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Drought Proof Garden Designs

Drought Proof Garden Designs

If you wish to grow plants in an area of your property that is hot & dry, you will need to select plants that have proven drought tolerance performance. Here are a few tips on garden plants that take the heat, but stand on their own when it comes to providing beauty, months of interest, and low maintenance requirements. When it comes to our collections or combinations, you can gradually build your garden with other plants. We'll give you some suggestions!

Perennials that Thrive in Hot Sunny Sites
Coreopsis - you'll love the yellow daisy-like blooms of long blooming Moonbeam. Use Moonbeam as an edging plant or in front of the border.
Coneflowers- Once establlished , coneflowers or Echinacea roots run deep searching for water thus being able to withstand drought conditions.
Daylilies - Long lived and one of the easiest sun perennial to grow
Sedums - (Stonecrop) The most amazing sun perennial that thrives with little water

Fool-Proof, Drought Tolerant Shrubs
Shrubs unify space and serve as a backdrop to perennials in addition to providing long last interest in the garden.
Barberry - 2-3' - Enjoy 3 seasons of stunning foliage color
Butterfly Bush - 3-8' -Attract butterflies to your yard while adding color late in the season
Caryopteris - 3' - Add late summer color with Blue Mist Shrub
Viburnum - 8' -Thrives in a lot of soil types & has fragrant flowers

Tips for Planting a Drought Proof Garden
1) Amend soil as needed
2) The site you have selected MUST have good drainage.
3) Remember to provide water during the first year while your plants are becoming established
4) Use 2-3" of mulch to preserve moisture and to keep the weeds down