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"I want something easy to grow, low maintenance, shade loving AND has color all season!" 
We get this question a lot.  Fortunately, there is an easy answer and that is HEUCHERA! Heucheras will offer you all that, plus more!  Easy to grow in sand or clay, alkaline or acid soil, and are salt tolerant!
Heucheras form attractive mounds with an average spread of 12-18", making them ideal for edging beneath taller shrubs, used as a groundcover, or placed in front of the perennial border.  They punctuate the garden border with a pleasing array of vibrant colors, and work well in bringing out the colors and textures of the plants around them.  Once you've tried them you'll soon become a fan of this easy to grow shade perennial - you won't be able to stop with just one.

More than any other perennial, Heuchera offer an artist's palette of amazing foliage colors ranging from silver, green, black, pewter, peach, copper, bronze and various hues in between.  Combine that with foliage size, texture, colorful veins and hummingbird-loving blooms, and you are well on your way to 3+ seasons of interest.

Here is what we really love about Coral Bells - they wear well like a  pair of blue denim.  The updated and improved Heuchera don't really tire as other perennials do toward the end of the season. Supercharged with varying color hues that continue  to change through the seasons, they are dependable shade perennials that return reliably year after year (even in containers).  Both pest & disease resistant, Heuchera are the ideal choice for a partially shaded site.
In addition to foliage, some fantastic flowering Heucheras such as "Rave On", or the new re-blooming variety called "Havana" are stunning!
Why Heucheras are a great choice for the garden

Semi-evergreen with 3 seasons of interest
Amazing selection of foliage color
Endless design possibilities
Ideal groundcover
Great for containers
Attracts hummingbirds, birds & other wildlife
Cut flowers that last up to two weeks
Pest & Disease proof

How to Grow the Best Heuchera
Heucheras grow well in Zone 4-9, and are adaptable to a wide range of soils types -- from alkaline to acid, and sand to clay.  They love a humusy, rich, moist, well drained soil, and detest being waterlogged. 
 Heucheras look best if protected from the hot afternoon sun.  They prefer some morning sun, which brings out the intensity of their foliage color. In complete shade, their color will appear dull.
To keep Heucheras looking their best, remove tattered looking foliage, and spent flower spikes. 

We are pleased to offer some of the BEST in top performing Heucheras with a range of vibrant colors that will make your shade garden come alive!

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