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Ornamental Grasses For Privacy

Ornamental Grasses For Privacy

Ornamental grasses provide 4 seasons of interest in addition to being drought & deer proof. These easy to grow, low maintenance perennials provide an attractive solution in any landscape - even as replacement to traditional grass lawns!
What's in it for you? -- Screen out undesirable views such as utility boxes. Add a strong vertical accent to a perennial garden. Use as a low growing hedge for privacy, or as a foundation planting. Use in container plantings. 

Best grasses to use for hedges or privacy

Calamagrostis Karl Foerster - Feather reed grass -(Zone 5-8)  ( 4-5' x 2' )  Feather reed grass is widely adaptable to a range of soils (including clay), and is both drought & deer proof. The slightest breeze sets this grass in motion.  Unlike other ornamental grasses which often bloom later, feather reed grass begins to bloom in June, and continues until frost. The growth habit is erect, which makes calamagrostis work well in narrow spaces. Ideal fo concealing utility boxes.

Miscanthus Gracillimus - Maiden grass - (Zone 5-9 (4-5' x 3-4' ) Graceful and striking grass with upright narrow leaves. Copper purplish fans open to long silky spikelets in late summer.

Miscanthus Strictus - Porcupine grass -  (Zone 5-9)  (4' x 3') Very stiff structured grass that won't bend under heavy rain.  Green margins with bold yellow horizontal bands.

Miscanthus Variegatus - Variegated maiden grass  (zone 5-9)  (5'x4') Gracefully arching green and white leaves on sturdy clumps.  Feather plumes in late summer.  Lightens up an area.
Pennisetum Karley rose - Oriental fountain grass  (Zone 5-9) Mid-low screen. Sensational near waterside, spectacular in beds and borders, and stunning as a long blooming hedge plant. The longest blooming of all pennisetums; providing over 5 months of colorful, rose-purple plumes throughout summer & into fall. Ideal for concealing utility boxes.

Pennisetum  Hameln - Dwarf fountain grass (Zone 5-9) (24" x 24") Mid-low screen.  10o's of bottle brush plumes bloom for up to 3 months.  Narrow green foliage.  Ideal for concealing utility boxes