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11 Best Shade Plants

11 Best Shade Plants

One of the common questions we are asked is "What suggestions do you have for plants that grow in shade?" Here's our list our top 11 favorites along with some bonus shade tips to get the most out of your shade garden.
Ajuga- Bugelweed is a fast growing groundcover forming a weed-suppressing mat
Actaea - Spiky Bugbane helps break up the horizontal flow
Athyrium ‘Pictum' - Ferns create a sense of depth when paired with bolder foliage
Brunnera - Silver variegated leaves reflect light to liven up dark dreary areas of the garden
Hakonechloa - Hakone Grass - brighten shadows & dark areas with gold foliage
Helleborus - Drought proof & deer proof Hellebore makes an excellent groundcover
Heuchera - Make the most of foliage color with an ever expanding selection of stunning Coral Bells.
Hostas - Hardworking hostas grow in tough areas

Mazus - This little known groundcover is perfect for covering the "floor" of a shade garden

Pulmoniara - Deer proof Lungwort provides beautiful blooms, texture & interest
Tiarella (Foamflower)- a woodland plant that is superb for edging a pathway or fill in gaps

Shade Garden Tip:

Build Drama with Leaf Size - Combine broad leaf Hostas with narrow leaf Hakonechloa.
Generate Impact with Mass Plantings - add drifts of Tiarella or Ajuga beneath Shrubs or Hostas. Groups of the same plant is much more appealing from a distance.
Infuse Color with Silver, Gold or Variegated Leaves -brighten up a dreary corner with silver Brunnera Jack Frost of gold Hostas
Let More Light In - Prune lower tree branches to allow more light in your garden