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Tips on Watering

Tips on Watering

Keep a close eye on newly planted perennials the first growing year. Most early plant loss is due to too much, or too little water. The soil should be moist, but not soaking wet the first two weeks after planting. For the next couple of weeks, water when soil 2 inches below the surface is dry to the touch. After that, check the soil once a week, and water if it is dry 3 or 4 inches deep.

Water slowly and deeply rather than frequently and shallowly to encourage deep, durable root systems. A good rule of thumb is many perennials grow well with 1 inch of water per week from natural rainfall, or from irrigation. One of the best ways to water perennials in dry summer regions is with water-conserving soaker hoses.

Water drips slowly from the "leaky" hose directly onto the soil right around plant roots for several hours. The water then moves down through the soil to plant roots without any waste, and the tops of plants stay dry, thus reducing the chance of disease problems that occur when plant foliage stays wet.
Tip: Succulents such as delosperma, sempervivum & sedums need to be kept dry - do not over water. Make sure they have excellent drainage

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