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7 Top Butterfly Loving Plants

7 Top Butterfly Loving Plants

Charles Dickens said, "I only ask to be free. The Butterflies are free."

Butterflies are drawn to nectar rich plants in a sunny area of your garden since butterflies require the sun's warmth to fly. Native plants or native hybrids provide some of the best nectar in attracting butterflies to the garden.

Here's our 7 top &  easy to grow perennials that will draw these winged beauties in to your garden.

Asters - Fall flowering with lipstick pink blooms that last up to 8 weeks
Butterfly Bush (technically a shrub - but it draws sooo many butterflies we couldn't leave this out of the list)
Coneflower (Echinacea) - Long blooming & easy to grow
Coreopsis - Yellow flowering Moonbeam is a favorite
Phlox - the sweet fragrance of garden phlox is a garden staple
Rudbeckia -   Easy to grow and depending butterfly loving perennial
Sedum -  Drought proof and easy to grow


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