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Sedumsod - Drought Proof Lawn Alternative needs no mowing!

Sedumsod - Drought Proof Lawn Alternative needs no mowing!

Sedumsod® is a gardener's dream when it comes to a Dig Free GardenTM. Enjoy instant beauty and quick results with this easy to install sun loving ground cover. No other ground cover that we know of is truly that easy to install & enjoy.

New size!  SedumSod® is a 10"×10″ mat comprised of the right balance of soil along with up to 10 time tested groundcover sedums that result in a tapestry of color for a sunny area of your garden.

Sedums have minimal water needs and thrive in areas where other plants fail. They perform their best in full sun to part shade. Their colors are more vibrant when planted in an area that receives a minimum of 4 hours of sun a day. They require little water once established, and are content in poor to average soil with good drainage.

All you need to do is loosen the soil up, rake area smooth, remove sedum mat from tray, press it down on soil and water lightly.

SedumSod® can be cut to fit in between stepping stones, or other tight spaces. There are many container DIY uses for SedumSod® to liven up a patio, or front entryway.

There are no maintenance requirements, or a need to fertilize. Welcome to easy gardening!

Use chart below to figure out the quantity of mats for square foot of area

Area of coverage for a 10x10" mat

AREA Qty of Mats
100 sq feet 144
200 sq feet 288
500 sq feet 720
1000 sq feet 1440
1500 sq feet 2131