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As experienced horticultural professionals, we know that plant size really matters. At Great Garden Plants, you will find exceptional value and some of the best plants money can buy. Our robust 1 & 2-Quart sizes are substantially larger than most of the other major mailorder plant companies!

1-Quart Pot

1-Quart Pot

1-Quart pots – Most of our perennials & Roses are grown in this extra-deep 1-Quart pot to ensure that the roots have adequate space to expand. We chose this size with your success in mind. Many other mailorder plant nurseries ship in small, 2 1/2" pots, but we wanted to guarantee your success with Great Garden Plants material and get your garden off to a great start the first season!
2-Quart Pots – Most of our Flowering Shrubs, Hydrangeas, & Lilacs are in this extra-deep 2-Quart pot size because their roots require a larger growing area in relation to their tops. This larger container size makes establishment easier and quicker in your garden. Your chances for success greatly increase by planting a large, fully-rooted shrub into your landscape!

2-Quart Pot

2-Quart Pot

Eco-Plant Daylily


Eco-Root Daylily

• Eco-Root Daylily – Great Garden Plants has partnered with one of the world's largest & best producers of colorful, new Daylilies for American gardeners. This partnership allows us to sell freshly-dug, EXTRA-LARGE grade, bareroot daylilies direct from the field to your door!


Many other mailorder nurseries may store their Daylilies for 6 MONTHS or more in a cooler before the shrivelled up plants are sent to your garden.


But we at Great Garden Plants are committed to your success and will ship only the very freshest of Eco-Root Daylilies direct to your door!


Eco-Root Daylilies or bare root daylilies are earth friendly plants that are absent of any pot or soil and planted directly into the ground upon receipt. Eco-Roots represent significant cost savings up to 40% over container grown daylilies)

Our plants are guaranteed to perform!

We want more than anything for you to be satisfied with your purchase and be successful with the product that you buy from us. For that reason, every plant we ship is backed by our Amazing Triple Guarantee!

Our Greenhouses in February!
Our Greenhouses in February!

The Power of Our Roots!
The Power of Our Roots!