary & Chris,

My Hosta Blue Mouse Ears arrived in March, in beautiful condition! We were so impressed with the presentation, the packaging and the quality of the plants.

Thank you so much!




Bill & Judy W.
Northbrook, IL


May 20, 2009


Thank you so much for your replacement plants. They arrived and are planted. Wouldn't you know that we had a horrible frost yesterday! It is nearly the end of may! I am hoping that they all survived it.

I would like to commend you on your replacement of the plants, and your customer service. I purchased trees from another nursery, and am having a great deal of trouble getting replacements for the plants that did not survive.

I shall definitely be using your nursery again, as i certainly will not use the other one.





Marion G.
Sussex, NJ


May 17, 2009


The knock out roses arrived in beautiful condition. I was thrilled with them. Also they were packed so nice. I look forward to ordering more plants.




Patricia S.
Brooklet, GA


May 15, 2009



I am a board member of our condominium association, and I am also in charge of landscaping. We needed something that would grow in the center area in front of our main entrance that could withstand the excessive heat and drought during the summer, but also had some lasting color, so I ordered some Red and Gold Sedum.

I had never ordered from your company before, and only learned of after I did a Google search for Red Sedum. Although I was apprehensive at first, once I spoke to one your representatives, who not only spoke English, but was actually located within your, and not just someone in a phone room in a distant land - I felt much better.

I was promised that the order would be shipped by May 11th - we rec'd the order on May 14 and I must say we were all shocked - you packed each and every plant perfectly, they arrived so healthy and beautiful, we cannot wait until we plant them this coming Saturday morning.

Greatgardenplants has a customer for life and I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone I know who needs high quality well packed healthy perennial plants! Great job!!!




Mike L.
Forest Park, IL


May 14, 2009


Whoever designed your packing process should be given a raise! (a BIG one)! Thanks to all in shipping for their hard work in protecting a multitude of plants!




Karen T.
Versailles, KY


May 13, 2009



OMG...I can't believe the difference between you and other catalog or online garden companies...


This was to be my last attempt to try ordering from organizations where you cannot see what your getting and WHAT A SUPER SURPRISE...

I WAS....sooooooo skeptical...but...I WOULD ORDER FROM YOU AGAIN IN A HEART BEAT.

The QUALITY of the LIVE plant upon arrival (size and condition) was FANTASTIC.

The QUALITY of PACKING and care given (you could tell it was heavily watered BEFORE shipping) was FANTASTIC. Plants were packaged tightly to prevent ANY SHIFTING in transit..sooooooo very important.


Plants (Butterfly bushes) were not looking like grammar school projects and sent as seedling sprouts...and said to be or shown to be larger established plants with growth.


THANKS for a renewed faith in this sort of purchasing...AT LEAST FROM YOU.

CANT SAY ENOUGH...and I WILL use and purchase AND HIGHLY recommend your organization to others.

THANK YOU so very kindly....





Carolynn D.
Sutton, MA


May 13, 2009


Today I received two boxes from you. BUT I have to tell you... I am so impressed with the packing! Perfect packing, full labels with names of each plant. Each potted pot in it's own plastic bag so the moisture of each plant was fully maintained during shipping, bigger sized pots have bamboo stakes so they stay upright during shipment.

I have Never had such perfect protection and shipment. Never. No matter which catalog or internet store I have bought plants from, ONLY YOURS REACH PERFECTION IN SHIPMENT. You are the best!

Thank you,




Eileen W.
Wes Locke, NH


May 4, 2009


Ms. Mary,

Just wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent communications, service and product quality of your company.

My Thuja Green Giant came in about four days, beautifully packed, in very good condition and the price was right. They've been planted for about 3-4 weeks and are doing well. Thanks!

Kind regards,




Eric C.
Mill Valley, CA


May 2, 2009


Today I received my order!

First let me say that the plants were the finest plants I have ever received; and I am an avid gardener - and believe me they have all been planted already (7:15 pm). Lovely!

You have done a wonderful job and I love the plants...all of they grow I will take pictures and send them to you. And this was only for a small front garden! We will be ordering soon again.

Thanks for all your dedication.




Gloria & Keith
Palmetto, FL


May 1, 2009


Thank you so much, I had never ordered from you and I was a little concerned about plants. They turned out beautiful when they arrived. Better than any place I've ever ordered from. I hope they grow as well as they look now.

Thank you,




Pat T.
Ogden, UT


April 29, 2009



I received my shipment today and unpacked it immediately (of course). I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the quality of the plants I received. They are exactly as advertised-heavily rooted and in excellent condition. Your packing method is simple, efficient, reasonably green, and the plants look as if they came right out of the greenhouse rather than out of a box, which means they were in great shape to begin with. I was taking a chance on such a large first order and I wanted you to know how pleased I am with my choice of vendor.

Thank you for delivering what you advertise. I will definitely be a loyal customer and recommend you to my gardening friends (a dying breed, but there are a couple).

Best regards,




Susan H.
Purcellville, VA


April 27, 2009


Hi Mary,

I wanted to follow-up with you about my shipment. I received it last Thursday and the plants are great! You are right I am very pleased with the quality of the plants. I watered them & set them out on my back porch until Saturday morning when I planted them in their new home. As of late yesterday they were still showing no signs of trauma or shock. I am very pleased with the size, health, and beauty of the plants. Thank you so much.

I shared the "friend" coupon with someone I work with already -- she and I were talking plants and how different types are hard to find and you are hesitant to order from an unknown source. This was before I received the shipment. She and I will both be ordering!!

Thanks so much!




Kathy D.
Charlotte, NC


April 25, 2009


They arrived yesterday in pristine condition! Thank you so much.... Your customer service is so great that I placed another $200 order yesterday!




Sheila R.
Irvine, CA


April 24, 2009



I just had to tell you that I have been so delighted with all of the plants I have received from you. I have been referring your website to many. This last shipment reminded me of how you pack the plants for shipping. As if they were fragile china.





Carol Heckelmann
Lakewood, NJ


April 24, 2009


I wanted to thank you for the most spectacular plants I have ever received by mail.

Echinacea Mac ‘n Cheese

They are beautiful, healthy and as soon as they are hardened off, they will be absolutely beautiful wherever I put them. I cannot wait until Echinacea Mac N Cheese comes!

Please let Chris know how pleased I am with your plants-I'm spreading the word on this side of the Big Pond!

Thanks again-you have a customer for life!




Gale B.
Twin Lakes, WI


April 23, 2009


Received my order yesterday and everything is beautiful! I have never received such beautiful plants mail order -- not even from White Flower Farm or Wayside Gardens from whom I usually order. Thank you so much!




Shelly B.
Spring Lake, MI


April 23, 2009


I received one very impressive package from Great Garden Plants, Inc. today! The care with which the plants were prepared for shipping is remarkable. The plants enclosed in this package all arrived in great shape.

Thank you for your service. It is first rate.




Dwight B.
Marietta, GA


April 17, 2009


Hello, I was wondering if you do gift certificates? I ordered earlier this year and I was so impressed with your plants!! They are great! I have done alot of ordering on line through other companies, but I will not go back... Im a customer for life. My birthday is coming up and I would love to tell my husband and kids to get me some credit with your company... I can always find an area to put a plant...

Thanks and have a great day.




Pamela G.
Valley Springs, CA


April 17, 2009


Thank you so much for your help, and I look forward to receiving the plants. I love the size and vigor of your stock ~ the best I've ever received! ~ and look forward to placing more orders!




Rebecca O.
Clifton, KS


April 16, 2009


Mary & Chris; I wondered why the green sticks were in the pots. and then I figured it out, duh! This is the greatest shipping & packing idea I've ever seem. Each one of the plants I ordered arrived in top condition. I've ordered else where and been very disappointed. Now lets hope we have a great season.




John S.
Prospect Heights, IL


April 14, 2009



I ordered 12 Knock Out Roses and several Daylily plants from you and I wanted to let you know that from all the garden supply companies I have ordered from - the plants I got from you were, by far, the best. The roses were beginning to bloom and the daylilies were getting their green blades. I have them all planted in our yard and they are beautiful.

Thank you for offering and delivering such nice products. I will be a returning customer.




Dorothy H.
Smithville, GA


April 3, 2009


Hi Chris,

We thought we'd let you know that our shipment of 33 Thuja Green Giants (ho-ho-ho) arrived yesterday in perfect condition! The packaging for shipping is commendable not to mention the quality of the trees themselves. They are exactly as described on your website AND they smell like Christmas!

We are very, very pleased with our order from Great Garden Plants and as our landscaping project progresses, we plan on ordering more plants from your company.  We want to thank you again for all of your emails and great customer support covering all of the details of the plants and for answering all of our planting questions. 
Take care & have a nice weekend.

Let the planting begin!.




Colleen & Rick B.
Catonsville, MD


April 3, 2009


Hi GGP Folks,

I just received my 14 Knock Out Roses today. Unpacked them, welcomed them, and gave them a drink before they get planted in the front yard tomorrow morning. They seem quite happy. I wanted to thank ya'll for the super packing job and the plants themselves. I was expecting sticks in dirt to tell the truth...I have ordered elsewhere before. However, as you know, these plants had tons of leaves and all but one had one or more blooms. I was not a rose person, but I will become one. The smell when I opened the box was unexplainable.

Thanks again, I will be a returning customer and will certainly talk ya'll up.




Paul G.
New Roads, LA


April 2, 2009


I just received my order and I am overwhelmed! The knock-out rose I ordered is already covered with leaves and looks like it's already been in my garden for weeks -- no stress from shipping, in beautiful condition. The price was the best I found on the net, and that's what brought me to your site in the first place. I have several "favorite" plant websites, but yours just moved to the top of the list. And the free daylilly! It's twice as big as the daylillies I have ordered and paid for from other companies, so many big, vigorous roots!

Thank you so much! I'd love to write more, but I have to get back to your website and order some more roses while you're having your sale!



Karen G.
Henderson, TN


August 12, 2008


I was thrilled to see today that the Spiritual Corridor Daylily bloomed. How absolutely breathtaking.

All the plants I have received have been in excellent condition. Sending them FedEx is the way to deliver, I believe. I have ordered from other places. Nothing grows, and they look very dead basically when they arrive.

Wanted to take the time to thank you for the beautiful plants. I have placed another order, including another SPIRITUAL CORRIDOR!




Wanda K.
Upham, ND


August 11, 2008


Daylily Prairie Wildfire
         Daylily Prairie Wildfire


Thought I would share a picture of the Prairie Wildfire Daylillies I purchased from Great Garden Plants this summer. They arrived as bare-root plants this June, but look at them now!




James W.
Frankfurt, KY


July 25, 2008


Hi Mary and Chris! Just want to say THANK YOU for the nice plants...Much nicer than I had expected....I guess you have a new customer!!




Al D.
East Harford, CT


July 23, 2008


I want to thank you for your excellent service! I've just placed my second order and plan to do many more. My first order came earlier than I expected and was packed perfectly. None of the plants suffered any damage and all are doing well in my just-barely-started garden.




Judith G.
Plymouth, MI


July 21, 2008


I just wanted to let you know that I have received everything and I couldn't be happier with the quality of your Hosta plants. I definitely will order from your company again!




Denise M.
Becker, MN


July 17, 2008


Just wanted to tell you all that I've placed 2 orders with your company this summer, and I'm pleased with both orders. Thanks for the great service!




Gina L.
Youngstown, OH


July 10, 2008


Helleborus Regal Ruffles

Hello again. Yes, the plants did arrive yesterday and they are AMAZING!!! PICOTEE and PINKS!!! Are you kidding me! Double picotee and double black are my two favorites and have been on my wish list forever. Wow. Thanks. Yes, if you could add 12 more Regal Ruffles onto the next order to be shipped on the 14th, that would be great. I've never seen such healthy plants from mail order or had this kind of customer service in my life.




John F.
Lansing, MI


June 29, 2008


I just have to tell you how pleased I am with my order! I was hesitant to order so late in the season~ late June~ but I've never received such large, robust and healthy plants from any other mail order nursery! They arrived in perfect condition, even though I had to hold them a few days before planting. You can be sure I'll be ordering from you again. Thank you!




Rebecca O.
Clifton, KS


June 27, 2008


Echinacea Tiki Torch

Awesome plants! I have never written to a plant company before, but I felt I just needed to. I have purchased live plants from 5 or 6 well known gardening mail-order/online companies in the past. Your plants are by far superior in quality, size, and packaging. The cultivar selection was great too. Your triple guarantee convinced me to place my first orders ever with your company a few weeks ago. I recently received my 'Tiki Torch' Echinacea and 'Pandora's Box' Hosta. I am extremely glad I took the chance. Keep up the great work!




Kim R.
West Lawn, PA


June 26, 2008


Just a note to thank you for the great roses I ordered over a month ago. They arrived in perfect condition----loved the innovative packaging with the little bamboo sticks, etc. Certainly did not expect to see such a beautiful, blossoming plant, ready "for show". These beautiful Knockout Doubles are already a prime garden attraction; and I know that they will continue to grow in beauty in the years to come. Thank you again for offering such high-quality merchandise.

P.S. Was surprised to see the little extras that came with them. Will recommend you to my gardening friends.




Elizabeth B.
Orion, MI


June 25, 2008


Hydrangea Cityline Paris

I just wanted to thank you for the great customer service I received from you! The second plants were excellent and I look forward to seeing what the blossoms on the Paris hydrangea look like. I will certainly do business with you again.




Sharon H.
Portland, OR


June 22, 2008


Wanted to let you know my plants arrived on Thursday, and I am so pleased with them! Each one in great condition and ready for planting. They've been in the ground for 3 days and all look great. They were worth the wait!!




Christine F.
Pitman, NJ


June 20, 2008


I REALLY appreciate your kindness and generosity!

WE have really enjoyed watching our daylilies grow! Although we have had many plants in our gardens, this is our first time to ever have daylilies. I really didn't know what to expect. Our two daughters, Leighlyn and Abigayle, are 10 and 6. They love the miracles that come along with watching plants grow. Your daylilies have brought even more wonder and excitement! As soon as our first shipment got here last week, we went outside to plant them. At that time, they weren't exactly beautiful. Ha! Just a bunch of long roots and ends that had a tiny bit of green showing. The girls watched them intently. Now, they have grown considerably. They've been simply amazed. The girls are expecting flowers just any day now! Ha! (I'm not that optimistic considering they are less than 2" off the ground. I don't expect any flowers from them until next season but I could be completely surprised!)

As before, when the new daylilies arrived the day before yesterday, we ran outside and found just the perfect locations in our gardens to plant our new plants. Once again, the girls are keeping steady eyes on them also! (We just put in a new pond and waterfall next to our brick patio in the front yard this Spring. We planted one of the lilies there so that it should drape just barely over part of the waterfall. I can hardly wait for it to mature. I think that it will look very beautiful and natural.)

Do you ever have any paper catalogs? If so, would you please add us to your mailing list? We'd greatly appreciate it! Because of your history with us and the high quality of your plants, we will definitely continue to do business with your great company!




Stan and Lynn B.
Leoti, KS


June 19, 2008


I just received my order… - It was very very nice--I was more than pleasantly surprised with the size and condition of the plants. Especially after my first two "go-rounds" with another plant company.

Thank you very much and you can be assured I will be ordering from you again!




Judy P.
Plymouth, MN


June 16, 2008


I wanted you to know that in the future I will only be ordering my plants from you. This Spring I ordered the same plants from 3 different places in order to judge the service, condition of plants, etc. One company substituted a different plant, even though I had stated I did not want any substitutions. They did not contact me or in any way acknowledge this. The other company did not ship my plants for 6 weeks and I was only able to get the plants shipped after 4 phone calls to them. THEN they billed me twice for the same order. To top this off, when the plants finally arrived half of them were dried out and did not survive.



Mary Ann M.
Boone, IA


June 10, 2008


I do appreciate the level of customer service and you standing behind your products. I hope they grow as expected - they are exactly what I am looking for if they produce!




Joanne W.
Trumbull, CT


June 6, 2008


Came yesterday!!!!!!!! I was concerned because we are having 100 + degree weather. I am sure this was about the dumbest E-Mail you have ever received . I am and was at work when I sent it. I could not remember which Hosta I had received . I was just banking on you looking up when a second shipment had shipped out . Be good if you could read minds huh.....Nevertheless , everything arrived in great condition . I hope I can keep it that way. I plan to write a " Thank You " letter later to your company, maybe sometime you will want to share it with others . Thanks again for responding to my pitiful cry for help in a timely manner...


Sue G.
Greenville, SC


May 31, 2008


I want to let you know how happy I am with this purchase. The plants are of good size and arrived in excellent shape due to your thoughtful packaging. I shall continue to do business with Great Garden Plants and recommend you to other gardeners.




Cecilia W.
Harwinton, CT


May 31, 2008


Thank you for waiting to send an established clematis. I'm so tired of receiving ones that look like they never had a chance to start!! I will let all my family and friends know that your company actually cares about what is sent and not how fast it is sent. That's what makes the difference between a good company and a great one. Thank you again, your care of your plants is greatly appreciated.




Sue K.
Crown Point, IN


May 19, 2008


I received my order last Friday, and it was FANTASTIC! Such good quality Hibiscus Blue Satinplants, and they were packed expertly! My congrutulations to your entire team. I will have to keep this site handy when ordering garden plants.

Many thanks for such great quality plants, and excellent service.




John M P.
Rockville, MD


May 18, 2008


I just wanted to say thank you for my recent plant order. I was very very pleased with my Blue Satin Plant, I was impressed with its size. I have friends who have ordered from other companys and have received sticks with no green at all.




Michele H.
Grand Island, NY

May 13, 2008



I can't thank you enough for the gorges flowers, I received another order from a mail order nursery the same day I received yours and boy what a difference, I have been ordering from this nursery for the past twenty years, needless to say I won't be from now on. You'll have all my mail orders!




Shingletown, CA


May 2, 2008


Great packaging!! Love it that you used the plant supports to help protect them. And the SIZE of some of those is truly impressive. I'm quite pleased with how the plants look. Well done!

It was great talking with you! I love your enthusiasm and I would imagine if you and Mary and I were in a coffee shop talking face to face, we'd likely be there well beyond the morning coffee time. Oh wait. I don't do coffee. Well you get what I mean. :-)




Kylee B.
Haviland, OH