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Hydrangea Let's Dance Big Easy™
ENLARGE IMAGE Developed especially for good rebloom!

Hydrangea Let's Dance Big Easy™

Rebloomer with big blooms!
ZONE 5,6,7,8,9
As low as $14.99
  • Very large mophead flowers get noticed
  • Pink blooms with green centers
  • No pruning needed
  • Glossy foliage looks great all season
  • Low maintenance
  • Ship size: Starter Quart
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Hydrangea Let's Dance Big Easy™ Description

Big flowers and easy to grow – that’s why it’s called Let’s Dance® Big Easy bigleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla). Starting in early summer, enjoy big pink and green flower clusters with that round, mophead look that everyone loves. The show doesn’t stop there, though: because Let’s Dance Big Easy is a reblooming hydrangea, it continues to produce new flowers clear through frost. There’s always plenty of luscious blooms to enjoy in the garden or indoors in a vase. You can even dry them!

About the Let’s Dance® series: Developed in Michigan by Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs specifically for better reblooming performance. These plants bloom on last year’s wood, like conventional bigleaf hydrangeas, but are also capable of producing more blooms on the growth they create this year. That means that you’ll still enjoy flowers later in the season even if your hydrangea is improperly pruned, and even if it was damaged by winter cold. Essentially, it means more flowers, and that’s what it’s all about!

Wondering what that gorgeous white flower growing all around Let's Dance Big Easy is? It's Rapido White campanula.

Special features: Long blooming, Cut flower, No prune, Reblooming

Quick Facts

  • Botanical name: Hydrangea macrophylla 'Berner'
  • Common name:
    Reblooming hydrangea, Bigleaf hydrangea, Mophead hydrangea, Florist's hydrangea, hortensia
  • Zone:
  • Sun exposure:
    Sun in cool areas; part shade in warm climates.
  • Delivery:
    See schedule
  • Ship form:
    Starter quart
  • Soil type:
    Any well-drained but moist soil.
  • Soil moisture:
  • Height x width:
    2-3' tall and wide
  • Flower color:
    Pink with green eye, depending on conditions (see below for more info)
  • Foliage color:
    Glossy green
  • Season of interest:
  • Uses:
    Flower gardens, Landscaping, Specimen, Flowering hedge
  • Patent:USPP 22,329
  • Cannot ship to:
    AK, HI



Soil:  Bigleaf hydrangeas require well-drained but moist soil. A good layer of mulch is very helpful for minimizing drought stress and conserving moisture..  
Light: plants can take full sun (6+ hrs/day) in cooler areas, but afternoon shade is recommended in warm climates. If your plant frequently wilts in the afternoon even though it was recently watered, that may indicate the spot is too sunny for it.
Water:  Average to abundant (as long as soil is well drained).
Space:  Min. 3' apart
Fertilizing:  Fertilize in early spring, once the ground has thawed, with a granular rose fertilizer. Make an additional application in late spring/early summer to boost reblooming ability, particularly in colder areas.
Winterizing:  Do not cut plants back for winter! Doing so will cut off all of the flower buds for the following season. If plants show a lot of dieback in spring, consider moving them, as this indicates the spot may be too cold for the plant.
Maintenance:  Even though Let's Dance hydrangeas are reblooming and capable of flowering on old and new wood, for best bloom, it is best to avoid pruning, trimming, or cutting them back. Any dead wood can be pruned out in early spring, once the new growth has begun to emerge and its clear where any winter damage occurred. If plants do not flower reliably, move them to a more protected spot in your yard; early spring is an excellent time to do that. For best reblooming performance, keep plants free of stress so they grow vigorously. New growth is key to a good rebloom!  Notes on flower color: The flowers of bigleaf hydrangeas can vary from pink to purple to blue, depending on soil chemistry. You must have both an acidic soil and the presence of aluminum (a naturally occurring soil element) in order for blue/purple color to develop. Get a soil test from your local Cooperative Extension before applying any color change treatment to be certain that it will be effective.