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Thuja Green Giant-Quick Growing Privacy Barrier

Thuja Green Giant-Quick Growing Privacy Barrier

Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae is an evergreen tree from the cypress family. They leaves are soft to the touch. Thuja Green Giant has a strong root system that holds trees upright in strong wind & snow. Roots are deep (not shallow rooted) and it keeps its dark green color all winter. Green Giant does not turn tan/brown during the winter months like other evergreens.

Why Thuja Green Giant?

Privacy – Quick growing privacy barrier. Shaped like a column – so it gives you complete privacy with no gaping holes.

Grows tall - Green Giant can grow up to 50 feet tall

Save $$ --Get the privacy you want for a fraction of what a fence would cost.

Fast growing – This is the fastest evergreen we know of – growing up to 3 feet a year.

Deer Resistant – deer will browse – but they don’t like it

Grows almost anywhere – highly adaptable to different soils

Growth – The first year after planting you can expect 12-18” of growth while they are establishing their root systems.  The second year they’ll put on 2-3’ of growth. Third year should be 3’ of growth.

Easily Pruned – Thujas can be pruned to any desired height- even 6-10’ feet tall.

Disease Resistant – Resistant to bagworms and other diseases than commonly affect Leyland Cypress

Spacing -  6 feet apart – straight rows or staggered 

Fertilizer – To encourage optimum growth each year, we recommend fertilizing every April 15th with 1-2 tablespoons of a slow-release fertilizer like Osmocote.  This gets them off to a great start in late spring and keeps feeding them through the entire season.

Not generally available in local garden centers.

Want something shorter?  Try Thuja Emerald - at only 7-8 feet tall or Thuja Wintergreen at 25 feet tall.