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Fall - Tips for Fall Gardening

Fall - Tips for Fall Gardening

Seasoned gardeners know that taking time to accomplish a "to do" list of fall maintenance tasks ends up with fewer time consuming gardening tasks for spring. So here are a few things we add to our Daytimer to do now that will save precious time in the spring when we are busy with other tasks.

Critical eye
Fall is a great time to walk around your garden. Ask yourself, what can I do now that will save me time next spring? What perennials should I move? What can you plant in those empty spaces in the garden? Consider planting low maintenance perennials such as ornamental grasses, hostas, Russian sage & sedum which are very easy to grow.

Fall water needs
Even though the weather is cooling down, plants are still growing. If fall rain is not reliable make sure you continue to water your plants. If a plant or shrub becomes too stressed going into winter from lack of water you might not have it around next year.

Moving time is now
Use that day-timer to plan on a few hours in the garden to move plants. Whether you are moving to another location, or digging up and dividing. Some of the best root growth goes on in the fall as the soil begins to cool down. This is a great time to divide daylilies & hostas (since you can still see the crown)

Prune perennials now saves time in spring
Get those handy pruners out and cut down anything with unattractive leaves. What to avoid in pruning? Anything with woody or evergreen stems (such as Perovskia, Helleborus).

Where did those weeds come from?
Fall is a tremendous growing season for not only plants but weeds. Try to continue the weed war into late fall. You'll be glad next spring that you did.

Mulch beds
Speaking of weeds. If you have been waging a weed war it is not a bad idea to add mulch now rather than wait in the spring.

Best way to move a shrub
Wait for cool weather. Dig after a rain or watering so it is not ‘dry' when moving and try to get as much of the root system as possible. Relocate and make sure to water well so your shrub is not stressed going into winter months