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Best new foliage EVER on a Heucherella!

Drought proof groundcover takes on heat & humidity of summer

Heucherella Solar Eclipse

The most amazing color for a shade groundcover

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Heucherella Solar Eclipse
Heucherella Solar Eclipse
Heucherella Solar Eclipse
Heucherella Solar Eclipse
Heucherella Solar Eclipse
Heucherella Solar Eclipse

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Mary's Pick

“I loved the picture - but thought - will this color hold during summer when other types sometime fade? 

 Indeed it does! Not only does it grow well, it maintained its charming color in heat & humidity!

If you love Heucheras like we do - this one is a must!!  Don't settle for a few in the garden, this is awesome in containers.

Heucherella Solar Eclipse

  •  We've NEVER seen anything like this!
  • Best foliage EVER on a new Heucherella
  • Evergreen in mild climates for year round beauty
  • Trouble-free shade groundcover
  • Thrives in heat & humidity
  • Shop All Colorful Heucheras

Zone 4,5,6,7,8,9 Blooms Early summer
16" x 16"

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Product: #HEUSE1Q
Pot Size: 1 Quart
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 We have NEVER seen anything like this new Solar Eclipse Heucherella & are simply amazed by its colorful foliage combination!

It's maroon leaves are edged with lime-green and this is proving to be a sensational New Shade Plant for the garden

This stunning foolproof perennial groundcover will grab your attention and rightly so. You will love how well it holds its amazing foliage color throughout the heat & humidity of summer.

Solar Eclipse boasts maroon-burgundy leaves with a lovely lime-green border.
You add beautiful scalloped leaves, attractive mounded form and great vigor in the garden and you've got it all in a shade perennial!

Heucherella is a cross between a Heuchera and a Tiarella.  They form a small mound of evergreen foliage with upright white flowers that bloom in spring.

Grow in part to full shade and protect from the hot afternoon sun particularly in southern climates.

Heucherellas prefer a rich, humusy, moisture-retentive soil. Enjoy this stunning color for edging a pathway. Pair with other Heucheras, Shade Ornamental Grasses, Hellebores, or beneath Shrubs.

Special Features: Accents, Alpine and Rock Garden, Border, Containers, Edging, Ground Cover, Massing, Small Spaces, Under planting, Woodland


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About Heucherella

Heucherella is an intergeneric hybrid between Heuchera x Tiarella. Heucherella retain some of the best traits of each genus, the flower and foliage color of Heuchera coupled with the unique leaf shapes, darker centers and winter color. The colorful red blotch will be more pronounced in cooler temperatures and may lighten in intensity during the summer. Heucherellas will be evergreen in climates with mild winters or semi-evergreen.

This superb introduction comes by way of Terra Nova Nurseries in Oregon