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Groundcovers - Durable Plants for Foot Traffic, Crevices, Nooks & More!

Groundcovers - Durable Plants for Foot Traffic, Crevices, Nooks & More!

For those tough areas between flagstones, or crevices there are a select group of groundcover plants that work well for this area.  You will find them very effective for also discouraging weeds while adding beauty to your garden.   Make sure to select the right plant for light & water requirements.  These plants will take varying degrees of foot traffic.
Ajuga Black Scallop or Ajuga Chocolate Chip
Bugleweed or Ajuga is an evergreen groundcover with blue flowers in spring
Great for: Sun or Shade, beneath trees, lawn substitute, pathways, nooks, accents, containers.
Tolerates:  Dry Shade, Moist Shade
Anacyclus depressus
Mt. Atlas Daisy with attractive fern like foliage
Great for:  Sun,Dry, gritty areas, hot pathways, Rock Gardens, Edging, Small Spaces
Tolerates:  Deer, Drought, Heat
Isotoma fluviatilis
Blue Star Creeper - Blooms all Summer Long - #1 Best Seller
Great for: Sun or Shade, Lawn substitute, Stepping Stones, Ponds, Patios, Containers, Crevices, Rock Garden, pathways
Tolerates: Deer, Drought, Rabbits, Pests
Lysimachia  Aurea
Creeping Jenny (Evergreen)- super fast spreading, root at each node and hug the ground
Great for:  Shade, Retaining walls, crevices, dry shade, moist shade, woodland area, accent, containers, lawn substitute
Tolerates:  Moisture
Mazus reptans
Low growing, fast spreading groundcover
Great for:  Sun-Part Shade, Beneath shrubs, stones, small scale lawn substitute, patios, curbside
Tolerates:  Moisture
Sagina subulata  and Sagina subulata Aurea
Great for:  Shade-Part Shade, Moist, well drained areas, Woodland Areas, Containers
Tolerates:  Moist Shade
Easy, INSTANT groundcover!
Great for:  Sun-Part Shade, Lawn Substitute, flagstones, pavers, Patio, Slopes, DIY projects
Tolerates:  Drought, Heat
  Thymus wooly
Great for:  Sun, Crevices, retaining walls, rock garden, curbside, Slopes, Pathways, Patio, Lawn substitute, containers
Tolerates:  Drought
Veronica Waterperry Blue
Great for:  Sun, Part Shade, Beneath Trees, Shrubs, slopes, retaining walls, rock garden, containers,
Tolerates:  Drought, Dry Shade