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Azalea Bloom-A-Thon® Pink Double
ENLARGE IMAGE Still blooming in Fall!
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Azalea Bloom-A-Thon® Pink Double

Reblooming azalea with up to 5 months of blooms!
ZONE 7,8,9
As low as $14.99
  • Reblooming evergreen flowering shrub
  • Over 5+ months of bloom!
  • Deer proof evergreen foliage
  • Perfect long flowering hedge plant for partly shaded areas
  • Loved by butterflies & hummingbirds
  • Ship size: Starter Quart
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Azalea Bloom-A-Thon® Pink Double Description

Azaleas are the stars of the spring shrub garden with their colorful display of dazzling flowers.  Now, you can enjoy this flowering shrub in summer & fall with up to 5 months of continuous bloom.

Bloom-A-Thon azaleas are a new series of multi-season evergreen Azaleas.  Double Pink begins to bloom in April.  During the heat of summer it cycles into another flush of blooms for 12-16 weeks lasting well into a stunning fall show of color.

Dark green, disease resistant medium sized evergreen leaves look pretty year round. Sturdy, dense and well-branched upright growth habit reaches up to 5' tall & 4' wide.

Maintenance is a breeze! No need to prune off old flowers!   This much-improved azalea is self-cleaning.  Only prune to shape plant if desired.

Azaleas are adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions, but grow best under conditions of light shade (morning sun is best), adequate moisture and fertile well-drained soil.

Use as a low growing Hedge Plant, in mass plantings, mixed borders, or containers.  Pair with large flowering Hydrangeas,   spring flowering Hellebore or other Shrubs.

 Special features: Butterfly lovers, Deer resistant, Disease resistant, Easy care, Everblooming, Evergreen, Foliage interest,  Hummingbird lovers, Long blooming, Multi-seasonal interest, Pest resistant, Rabbit resistant, Re-blooming, Season extender

Quick Facts

  • Botanical name:
    Rhododendron 'RLH1-2P8'
  • Common name:
    Reblooming azalea
  • Zone:
  • Sun exposure:
    Part shade
  • Delivery:
    See schedule
  • Ship form:
    Starter quart
  • Soil type:
  • Soil moisture:
  • Height x width:
    4-5' x 4-5'
  • Flower color:
  • Foliage color:
  • Bloom season:
  • Uses:
    Accent, Background, Border,Container Gardening, Cottage gardening, Foundation, Hedge, Massing, Ornamental, Woodland
  • Cannot ship to:
    AK, HI
  • Patent #: PP21,477



Soil:  Fertile, well-drained organic soil. The soil must be acid with a pH around 5.5 to 6.2. Alkaline soil turns their leaves yellow between the veins, a condition called chlorosis. Due to lack of chlorophyll, the leaves cannot photosynthesize to make food and the plants slowly starve. If you have alkaline soil but still want azaleas, either grow them in pots or plant them in raised beds to which you've added garden sulfur to make the soil acid.
Light: Filtered to partial sun -- Part sun to dappled shade is ideal and eliminates flower scorch in full summer sun.
Water: Azaleas are shallow rooted, and will need regular watering in times of extreme heat.  Adding a 2-inch layer of mulch beneath them will help keep the soil moist and cool.
Spacing: 3- 4 feet apart
Fertilizing: Apply an acid-forming, azalea fertilizer right after the azaleas finish blooming. To maintain great bloom, you can fertilize on June 1st and July 1st as well.
Winterizing: Planting in a protected area from harsh winter winds will help prevent winter damage. Applying Wilt-Pruf will significantly reduce winter desiccation.  Insulating the base of the plant with a two or three inch layer of hardwood mulch will also reduce possible winter damage.
Maintenance & Pruning:Prune only in spring after first bloom, and just to shape plant, and remove any dead growth.