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Groundcovers - Top Groundcover - Geranium Rozanne

Groundcovers - Top Groundcover - Geranium Rozanne

What apps are to computers, geranium Rozanne is to the perennial garden - functional, fulfilling, and a fast growing groundcover that I can't live without. I've grown tons of varieties of hardy geraniums over the years - some really terrific ones, but like an app, geranium Rozanne just does something more for me in the landscape that no other geranium does equally as well.

Meandering spirit - Spreading clumps fill in fast and weave here and there, but never in an overly ambitious way that would require extra work on my part. I like to plant it where it can meander around spiked or small shrubs shrubs

Carefree color - Five-petaled, saucer-shape flowers boast blue-lavender blooms for over 12 weeks, and it doesn't need to be deadheaded to continue blooming! Rozanne defies the early fall frost here in Zone 5, and just keeps blooming - something you don't see in most hardy geraniums. The foliage takes on a reddish tinge so there is even something more to enjoy during those warm days of fall.

Heat tolerance - This award winning, sun perennial groundcover is highly heat tolerant - not something hardy geraniums are known for.

Adaptability - Rozanne geranium works so well in lots of settings, and is such a tolerant groundcover, it is to perennial gardening like khaki pants & blue denim are to weekend summer wear.

What it loves - Rozanne geranium thrives in a moist, moderately fertile, well drained soil in full sun to light shade.

Flower power, ease of growing, fast growing habit, and tons of combination possibilities makes Rozanne one of our favorite sun loving perennial plants.

In visiting world famous gardens in England, Adrian Bloom has rivers of geranium Rozanne that meander through many areas of his gardens. What a beautiful inspiration on how you could use Rozanne on a large scale.