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Clay Busting Beauties for Cold Northern Climates

Zone 3 Perennial Gardening in Clay Soils

Kim is one of my best friends from college who made her home in northwest Minnesota.   My friend has many talents including weaving, quilting and knitting.  Recently, she has added perennial gardening (thanks to me) to one of her favorite pastime time hobbies. She recently shared some of her favorite perennials that have performed well in her clay soil and Zone 3 climate.
Some of her favorites include:
Echinacea (Coneflower)
Selection and Design Tips
Kim enjoys Hostas but does not have a lot of trees or shade on her 200+ acre farm. So upon my recommendation she purchased a few sun tolerant Hostas that she planted along the north and east side of her house. This is what she purchased:
Stained Glass
Sum & Substance
Daylilies are dependable, long lived and rugged performers for clay soil. By purchasing 3 varieties at 3 different bloom times she was able to extend the bloom time.This is what she purchased:
Kim is enjoying her new hobby and realizes that with the right selection of cold hardy plants that come back year after year, perennials are a wise and affordable investment