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Shrubs -Easy Care Shrubs

Shrubs -Easy Care Shrubs

Planting few hard working flowering shrubs in the garden adds structure & height while bridging the season with interesting foliage. Plant in groupings, or singly, depending on the desired result, or select flowering shrubs that bloom at different times for continued bloom from spring - fall.

Berberis. Barberry is a colorful and easy dear proof shrub with either bright purple or gold foliage all season long.

Buddleia.  Gardening has never been so easy with drought tolerant butterfly bush. A wide variety of colors and heights await your garden design. Plants grow fast, and appreciate full sun and well drained soil. Cut back this deciduous shrub in the spring.

Caryopteris.  Blue mist shrub, or bluebeard is a low growing shrub with low water needs, and beautiful blue flowers. Mature height is around 3-4 feet tall. Plant in full sun, and well drained soil. Cut back this deciduous shrub in the spring.

Dogwood.  Yellow twig is easy to grow in a variety of soils including clay.  Deer, rabbit & disease resistant. Twigs are cut for winter bouquets.

Knock Out roses.  Perhaps one of the best landscape rose on the market today - hands down. Knock Out roses bloom 5+ months, and even flower well in part shade. Trim back by 1/3 in the spring, and fertilize with Osmocote.

Syringa   This hardy shrub is commonly called lilac, which is known for early spring blooms of wonderfully fragrant flowers. There is nothing like a fresh bouquet of lilacs to rejuvenate the spirit. Pruning is done after this deciduous shrub has finished blooming.

Weigela. Highly adaptable. No series insect or disease issues. Deer & Rabbit resistant.  New varieties often rebloom

With the array of sizes, shapes, flowers and forms, flowering shrubs are a natural fit in almost any setting large or small

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