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Clematis Sparky® Blue
ENLARGE IMAGE Proven Winners favorite with extravagant display of blooms!
  • Sparky Blue clematis with blue pinwheel like flowers growing on a bamboo trellis
  • Closeup of the pinwheel like many-petaled bloom of Sparky Blue clematis
  • A single bloom of Sparky Blue clematis with a human hand in it for scale

Clematis Sparky® Blue

A unique way to bring spring color to your garden
ZONE 5,6,7,8
As low as $14.99
  • Very unusual blue flowers in spring
  • Nifty pinwheel-like shape
  • Disease resistant and easy to grow
  • Long blooming
  • Ship size: Starter Quart
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Clematis Sparky® Blue Description

Sparky Blue clematis (Clematis sp.) is not your typical clematis - not by a long shot! This easy-growing spring bloomer creates boatloads of unusual pinwheel-like flowers, each one a spiky mass of beautifully colorful petals. They're accented perfectly by the delicately toothed foliage. Sparky Blue clematis is a vining type, but its far more restrained than other clematis and needs only a light decorative trellis to grown on. Or let it interweave itself in an arborvitae or other evergreen for a hint of color.

Though it blooms mainly in spring, here in Michigan, Sparky clematis continue to create additional flowers throughout the summer. Because this type blooms early in the season, no special knowledge or pruning is necessary to take care of it - simply let it do its thing and remove old stems every few years as needed. Colorful, fun, easy to grow: this is a clematis that definitely sparks joy!

Special Features: long blooming, Proven Winners, vine.

Quick Facts

  • Botanical name:
    Clematis 'Zospi'
  • Common name:
    Clematis (Atragene group)
  • Zone: 5,6,7,8
  • Sun exposure:
    Full sun, Part shade
  • Delivery:
    See schedule
  • Ship form:
    Starter quarts
  • Soil type:
  • Soil moisture:
  • Height x width:
    6-8' x 2'
  • Flower color:
  • Foliage color:
  • Bloom season:
    Early summer-fall
  • Uses:
    Container gardening, Cottage gardening, Vines and climbers
  • Cannot ship to:
    AK, HI



Soil: Well-drained soils are essential for success with clematis. They have big, thick, fleshy, rope-like roots that also benefit from loose soils, which can make clay problematic. They do prefer neutral to slightly alkaline soils but ultimately, good drainage is far more important than "proper" pH.
Light: Full sun to part shade. The old saying for clematis is, "Feet in the shade, head in the sun," so its best if the vines get plenty of sunshine but the roots stay cool and shaded, either with neighboring plants or mulch.
Water: Average
Spacing: Because they are vines, spacing is not as crucial for clematis as for other woody plants. 2-3' apart should be fine in most situations.
Fertilizing: fertilizer is not necessary, but you can apply a granular rose fertilizer in early spring if desired.
Winterizing: Aside from a 2-3" layer of shredded bark mulch over the roots, no special winter care is required. Plants should be left standing over winter.
Maintenance & pruning: Sparky clematis are spring blooming, and should be pruned rarely, if at all. They will continue to bloom in summer unless the weather becomes very hot. Deadheading or pruning is not required. Plants will be generally problem-free provided that drainage is good and roots are never in wet soil or standing water.