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Pink Ice Plant (Oscularia deltoides)

Pink Ice Plant (Oscularia deltoides)

Fast growing groundcover up to 2 feet wide!
ZONE 9,10
As low as $6.19
  • Charming, dusky blue crinkled leaves & bright pink stems
  • Spiller - spreads & drapes nicely down the sides of a pot
  • Almond scented pink blooms
  • Thrives in Heat & Humidity!
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Pink Ice Plant (Oscularia deltoides) Description

 Get ready to transform your container garden!  Pink Ice Plant is a must-have with its twisted texture, pleasing color and fast growth habit.

This tender succulent is a low growing evergreen groundcover. If you are in need of a trailing succulent that drapes nicely  over the side of a pot, then Pink Ice Plant is just the ticket.

Unusual, fleshy, triangular blue-green leaves crinkle and pucker in the most pleasing of ways.  The twisted leaves contrast nicely with pink stems.  

In mid spring, Pink Ice Plant is blanketed with stunning, almond scented pink days flowers.

Pink Ice Plant has low water needs and a trouble free performance. Their sturdy, substantial form won't wither in heat or humidity.

Guaranteed to transform any container garden where its foliage remains low growing and dense.

Grow Pink Ice Plant in full sun in extremely dry, well drained location.

Pink Ice Plant combines well with other Tender Succulents, drought proof perennials such as Sedums and Delosperma.

Special Features: Butterfly Lovers,Deer Resistant, Drought Tolerant, Easy Care, Evergreen, Fast Growing, Foliage Interest, Fragrance, Heat Tolerant, Indoor Growing, Long Blooming, Winter Interest

Quick Facts

Planting Info|

Planting Information

Succulents enjoy bright sunlight in the baking sun, where they will thrive in hot summer temperatures. It is best, when first taking a place outdoors to expose it to bright sunlight gradually to prevent sun scorch.

OUTDOOR: choose a sunny location. Check the soil and drainage. If the soil is not porous enough, add 3 inches of sand or other gritty material to increase drainage. Top the area with a layer of pebbles or small rocks to act as mulch.

INDOOR: The ideal condition for growing indoors will be in a bright light such as a south or east window, supplemented with extra hours of light under fluorescent tubes. Optimum length of light should be around 12-14 hours of light per day.

Ideas and How-to's



Soil: Well-drained soil enriched with organic matter. Plants prefer soil with a slightly acid to neutral pH.
Light: Phlox grow best in full sun (or partial shade in the South)
Water: Medium.
Spacing: 15 - 18 inches
Fertilizing: A general purpose slow-acting granular fertilizer worked into the soil around the plants in the spring is sufficient for phlox for the season.
Winterizing: No special care needed. Leave foliage standing in winter, and clean up spent foliage in spring.
Maintenance & Pruning: Cut back stems after flowering by 1/2. This will maintain dense growth and attractive habit for the summer months. This will also encourage some fall rebloom. Cut out any brown stems.