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Our on-line library is a free resource for articles, tips and information for all your gardening needs. Feel free to print the articles and pass them on to a friend! If you can't get the answer here, let us know by emailing your question to

Other helpful information include

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Help Desk

Planting Guide




Top  Plants for 2016
Money Saving Tips for Gardeners

Insider Tips to Buying On-Line

Gardening 101 - Know Your Garden

Getting Started

What's My Zone?

Soil - What's My Soil

Soil Preparation

Soil Moisture

Plant Spacing, Garden Layout


Garden Glossary

Sun vs. Shade

Selecting the Right Plants for Your Garden



Pleasure of Perennials

Why Perennials

Getting the Most From Your Perennial Garden

Perennials - Sunny Spots

Our Top 10 Long Blooming Sun Perennials


Perennials - Shady Spots

7 Expert Tips For Shade Garden Success

10 Best Shade Loving Plants for Your Garden


Ground Covers

Planting Guidelines for Groundcovers

8 of our Best Shade Loving Groundcovers

Best Groundcovers For Dry Shade

Trouble Free Shade Groundcover

Deer-Proof Ground Covers

Problem Solving Plants For Slopes & Banks

Groundcover Combinations for Sunny Areas

Plants that Can Take Foot Traffic

SedumSod®- Easy No Dig Garden


Hedge Plants

Thuja Trees - The Best Privacy Hedge Ever!

No More Nosy Neighbors

Problem Solving Plants for Privacy & Unslghtly Areas



5 Easy Flowering Shrubs For Your Garden

Best Drought Proof Shrubs

Miniature Butterfly Bush



Plant Specific Info

Butterfly Bush





Grasses, Ornamental


Groundcovers for Sunny Spaces

Groundcovers for Shady Spaces

Groundcovers in Areas with Deer

Groundcovers in with Foot Traffic

Hedge Plants





Knock Out Roses


Desiging a Specialized Garden

Gardening in Dry Areas

Gardening in Wet Areas

Container Gardening with Foolproof Sedum

Full Sun Gardening

Shade Gardening

Soil Challenges, Clay

Soil Challenges, acidic and alkaline soil

Gardening on a Slope

Gardening under Walnut Trees

Deer & Rabbit Resistant

Lawn Substitutions

Attracting butterflies and hummingbirds

Creating a fragrant garden

Containerized Gardening

Privacy Hedges


Seasonal Gardening

4 Tips for year Round Gardening

Simple Steps to an All Season Perennial Garden

Combining Perennials in Colorful & Creative Ways

5 Garden Tips for Successful Summer Planting

Benefits of Fall Planting

10 Top Garden Plants for Late Season Color

Hot Tips for Cool Fall Weather

Maintenance Tips 

12 Fall Maintenance Tips

Shrub Maintenance

When to Prune Shrubs 

Grooming Perennials

Overwintering Perennials in Containers