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Fall-Top Plants for Glorious Fall Color

Fall-Top Plants for Glorious Fall Color

Fall is a spectacular time of year for gardening. The weather is cooler and much more comfortable to be outside so it's a great time to get out and enjoy your garden. As a seasoned gardener, Mary has tried hundreds of perennials over the years and have put together top tried & true garden plants for late summer color that have not only stood the test of time, but offer long lasting blooms & rich colors that compliment the fall season.
Sedum autumn joy (or stonecrop) really tops off the list as a showstopper and a must for any perennial garden.  It's rugged succulent stature stays neat & tidy. By late summer pink flower heads begin to color up and gradually turn a coppery color befitting the  fall season . Many gardeners prefer to leave the flower stalks on thru the winter.  Our favorite for Sedum groundcovers is the yellow evergreen foliage of Angelina which takes on tinges of orange in the fall
Ornamental grasses add height & texture to the perennial garden. Miscanthus literally steals the the fall show with its texture and stately plumes.  Pennisetum or Fountain Grass has a graceful look with arching foliage that turn golden brown in the fall.
Rudbeckia or black eyed Susan boasts golden yellow daisy flowers lasting from July-October  Dark green foliage turns a mahogany color in fall.  Nothing is more beautiful in late summer than drifts of Goldsturm Rudbeckia.
Perovskia or Russian sage is a woody-sub-shrub with fragrant long stems of lavender blue flowers with scented gray foliage. Wonderful in bloom and highly drought proof. 
Oakleaf hydrangeas are some of the best overall shrubs for the garden.  Oak-leaf types turn a beautiful burgundy color and the bark is interesting too! 
Buddleia or butterfly bush is a deciduous shrub blooming up to 3 months The arching stems have long cone shaped flowers that butterflies & hummingbirds love.  Easy to grow. Thrives in all-day sun.

Burning bush or euonymus alatus ‘Compactus' is a fast growing hedge plant that grows up to 5' high & 5' wide. Green foliage takes on a fire-engine red color on this deciduous shrub.

Caryopteris or blue mist shrub has fragrant foliage & flowers. Deer-proof & drought tolerant, late summer brings on numerous fragrant blue flowers just when your garden needs that burst of late season color.
Asters are known for the late season charm.  Wood's Light Blue is an easy care sun-loving groundcover growing 12-18" high.  
Coreopsis or tickseed boasts late season color.  They combine well with shrubs and medium size perennials.

It takes awhile in the fall for the ground to cool down.  The warm soil helps roots become established and plants will have a head start for spring.