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Sempervivum Pacific Blue Ice (Hens & Chicks)
Customer Favorite!

Sempervivum Pacific Blue Ice (Hens & Chicks)

Pacific Blue Ice-Favorite Blue Hens & Chicks
Item: #SEMPB3P
ZONE 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,
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  • Pretty and colorful blue color
  • Customer & Staff Favorite!
  • Prolific grower with giant rosettes of soft blue-grey
  • Provides year-round color even in Zone 3 gardens
  • Evergreen drought proof groundcover
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    Sempervivum Pacific Blue Ice (Hens & Chicks) Description

    (Sempervivum, Hens &  Chicks, aka Chick Charms® Berry Blues™)

    What's not to love about Hens & Chicks? They are easy, colorful and adorable drought tolerant succulents that come in an array of textures, forms and color. Color on most if not all variieties, changes through as it response to temperature & heat.

    One of our all-time favorite among our  customers and staff is Pacific Blue Ice. This prolific grower has an icy blue color that intensifies during the cool weather.  A perfect evergreen plant for hot dry sites. Plant around cracks and crevices or along walkways or grace your containers with season long color, texture & interest.

    Hens and Chicks are comprised of one large "Hen" that typically grows 2-3" tall. They quickly form smaller rosettes around it called "Chicks" which can be plucked off.  As the Hen ages, it often dies out and is replaced by the Chicks. In summer, upright flower stalks rise as much as 12 inches above the foliage.

    Give them very little water and watch them thrive!  Hens and Chicks are the easiest plants to grow!  They are the happiest with neglect, full sun, and well drained soil.

    Special Features: Cold Hardy, Deer Proof, Drought Tolerant, Easy Care, Evergreen, Fast Growing, Heat Tolerant, Multi-Seasonal Interest, Winter Interest


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    Quick Facts

    • Botanical Name:
      Sempervivum 'Pacific Blue Ice'
    • Common Name:
      Hens & Chicks, Chick Charms® Berry Blues™
    • Zone:3,4,5,6,7,8,9
    • Sun Exposure:
      Sun to Light Shade
    • Delivery:
      See Schedule
    • Ship Form:
      3 1/2" pot
    • Soil Type:
      Normal, Sandy
    • Soil Moisture:
      Average, Dry
    • Height x Width:
      2" x 12"
    • Flower Color:
    • Foliage Color:
    • Bloom Season:
    • Uses:
      Alpine & Rock, Container Gardening, Edging, Ground Cover, Rock Garden, Small Spaces, Under Planting
    • Cannot Ship to:
      AK, CAN, HI, PR
    • Patent #:None

    Ideas and How-to's



    Soil: Must have very well-draining soil in order to thrive. Prefers well-draining compost with 25 to 50 % sand or other grit. Ideally the soil pH level should be neutral, between 6.6 and 7.5. The plant will grow in almost no soil in rocky crevices or walls. Tough in most respects, sempervivum will perish quickly if planted in poorly draining soil.
    Light: Best in full sun. Will tolerate light shade, but not deep shade.Water: Immediately after transplanting, water generously. After that let the soil dry out between watering. Once established, sempervivum is very drought tolerant, requiring little to no supplemental watering.
    Spacing: 6" - 12"
    Fertilizing: In average soil no fertilizer is really needed.
    Winterizing:  No special care needed. May suffer in rainy, wet winter weather. The majority of sempervivum are frost hardy but it you prefer to grow a variety that is not, plant it in a pot or flat and move indoors for winter.
    Maintenance & Pruning: Once a hen plant produces a chick, that chick will begin producing its own babies after only 1 season. Sempervivum plants generally only live for 3 years, so the plants have 2 productive years before they die. After 3 years and having produced many baby plants a Sempervivum grows a tall center stalk that blooms before the plant dies. Cutting off the center stalk will not prevent the plant from dying. Easily planted by dividing the chicks (offsets) in the spring or early summer, placing each chick in its own pot with a well-draining potting mixture. Use a pot with a hole in the bottom to ensure drainage. They can be cultivated in a lightly shaded section of a cold frame and then planted in the summer once the roots are established.