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April 14, 2018

I wanted to express how pleased I was with my order that I receive this week.  The packing and roses were in perfect condition.  Our weather has been cold and rainy, but I look forward to a week or so of planting them. Thank you so much for all of the help I've received from your company, I will contact you again to let you know the progress of my roses!


Sharon W.

Dolton, IL


April 12, 2018

My plants just arrrived, and I have to let you know how PLEASED I am with the condition they arrived in! They look just as good as if I had gone to a gardening center and drove home with them. I have never received such beautiful plantts through the mail, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Shannon S.

Plano, TX


April 12, 2018

I just received my very first order ever from you yesterday.  To be honest, I was nervous about what I was going to receive.  Let me just say, that I was totally shocked when I opened my package from you!  I have never seen such meticulous care in packaging plants in my whole life.  I was then shocked a second time with the quality and health of these plants! Thank you to a great company delivering a great product!  Makes my heart happy to know that there are still good companies out there that care about their quality of work and delivering a great product to it's customers!  You should be very proud of yourself.

Donna J.

Ripley, ME


September 15, 2017

I just wanted to thank you for my beautiful plants. They are large, healthy and very well packed! I will order more from you in the future.

Colette A.

Bristol, RI


August 5, 2017

Please keep me on your email list. The plants that i bought from you are doing great. I especially loved the careful way you pack your plants . Very impressive plants . You are a very caring company and I am only going to purchase plants from you from now on.

E. Clark


June 2017

I received my order on schedule and was super pleased! I have ordered plants online before, including hostas and have always been somewhat disappointed. Paying top dollar and getting just a piece of a root or a tiny twig popping out of soil is frustrating. I ordered two hostas one for me and one for my daughters yard. I warned her that we might just get a plastic bag with a couple of roots in it. Instead you sent me beautiful, nice big plants with lots of fully developed leaves. I'm so happy. You can be sure I'll be ordering more and recommending you to all my garden loving friends.

Patricia M.

Muskegon, MI


May 2017

Thank you for your quick response and information. We appreciate your excellent customer service and the good quality of plants that we have received in all our orders.

John A.

Kingston, OK


June 16,2016

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing and beautiful, excellent quality plants I received from you. The front of my home faces northand I can never find beautiful shade plants in my local nurseries. The only mildly interesting plants I could ever find were Hostas. That is,until I find your website! I was so shocked that so many beautiful plants and flowers were available for shade! I've ordered plants online before and have always been disappointed. Ieither receive bare root plants that are dead by the time I receive them, or they're packaged so badly they arrive crushed and mangled, or they're so tiny they rarely take and when they do it takes forever to grow into something you can see. I was so shocked and surprised how beautiful the plants were that you shipped me! They were packaged really well, they were established, they were moist and in awesome condition! Thank you so much for providing such quality plants! You have earned yourself a customer for life! Keep up the great work and know that your efforts are appreciated. I feel it's important to let companies know when they're doing a great job and you guys are doing a STELLAR job. (And I've told ALL my friends and neighbors about your site!)

Kristen DeP,

Lindenhurst, HY


March 16, 2016

I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with my plants.  Your packaging is brilliant and the plants are of, obviously, high quality.  I had sworn to never buy live plants from Internet, again.  I had been so disappointed with the results of many previous orders from other vendors.  Somehow, I came across your Website, found just what I wanted, and took one last chance.

Joanna S.

Prescott, AZ


May 9, 2016

I can't believe the difference between you and other catalog or online garden companies, WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE. The quality of packing wand care given was fantastic. Plants were packaged tightly to prevent any shifting in transit. The plants were larger established plants with growth.

Carolynn D

Sutton, MA


July 16, 2016

Received our order yesterday ( 24 boxwood) and was blown away at the quality. We ordered a few boxweeods from another on-line company to compaire as they were a little cheaper, but the quality was significantly inferior. Glad we went with you guys.

Scott G

Brockport, NY


May 15, 2016

Please let everyone know that I received my order today – and these plants were by far the largest and most healthy I have ever received.  Quality plants, Quality shipping materials – I am soooooo happy with them – and Great Garden Plants as a whole!!!

Cheryl B.

St. Augustine, IL


July 12, 2016

Just wanted to let you know that all of my plants are doing very well. We placed a rather large order that arrived in the beginning of July. Only one plant did not make it and you were quick to correct that by sending us a new one. All of my nepeta walkers low are doing fantastic. The ones facing the north have grown 3 times the size that they were in only 1 month. They are covered in purple blooms already too. I water everything everyday and watch all of my beautiful plants continue to grow bigger and bigger. Ican't wait to see how big they get next summer.

Leah K,

Sussex, WI


June 2016

Okay, this is my first order from your nursery— and my initial words upon opening the freight boxes was — wow! What a terrific packaging plan.  Then I saw the plants and was equally impressed with their quality and how they were each carefully prepped for shipping.  You’ve got me for a repeat customer!  Keep up the great work— it’s hard to find nurseries that do what you do— I know, I’ve had my share of “oh well, money lost on that order :-( “ before— but not this time :-)

Gordon L

Annnapolis, MD


September, 2016

After I received my shipment of Ajuga plants, I just had to send you a comment about the plants.  The quality of the plants far surpassed my expectations and are so much better than any other plants that I have received from other companies.  The plants are so hardy and twice the size that I expected.  And I can't say enough about the packaging.  The potted plants were snugly secure in their plastic sleeves and in the cardboard cylinders within the box.  There wasn't a grain of loose dirt in that entire box.  And that's traveling from your facility to North Carolina.  Without a doubt, when it comes time to order more plants, I will be placing my order with your company and will recommend you to all my neighbors.  Thank you for caring.

Susan D

Clayton NC


June 25, 2015

I spend much of my summers buying plants online and seeing which of them I can rescue for my city garden. There is no issue with rescue with the plants I purchased from Great Garden Plants. They are beautiful.

It is clear that everyone involved--those who plant, those who harvest, those who pack--take great pride in their work, and are skilled at it. I am so very pleased, and wanted you to know.

Thank you so much.

Janice W.
Washington, DC

June 17, 2015

Hi, Just wanted to let you know we received our order today and they're awesome! We ordered 25 from Thuja Gardens last year and half of them died.

They, Thuja Gardens, claim to replace them up to 18 months no matter what, ha, try to get them to stand by that, we wasted our money. You have to dig them up and pay shipping, by the time you do that you might as well order from someone else, so that's what we did and glad we did!

What a difference in the quality. Wanted to share that with you........thanks!

Cheryl H.
Edwardsburg, MI



June 17, 2015

I just received another great shipment from you… having moved to a new property I have bought a lot of plants, but what you sell , the size, and shipping are the best. I am a loyal customer.

Cheryl McG.
Clarendon Hills, IL

June 14, 2015

 Dear Great Garden Plants,

 just wanted to thank you for the amazing and beautiful, excellent quality plants I received from you. The front of my home faces north and I can never find beautiful shade plants in my local nurseries. The only mildly interesting plants I could ever find were Hostas. That is, until I find your website! I was so shocked that so many beautiful plants and flowers were available for shade!

I've ordered plants online before and have always been disappointed. I either receive bare root plants that are dead by the time I receive them, or they're packaged so badly they arrive crushed and mangled, or they're so tiny they rarely take and when they do it takes forever to grow into something you can see.

I was so shocked and surprised how beautiful the plants were that you shipped me! They were packaged really well, they were established, they were moist and in awesome condition! Thank you so much for providing such quality plants! You have earned yourself a customer for life! Keep up the great work and know that your efforts are appreciated. I feel it's important to let companies know when they're doing a great job and you guys are doing a STELLAR job. (And I've told ALL my friends and neighbors about your site!)

Thank you again!

Sincerely, Your New Favorite Customer,

Kristen DeP.
Lindenhurst, NY

May 21, 2015

I received my order today and was, as usual, thrilled with the plants.

They were large and healthy, beautifully packaged and preserved for secure and safe shipping (I live on Cape Cod Massachusetts)

Great Garden Plants, you are a superior company to deal with and your products are excellent as is your service!

I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks again!

Philip G.
Mashpee, MA

May 21, 2015

The plants arrived in the morning of May 20, and were in the ground by evening. They were in perfect shape, and I must say, I have never seen better packaging.

You have a first class operation!

Bob A.
Maryville, TN

May 20, 2015

Hello Mary, I just received my plants and I am absolutely thrilled!!! I've never ever had mail away plants look as amazing as these plants do.

They are huge, well packaged, and perfect in every way!!! Would you please put my name on your mailing list for future plants. Thank you so VERY much for these fabulous plants!

Great job!

Ann T.
Hillsborough, NH


May 20, 2015

Dear Pam:

I was so pleased with the plants that I ordered from you. They were larger than I expected and so healthy! I was not able to plant them right away due to a cold snap, and they remained in excellent condition until I was able to plant them. They are all growing well. I would recommend your plants to everyone and will definitely order from you again.


Cheryl B.
St. Augustine, IL

May 20, 2015

Thank you, Great Garden Plants!

I am so pleased by the 24 Thuja Green Giant plants I received from you a few weeks ago.

When they were delivered -- upside down, in spite of your "up-arrows" -- I worried that they might be damaged. But when I opened the boxes, I could hardly believe how well they had been packaged. Hard to believe, but they all seemed fine.

Within a few days, after digging and preparing the holes, I managed to plant them. They are now thriving, with no sign of shock, and are definitely a gracious full-size (3 ft. +) as promised!

Thank you again!

Belmont, MA

May 18, 2015

Received my order this past week and all in the ground as of Saturday.

No one ships better or delivers better plants for the money than you folks. Excellent condition upon arrival and size of plants above most other nurseries I have used.

Have and will continue to recommend you whenever the subject of plants come up.


Harold S.
West Bend, WI



May 18, 2015

Oh my!!!! The plants are definitely worth the wait. I have two 500+ sq foot shade gardens that have been ongoing for several years and are FULL as in little space available. Nearly all of the plants have been ordered online.

These are without a doubt the best plants I have ever received. I wish I had ordered all of my plants from you. I can not tell you how much money I have wasted on other nursery orders over the years. I am actually getting ready to place another order with you.

Mary J.
Wilmington, NC



May 12, 2015

Hi Pam,

I received the hydrangea last week, it's beautiful, so much larger. I want to thank you very much for sending this replacement to me. Great customer service. I will be ordering from you again.

Thank you,

Pelham, NH

May 8, 2015

Mary, I received my plants yesterday and was thrilled and absolutely amazed at how well they were packaged. I've ordered from you in the past but thought I should send you KUDOS! I've also referred several of my friends to your site.

Great job and many thanks!

Joyce K.
Moline, IL

May 8, 2015

Dear Friends,

Your box just arrived with my two ordered hellebores, and I opened it immediately. It looked as if the plants had been dug less than an hour ago, and were in perfect condition. I’ve already planted them and am certain that they will be beautiful.

I know that complaints are more common than compliments, so I just wanted you to know I am very happy with my purchase, and will certainly order from you again if I find I have more room in the shade!

Have a good weekend,

Bess K.
Denver, CO


May 7, 2015

I didn't see a place on your website to leave a review, but I wanted to let you know that I was extremely pleased with my recent order. I'm a first time buyer from Great Garden Plants and actually stumbled across your site when I was searching for drought tolerant plants for my landscaping.

I purchased four Echinaceas and received them yesterday. I've ordered from on-line garden centers before and what I receive is usually one stem with a few roots attached. What I received from you was more like what I would purchase from a brick and mortar nursery! My plants even already had blooms on them!

I was also impressed with the packaging of my plants. The whole experience, from ordering to planting, was superb! I really appreciate your detailed description of each plant with everything one needs to know to have a successful outcome. I will not hesitate one moment in ordering from you again.

Please feel free to use my comments on your website from a very satisfied customer!

Thank you!

Janice F.
Wichita, KS


May 6, 2015


Thanks again,

Patricia W.
Richmond, VA

April 27, 2015

I just wanted to email to tell you how happy I am (thrilled really) with the primula bellarina primrose I purchased!

These are the largest, healthiest and robust plants I have ever ordered through the mail. In fact, these plants are larger than those I can purchase at my local nursery. I am totally happy with my new plants and I will be a future customer. Thank you very much!


Sandra E.
Roy, UT

April 8, 2015

 Hi Pam!

Please let everyone know that I received my order today – and these plants were by far the largest and most healthy I have ever received. Quality plants, Quality shipping materials – I am soooooo happy with them – and Great Garden Plants as a whole!!! The only negative is that I want to plant them right now, but it is raining at the moment.

If you ever need a testimonial, I would be most happy to provide one.

Thank you for everything!

Cheryl B.
St Augustine, IL


April 6, 2015


My plants arrived and I am VERY happy. I recently ordered plants from another online retailer, but your packaging, plant size and health were far superior! I appreciate you taking the time and care required to ensure I have a great garden. I am a fan.

Thank you,

The Geschwender Family
Napa, CA


October 17, 2014

 Hi Great Garden Plants,

I wanted to let you know that I just received my plants and I am extremely impressed with the quality and care put into packaging and shipping my order to me. I have recently ordered from a different nursery and was extremely disappointed in the packaging and shipping of the plants; the majority of the plants were crushed and brown/dead or dying. I will definitely be ordering from you again. Great job.


Dorothee J.


October 8, 2014

 Hello Allyson and Manager,

I just had to tell you how pleased I am with the way my plants have responded in their new surroundings. I am extremely pleased and the folks at great garden plants are doing everything right. I am an internet shopper and you have won a customer for life. Thanks for providing an unsurpassed service!!!


Michelle B.
Warrenton, NC

August 28, 2014


I just wanted to drop you a big "WOW" & Thank you for the beautiful trees! This is my third year watching these trees grow & I'm amazed at how fast & full they are coming along. I have about 25 of them & they are already up to & above my 5 & 6 foot fence. I visit your site often & look forward to my next purchase.

Thanks again,

Cheryl J.
Norton, OH


June 27, 2014


My plants arrived yesterday and it was packaged very nicely. The plants looked gorgeous and healthy. I'm so happy and excited to add these to my garden. I can't wait to order many more plants from The Great Garden Plants! You indeed have the great garden plants ;0). I've ordered plants before from other places and this is the first I've been very happy with them!

Thank you!

Woodbridge, VA

 June 26, 2014

Dear Great Garden Plants:

I am an avid gardener who regularly buys plants--- Other women buy shoes, I buy plants!!!

Anyway, I ordered from you for the first time, and I needed to send you this email to tell you how pleased I am with my purchase of 14 hydrangeas. I have never been so impressed with mail order nursery stock-- your packaging was EXCELLENT.

The plants are LARGE and HEALTHY, and arrived in perfect condition despite being shipped during end-of-June heat. The careful packaging just floored me!!!! I can’t wait to spread the word to my plant-loving friends about your business, and I can’t wait to order again! THANK YOU!!!!

Adrienne V.
East Haddam, CT

 June 19, 2014

My name is Tressa S. and you just sent me over 18 plants in the mail and I just have to tell you that I am so impressed with what you sent!!! I have been order plants on and off for years and I have to say that these are by far the best packaged and best looking plants I have ever received. They are like I just walked down to the garden supply store and picked them up.

Thanks so much for the wonderful products, I will be purchasing from you in the future. If you have a catalog, I would love to get one. If not, I will go online and browse. WE just purchased 18 acres and are in the process of filling it with plants, trees and grasses. Again, thank you for the exceptional plants.

Tressa S.
Marble Falls, TX

June 18, 2014

Hi folks at Great Gardens,

I was very pleased with the honeysuckle vine ordered and received today. It is a good size and was in very good condition upon delivery. Still hydrated and leaves on plant were well protected. I will definitely order from your company again.

Thanks for doing a great job with shipping.

Sherry W.
Mishawaka, IN

June 12, 2014


Received our order yesterday (24 boxwoods) and was blown away at the quality. We ordered a few boxwoods from another on-line company to compare as they were a little cheaper, but the quality was significantly inferior. Glad we went with you guys.


Scott G.
Brockport, NY

 June 7, 2014

A note to say thank you for your excellent customer service during my recent order of Tomato Soup Echinacea. I received my plants today & I have NEVER received such healthy, beautiful, & meticulously packed plants! The quality of the echinacea is the best.

I have ordered from several companies over the years, but have never received plants with the quality, reasonable pricing, & excellent packing as yours. From now on, your company will be the ONLY company I purchase all my garden plants from. Thank you so much for your great customer care & service, it is exceptional!


Marlyce H.
Colorado Springs, CO



June 6, 2014

Hi! I just placed an order today for 3 types of sedum. I had to let you know that last year I ordered one of your sedum sod rectangles. I cut it up in little squares and planted it in various parts in one section of my yard. The sedum is going great --- lush and spreading nicely. I can't wait to get the 3 new versions to add to what's been planted. I have a semi-shady area between my driveway and a brook that I'm trying to fill in with a variety of sedum.

Your plants are so healthy when they arrive. Thanks for helping me add different types of sedum to my yard.

Happy Gardening...

Barbara J.
North Plainfield, NJ

 May 26, 2014

Dear GGP friends,

My order just arrived yesterday, and I just had to write and thank you. Not only was the delivery prompt and very well packed, but the vivaciousness of the plants themselves made opening each box a pleasant surprise.

Everything was fresh enough to practically walk out of the box on their own, and the soil and root balls were still quite moist, which seems to have all but eliminated any shipping trauma.

I'm already looking forward to my next order ... as soon as my spouse lets me have the credit card back. :))

Antonio D.
Vashon, WA

May 23, 2014

I just wanted to contact you and let you know that my roses were received in great shape - your packing was tremendous. The roses are now in their new bed and blooming profusely.

Thank you again and have a great holiday and summer season.

 Sharon S.
Southhampton, NJ

May 22, 2014

 Hi, Just wanted to let you know that you guys are spectacular; your products NEVER disappoint and always come looking alive and ready to grow.

You will continue being the garden center of choice.

Thank you,

Eleanor F.
Levittown, NY



May 21, 2014


Rec'd. Our ordered roses today. Could not believe how wonderfully secure they were shipped. Arrived without any damage to plants/boxes.

Thank you. You have a new customer.

Keep up the great work.

Debra A.
Redkey, IN



May 21, 2014


I have received my plants from you and just wanted to let everyone there know that I am very happy with the way it was shipped and the quality of the plant... "Exceptional"

Thank you very much.....

 Danny W.
Atlanta, GA

May 6, 2014


Hello Megan,

I received the below plants today! They are just as advertised and not bare rooted, Real plants!!!

I'm so impressed that I placed another order this afternoon, you can send them anytime, the sooner the better.

Thank You Again,

Ross D.
Batavia, IL

April 27, 2014

 Our order has arrived and I am so impressed with the quality of the plants and the great packing. This was our first order and it will not be our last.

I have never received such healthy, large plants and shrubs from any other mail order company - ever! Great job.

Mary Lou C.
Attica, OH



April 24, 2014

Good Afternoon. I received my order yesterday. I could not believe how well it was packaged.

The Midnight Ruffles far beats any expectation that I might have had by size and beauty. I have never bought a new plant and had it in ‘full’ bloom when I received it.

Shirley B.
Delmar, NY


April 4, 2014

Got my order today and wanted to write and say how much I appreciated getting an order will large, well established plants.

I will put you on my bookmark for future purchases.

Herb R.
Corvallis, OR



March 13, 2014

 I just received my plants today. What a surprise at the excellent condition of the plants. Shipping containers were perhaps a bit of over kill, but what great plants.

Great job to all the staff and a great big Thank You.

 Richard T.
Panama City, FL


January 21, 2014


I absolutely LOVE the hellebores I got from your company. The weather is crazy weird this winter in California, (even though we are in the north), my plants all think it is spring.

The hellebores have at least quadrupled in size since I planted them. The shipment was packaged so nice and secure. All plants arrived safely.

Deanne C.
Magalia, CA

July 18, 2013


Hi, my order arrived yesterday and I have to tell you that it was packaged extraordinarily well and even with the high temperatures and humidity we have had in the past few days, the flowers were in gorgeous shape and looked beautiful.

The FedEx guy even laid the boxes down on their sides on my front porch, and none of them were damaged at all. They looked so wonderful--strong sturdy plants and some with blooms and buds on them---part of my order was for my best friend and I was so pleased to give her such good-looking plants... just wanted you to know that both my friend and I are only going to order from your company from now on. Thank you again so much.

 Roberta N.
Huntington, WV



July 16, 2013


Your plants are the very best. I found u by chance on Internet searching for particular plants. They are the perfect size and were packed expertly. I was very impressed and will continue ordering from u. Even after the plants got nibbled by rabbits, I put wire cages around them and they came back hardy and healthy. Again, thanks for the great plants!

 Laura M.
Allen, TX


June 27, 2013


I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your company. I placed a big order for 70 Thuja Emerald trees and every single one of them arrived healthy and beautiful. Even the men I had planting them remarked how healthy they looked and couldn't believe I had them shipped from another state.

I was afraid the plants might arrive all smashed and broken up and out of their pots due to shipping but you packaged them so well that despite some of the boxes being turned on their side and upside down all of the plants (and soil) remained intact and in their pots.

It's sad to say but it's very rare that you find a company today that takes such pride and care in their work as your company so when I find one that does, I like to make sure that they know it.


 Lisa P.
Aldan, PA



June 6, 2013

 Hello ~

I just wanted to let you know that I received my Helleborus order yesterday and the plants were PERFECT!!!!

Wow! WONDERFUL quality...... GREAT packaging......

I've ordered from your company before and always get great plants, just thought you should know that once again, I was VERY pleased with my order!!!



Susan P.
Allegany, NY

May 28, 2013


Our plants came Fed Ex in very good shape. I was pleased with your communications updating me - from "order" to “shipping". I certainly will tell others of your healthy plants and your careful packaging care which enabled them to travel safely. Your catalogs are a source of perennial plants I can't find in the nurseries around me. I especially like the catalog that pictures flowering plants that thrive in sun and tolerates dry moisture.

Thank you.

Virginia S.
Greenville, IL



May 18, 2013


Wow!!! I received my first order from Great Garden Plants on Thursday. For many years I have ordered perennials online as I liked the convenience of reading the information (information that isn't often available when I visit a local nursery) and thinking about the plants. I also like trying new varieties which aren't always available locally. But I also often received bare root plants that had been in transit for nearly a week or longer.

When I paid extra for second-day air, the plants would be shipped on Friday so that the second-day air really meant 5 days as Saturday and Sunday didn't count! So I nearly swore off ever buying plants online again.

Your plants arrived the third day after shipping (and shipping was free) and are mighty healthy and vigorous looking! They were nicely packed (no plastic peanuts) and looked like I had picked them up from a local nursery. I expected much smaller plants (like what I have received from the other online nursery).

I am so happy to have found a nursery that ships quality plants and that doesn't ship them bare root or by pony express! Thank you!


Mary F.
Colbert, WA




April 29, 2013


Absolutely the best!

I live in a rural area and order many things over the net.I have ordered many plants and seeds from various places over the last 20 years and I have not always been happy when the product is delivered. Many "live" plants have arrived DEAD, however the plants I received from you arrived looking like I just bought them from a local nursery.(if i had a local nursery) Your unique packing is awesome and every plant is healthy and beautiful not some scrawny half dead seedling. I will never order from any other company, you are the best. Thank you for being one of those rare companies that deliver exactly what is promised!


Cindy K.
Big Pine, CA



April 13, 2013

 ;Hi Mary,

Ordering plants over the internet I thought would be dangerous but what the heck, I will give them a try. OH MY!!! The plants that I received were beautiful and lush. Packed so well that I had a hard time shaking them out of the packaging. I was so pleased and cannot wait to plant them once the Ohio weather decides to go to springtime.

I will be ordering again. Thank you for being the type of business that makes your trade proud.

Thank you,

Cheryl B.
Coldwater, OH



April 11, 2013


Mary, et all. Please let the powers that be that all the plants arrived in perfect condition. I couldn't be more satisfied. It's a pleasure to receive REAL plants! I'm recommending you to the local garden club and others. Thanks for a great experience, and I WILL be back.



Doug C.
Center Harbor, NH


April 3, 2013



My Knock Out Roses arrived today in perfect condition, probably because they were so well packed. I've purchased from several mail-order plant houses and your service is the best I've seen.



Nick B.
Durham, NC

October 15, 2012


Just wanted to say thanks for the great service, I'm kinda new to the flower garden, plant mostly vegetables. So, I decided to give flowers a try. Shopped around on-line, (more choices of plants, over local nurseries). I found Great Garden Plants and the service-shipping time-quality of plants are great. So, I just wanted to say thank you for a great planting season, kinda liking this flower thing along with friends and neighbors.

I told everybody that asked where I got them from!

Thanks again,

Paul S.
West Mifflin, PA



September 27, 2012


I was a little nervous ordering flowers on the internet but I recieved my Coreopsis order today and was very pleased. They arrived packaged so nicely and in very good shape, they look strong and healthy. I am following the instructions and looking forward to seeing their beauty next spring.

Thank you so much,

Norma H.
Green River, UT


September 12, 2012

 I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with my order for 62 Thuja Green Giants. They were shipped to my door with not one of them damaged in any way. They were also lush green and very healthy.

They look so good that my neighbor asked me to order some for him. We have ordered 35 more.

Thanks so much, and great job!

Dave S.
Huntsburg, OH


June 8, 2012


My plants just arrived, and they knocked my socks off. They were much bigger than I've gotten from other vendors and they were well packed.

I'm buying only from you folks from now on.

Many thanks,

 Tom G.
Lakeport, CA


June 6, 2012

 Hello garden friends. I have just received my first order of lovely plants. I am delighted to report that they all arrived in great shape. Your boxing method is ingenious, nary a single branch broken on any of the ten bushes.

I will definitely bump Great Garden Plants up to the top of my favorite plant dealers list. Thank you for a quality job, fast shipments, and plump healthy plants.

 Dr. Bonita R.
Knoxville, TN


June 6, 2012


Hello, Thanks for the beautiful and healthy KnockOut Roses received today in excellent condition. I can’t wait to plant them in my garden.

Looking forward to ordering more plants from your company...


Onelia W.
Brooklyn, NY



June 5, 2012

Just wanted to tell you how pleased we were with the order we received from you. We decided to try a few different online nurseries to order from.

Yours had the best plants, including healthiness, packing, etc.

Thank you,

 Don B.
Kewanee, IL