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Why Perennials

Why Perennials

The merits of gardening with perennials

Perennials are prized for both their flowers and foliage, thus providing countless combinations and endless variety in color, texture, shape and size.

Perennials offer color year after year

Perennials have a minimum lifespan of more than two years.  The lifespan of a perennial beyond this can vary greatly.  Some sun perennials and shade perennials can span generations, and others have a short lifespan

Great garden design uses perennials

Perennials represent the core components of your garden and offer stylish solutions that fit your lifestyle, budget and personality.  Shade perennials like Hostas and ferns are practical solutions for areas in the garden where there is little light. Daylilies, daisies, and other sun perennials represent a class of plants that in ideal conditions can live and bloom many years, thus becoming a sound economic investment.

More about perennials

Unlike shrubs and trees, perennials do not have woody parts.  Some perennials will die completely down to the ground (or go dormant) after the end of the growing season, then reappear at the start of the next.  Certain plants such as Heucheras remain semi-evergreen, retaining a portion of their foliage during the winter.  Last, there is the evergreen group, such as Iberis and Phlox subulata which retains its foliage throughout the winter months.
While most perennials share the common trait of coming back year after year, there are differences between species.  These differences include flowering season, heat tolerance, winter hardiness, life span and perennial grown for foliage instead of or in addition to flowers.

Perennials have come a long way baby!

Perennials have come a long way from their origins thanks to plant selection and breeding that bring us more desirable qualities in plants. Newer forms of  heuchera, echinacea, and hellebores are dynamite. Some of these improvements include: Insect and disease resistance, habit and forms, length of flowering, flower color, flowering form, foliage color, & size

Garden design opportunities

There are countless and creative opportunities to use perennials in a wide variety of settings.  At Great Garden Plants we offer simple solutions with our Collections.

You will fine the experts at Great Garden Plants!

At Great Garden Plants, we are the perennial plant experts! We look forward to sharing the latest new plants, trends, information and helpful tips that will make your gardening experience the most enjoyable ever!