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Getting Started with Perennials

Getting Started with Perennials

The basics of gardening are like the comforts of home. You want a garden that is rejuvenating and a place to relax in. You want an opportunity to express your creativity. You need to ask yourself a few questions. What colors do you like? What is your style? How much time do you have for gardening? Are you starting a new garden or revitalizing an existing one? You have a lot of choices so here are some gardening tips on how to proceed.

Map it out. What's your purpose? Is it within view of windows, or a patio? Are you extending your living space? How do you plan to use the garden?

Consider the use of color. Colors can exert a powerful influence on your mood and overall outlook. Warm shades such as reds (daylilies) and yellow (coreopsis) are energizing. A palette of blues (hostas) and greens (fern) can have a restful effect thus becoming an ideal place to meditate or relax.

Create a workable plan. Great Garden Plants wants you to be successful, so we've created some workable combinations and garden solutions created by gardeners for gardeners. At Great Garden Plants we share our experience and knowledge with plants that we know, and help define your style with inspiring collections.

Have fun making your own combination. Gardening is a way to tap into your creative instincts and develop your own personal style. There is no right way or wrong way to garden. Gardening is about you and the plants you love.