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As a general rule, the average spacing for perennials is 12" on center. See note below on Taller Plants

Low growing groundcovers (under 12") can be spaced closer for a quicker fill. If you are on a budget and are patient you can space them further apart.

Taller Plants, Shrubs
Take the mature width of the shrubs and space accordingly. In other words, if Knock Out roses grow 36 inches wide, plant it so that it is 36 inches away from the next roses. Each rose will spread 18 inches on each side. Space further apart to have space to walk between plants.

Hedge Plants & Thuja
If you are creating a hedge and the width of boxwood is 3 feet wide, rather than planting 3 feet apart, you may want to plant 2 feet apart to create a continue look and barrier.
Thuja Green Giant - Space 5-8 feet apart
Thuja Emerald - Space 3-4 feet apart

Refer to our QUICK FACTS BOX located in all our product pages for height & width information