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Thuja Green Giant- Jumbo Arborvitae Gallons
ENLARGE IMAGE Ship Size: 34" (Average) tall 1 gallon pots. Ideal size with excellent success rate for large scale plantings!
  • thuja green giants planted in a straight line
  • thuja green giants planted in staggered rows
  • thuja green giants can grow up to 50 ft tall
  • thuja green giants with roses planted in front
  • thuja green giants make great wind break
  • thuja green giant root ball
  • thuja green giant crop in our greenhouse
Jumbo 1 gallon pots

Thuja Green Giant- Jumbo Arborvitae Gallons

Item: #THUGG1G
ZONE 5,6,7,8
As low as $18.99
  • Four plants provide 20' of privacy
  • Perfect fast-growing hedge plant
  • Evergreen foliage; stays colorful all winter
  • Thuja Green Giant thrives in full sun to part shade
  • Easily adapts to sandy or heavy clay soils
  • Sold in multiples of four
  • Space 5' apart for fastest coverage
  • Ship size: 1 Gallon-trees average 34" tall , floor to tip
  • View all Evergreen trees & hedge plants
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Reg. Price $26.99 each!
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Thuja Green Giant- Jumbo Arborvitae Gallons Description

Thuja Green Giant - The ultimate fast growing privacy screen. Four value-priced plants will give you 20' of fast-growing, beautiful evergreen privacy! Extremely uniform pyramidal shape, good disease and pest resistance, and intensely fragrant  foliage that makes wonderful cut branches for holiday decorating!

No other plant can beat thuja Green Giant Arborvitae for creating a colorful, fast growing, evergreen privacy fence in your garden. This award winning introduction from the U.S. National Arboretum is regarded as the most distinguished landscaping tree in America, and it's our #1 best selling privacy tree; guaranteed to give you years of ever-increasing beauty!

When you order trees from GreatGardenPlants.com, you'll receive 3 feet tall Thuja plants in 1 gallon containers! These plants have been grown for over 2 years, and carefully hand selected for highest quality before shipping.

Top ten reasons for planting green giant arborvitae

  1. Grows over 3' a year
  2. One of the fastest growing evergreens
  3. Adaptable to both clay & sand
  4. Disease and pest resistant
  5. Luxurious green color all year
  6. Superb privacy screen or windbreak
  7. Thrives in intense heat & humidity
  8. Intensely fragrant foliage
  9. Drought tolerant once established
  10. Exceptional customer support

Fast facts about thuja Green Giant

Growth habit:  --- If watering and fertilizing are maintained, Green Giant thuja can grow 3 ft or more each year, eventually reaching over 50-60 feet tall with a base measuring between 8-10' .  There are few trees that can grow that fast and still withstand high winds, heavy ice and snow loads.

Hardiness and drought tolerance:   --- Once established, Green Giant thuja can withstand periods of drought, even thriving in the intense heat and humidity of Atlanta, Georgia. Best grown in Zones 5-8.  

Soil, water, light needs:   --- Thujas are highly adaptable, will grow in a wide range of soil conditions, and thrive in both sandy, and heavy clay garden soils. They need evenly moist soil, but cannot tolerate wet, soggy or water logged areas. Those living in warmer, southern planting zones, or those who have very sandy soils that tend to dry out quickly may choose to mulch in order to cool the soil, preserve moisture, and feed the trees. If you choose to mulch, never use more than 3 inches of mulch, keep mulch a few inches away from trunk to prevent rot, and never use plastic over the roots. Thuja love sun, and thrive best in full sun, but will grow in light shade, though the foliage will not be as dense, and the tree will not grow as tall.

Pest & diseases Info : --- Very robust and resistant to pests and diseases. Even bagworms leave it alone.  Deer generally leave it alone, but are known to nibble in areas where other browse is not available. No plant is deer proof if deer are plentiful and hungry. If you have problem with deer nibbling, you might want to purchase a product called Plantskydd, one of the most effective deer repellents we know of.  This will prevent the deer from continuing to feed.  Wait until spring to see if new growth breaks out. If not, you might need to replace the trees.

How does it compare to other evergreens?  --- Green Giant arborvitae is more drought tolerant than Leyland cypress, and less prone to pests and disease than many other evergreens. Its disease resistance, adaptability, and dense foliage, make a great choice over other evergreens like hemlock and spruce in the North

Pruning and shearing:--- If left unpruned, thuja Green Giant will form a graceful pyramidal shape 40 - 60 ft. tall, and foliage that stays dense all the way to the ground. Once established, they respond wonderfully to pruning in early summer (after they've had their spring flush). You can use a hedge sheer or trim by hand, but trimming by hand, particularly when cutting back the main leader, and the competing verticals will look more natural. The leaders on the young Green Giants tend to grow quickly, outpacing the main body of the tree, and can leave it looking leggy, so trimming back the leader by one third in late spring or early summer will encourage the plant to be more uniform and bushy. If you choose to shear your thuja into a hedge shape you'll be doing this 2-3 times from spring to midsummer. Prune off dead and broken growth with a hand pruners, then shear only the new growth back by about half. Make sure to water and fertilize to help the plant recover from shearing.

Fertilizing:--- Like most evergreens, thuja do not need to be fertilized at planting time. Fertilizing each spring, once established is all that is needed. We use Osmocote Slow-Release Fertilizer, available at any good garden center. Top dress in spring as new growth is emerging; April 15, or "tax day" is a good reminder for annually fertilizing. This will feed your thuja for weeks & is needed only once per year.

When to plant:

Thuja can be planted in early spring or in fall, six to eight weeks before hard cold and frost set in, when the weather is cool.   You can continue to plant in early summer if you are in a northern climate, and weather remains cool. The most important thing is going into winter is that thuja are well hydrated. The cold isn’t the problem, lack of water is.  This is called winter burn.  Winter winds dry out the evergreen leaves so the outer few inches turn brown. In April, we recommend taking your hedge trimmers and removing the brown.  Thujas will put out new growth and be fine by the end of May. We’ve heard of mixed results with burlap.  If you elect to use them, avoid using any anti-desiccants. Never fertilize in fall, as it stimulates new growth that is more tender, and susceptible to winter damage.

Planting - how to

  1. Once you have identified your planting location,
  2. Dig a hole twice as large & deep as your root ball
  3. Refer to spacing information below
  4. Fill in hole with organic matter. This helps to get your plants off to a good start.
  5. Remove thuja from plastic container and lightly loosen the roots. Place in the hole with fresh soil and tap down the soil so plant is set firm and there is no gaps in the soil. Make sure the top of the root ball is flush with the soil line – not above or below it.
  6. Provide up to an inch of water a week for newly planted thujas.

Plant spacing

Thujas can be planted in single or staggered rows. Depending on desired effect, space Thuja 5-8 feet apart

Single row spacing

 XXXXXXX --- Thuja Green Giant spaced 5 feet apart in a single row

Staggered row spacing

For extra privacy or noise abatement, plant Thuja not in one straight line but a double row alternating the placement as in this diagram planting 10 feet apart.  It is tempting to go closer to get very fast coverage, but since Thujas can grow three feet a year try to be a little more patient. You’ll be rewarded because mature plants will be spaced perfectly.

  X X X X X

   X X X X X  - Staggered Rows Spacing 8-10' apart (5 feet apart beween rows)

Planting FAQ

Can I plant near old hardwoods? If you can keep them adequately moist during their first 1-2 years of establishment, you'll be fine. They would need a good soaking every week during the spring & hot summer months

How close to a building can I plant?  You should plant at least 8 feet away from any building structure

Is Thuja salt tolerant?  No, Thuja is salt sensitive. It can however, withstand heavy ice or snow loads.

I just planted my Thujas in spring and have not seen any summer growth, why?  Plants are busy “putting their roots down” so to speak.  The good stuff is happening beneath the soil, where the plants are establishing themselves in their new environment.  Depending on conditions, you might see growth spurts by fall, or definitely by the following year.

Need something shorter?  Consider Thuja Emerald which grows only 7-8 feet tall. Leyland cypress, thuja Wintergreen are other excellent hedge plants.  Other considerations (not evergreen) include ornamental grasses, burning bush, or hydrangeas.

Quick Facts

  • Botanical name:
    Thuja 'Green Giant'
  • Common name:
  • Zone:
  • Sun exposure:
    Sun-part shade
  • Delivery:
    See schedule
  • Ship form:
    1 gal
  • Soil type:
  • Soil moisture:
  • Height x width:
    50' x 10'
  • Flower color:
  • Foliage color:
  • Bloom season:
  • Uses:
    Background, Foundation planting, Hedge, Massing, Ornamental, Privacy, Screen
  • Cannot ship to:
  • Patent #:



Soil: Best grown in moist, fertile, well-drained soils. Tolerates somewhat wide range of soils and some dry conditions. Poorly drained and wet sites should be avoided, and it is very salt-sensitive.
Light: Full sun (6 hrs direct light daily), Partial sun/shade (4-6 hrs light daily)
Water: Keep moist, but do not over water. Appreciates well-drained soil.
Spacing: 3 - 5 ft
Fertilizing: Top dress in spring with a slow release, balanced fertilizer.
Winterizing: Consider applying a thick mulch around the root zone in winter to protect it in exposed locations or colder zones. Tolerates wind once established, and withstands heavy ice or snow. Darkens or bronzes slightly in the winter. Note -- The oldest, interior branchlets on an arborvitae normally turn brown and fall off in autumn. This aging process is different from drought stress, which on arborvitae appears on the tree outside the interior foliage as an abnormal yellowing or browning, known as flagging. This discoloration may not appear until a season or two after the drought stress was most severe.
Maintenance & pruning: Requires little or no pruning but can be sheared easily if necessary. When pruning is necessary, it is recommended to only trim back the new growth of the current season, other than to remove any die back.


Write a review
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon
Bryant   |  Aug 15, 2019
I ordered 36 of the green giants. The majority of them were undersized. One has died since May. I contacted customer service and sent pictures and never heard anything back. Their customer service is a joke. Look elsewhere.
Owner Response: I apologize for the inconvenience to you. I see from the notes in your order that we spoke to you in May and then again in August several times about this issue. I have issued you another 20% discount for all your troubles. Your original order had 20% off the entire order so with this discount you are getting 40% off your entire order. Please allow 7-10 business days for our accounting department to issue you a check. -- Pam -- Office Manager

Green Giant
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon
Boris Janjanin  |  Jul 28, 2019
I got 32 trees from this place and didnt want to leave review till after 1 year. They are all great and I am super happy with 1 year results. Will always order from this place. Great customer service and very fast shipping. Thank you very much. Cant wait to get next orders

bought 24 trees in April 2019
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon
Chad  |  Jul 23, 2019
I bought 24 fast growing arbs. They came in narrow boxes with no damage. 90% of them would meet the 2.5 to 3 foot size. I did have a couple that were smaller. I planted as they told us. Now its end of July and HOT!! All trees alive and well. When researching these trees, I found that first year growth is very slow. They are rooting first year and searching good soil. The next year a little growth will occur. The third year is when the crap hits the fan and they start growing 3-4 feet per year. My trees after a couple months are green and look the same size. No dead branches to see. I got lucky on the rain in May and June. Didn't need to water at all. I did keep the grass down around these trees for max growth. I will fertilize in the fall. So far looking good. fast shipping and no damage. Planted these in central PA.

Thuja Green Giant
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon
Georgette  |  Jul 22, 2019
I purchased 12 Thuja Green Giant trees at the end of 2017 for spring delivery in 2018, so they all arrived about the end of April 2018. We planted them shortly after they arrived and they seemed to take off in growing and grew about a foot that summer. The winter of 2019 was a bit rough and in early spring many of them had sustained browning. In doing my research on the possible causes of the browning of my trees, I found that probably what happened was not enough water prior to winter. Fortunately, we had a wet spring and they seemed to have bounced back from the rough winter. They appear to have bounced back from the winter and are now growing-looking forward to measuring to see how much they will grow this season. I am planning on purchasing more as we are not finished with our hedge, but wanted to see how well our first 12 did and they are thriving.

Bad experience do not recommend
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon
Laura P  |  Jul 17, 2019
I made a big purchase of 16 of these trees. They were all packed in such a way that arrived bended and looking terribly distressed. All of them. I contacted the seller immediately and they assured the plants would "eventually" recover. They even suggested I should stack them all to help them. Well I did it all, they never improved. Finally after several emails I got 3 replacements (out of 16). They arrived in similar conditions. It has been well over a month and they are looking so bad, a few are looking nearly death, that I'm constantly been asked by neighbors what's wrong with these plants and where did I get them from. This review is for the online shoppers: don't purchase trees here, go to your local nursery and you'll get healthier better plants. I lost over $300 and a lot of time and effort buying here. Hope my experience helps...
Owner Response: Laura - So sorry to hear you are still having issues with the trees. Please give us a call at your earliest convenience so we can resolve this issue. Our office hours are 9 - 2 EASTERN Monday - Friday. Pam - Office Manager

Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon
John Hilgers  |  Jun 13, 2019
I spent a lot of money on these buying 10 of them. First winter they didn't hold up well. All 10 of them are 80-95% brown with very little green as of today (mid June). They're still green if you check under the surface of the trunk, but they haven't grown an inch and are very sickly looking and not at all thick or filled out.
Owner Response: I am sorry to hear about this, according to our records you are in a zone 4, and the Green Giants are only hardy to zone 5. As winters get harsher in the United States it will get harder on certain plants too.

Great plants for a very competitive price.
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon
Mohamed Qadeer  |  Jun 9, 2019
I have been a customer of Great Gardens Plants for over 3 years, and have never been disappointed. Every year I add plants to my front and back yards. One dozen Thuja green giants are on the way right now. The information about the plants are provided are very helpful. I compared them with my neighborhood Home Depot store and found this a better deal. Thank you, and keep up the good work Great Gardens plants.
Owner Response: Thank you! We are always happy when our customers are happy!

Green Giant Thuja
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon
Sandra Smith  |  Dec 31, 2018
Planted 13 plants along my back fence for privacy spring of 2017.The plants have performed excellent! Growing 2-3' taller this past summer. EXCELLENT Supplier! Just ordered 24 Thuja Wintergreen for my side-yard fence line. Very happy with your products, packaging, delivery and customer service. Great Garden Plants comes highly recommended.Thank you. Happy Gardening!

When we ordered it said 4+ feet but we got scrawny barely 3 foot trees.
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon
Duncan Smith  |  Sep 24, 2018
We ordered these trees and when we did the site claimed 4+ feet per tree. First they don't tell you that they are from the bottom of the pot to the very top of the longest stretched single strand. The trees arrived and they were skinny, not in great shape, yellowing, and some weren't even 3 feet tall including the pot. Upon contacting the company they first did offer a 25% discount, which would have been moot because we didn't pay for those sad, small trees. They could not send us any larger trees and the story changed from "yes the site did say they were larger when your ordered them" to "they have never been more than 3+ feet tall". I went to Home Depot to find $20 trees of this type which were in 3 gallon pots, much fuller, and in way better looking shape. More over I wouldn't have had to wait almost a month for them. I also understand that by writing this review the company may retract the refund, but what happened to us must be told to others. If you want to save money and time, just steer away from this company. The trees on the site in the pots are NOT what you get when you order. Their site doesn't have the option to upload a photo, or I would show their sad specimens vs what a Big Box store can provide for a comparable price.
Owner Response: Hello Mr Smith - We try to keep the website updated with sizes of plants that are shipping. After reviewing your order, I do see that we have refunded you 25% of your order. I am glad that we were able to come to a mutual solution for your issues. Mary

Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon
Bradley Chetwood  |  Aug 2, 2018
Was amazed at how the dozen I ordered looked when I unboxed them. Way better condition than many trees I've paid more for a the big box stores. Granted, they were only in transit for 3 days which may be a factor healthwise, but it looked like the FedEx folks played contact football with the boxes, yet all 12 were unscathed! Talk about a hearty tree!! 4 months later, after planting in our northern Kentucky yard that's 95% clay you could sell to a pottery shop, they're kickin so much a**!! Already seeing plenty of new growth and just finally got around to fertilizing. Transaction couldn't have gone smoother. I'd recommend this company to ANYBODY who'd listen.
Owner Response: Good Morning Bradley! So glad to hear your trees are thriving! We always enjoy pictures of customer's gardens if you want to send one to info@greatgardenplants.com Happy Gardening!! Mary

Thuja Green Giants
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon
NaomieKing  |  Apr 30, 2018
Very disappointed!!!
Owner Response: Sorry to hear this. Please call the office to express your concerns, we always want our customers to be happy.

Recent purchase
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon
Michael Garofalo  |  Apr 13, 2018
Yesterday, I received my order of a dozen green giant thuja arborvitae. Each plant measured three feet tall, as promised, and appeared is excellent condition. I was throughly impressed with how well the order was packaged and shipped. My order was shipped on the date I was provided and arrived in a timely manor. Great garden plants.com exceeded my expectations and I will definitely order through them again.

Keep up the Good Work
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon
Kurt K  |  May 4, 2017
I received my order of 15 trees yesterday. The trees are in great shape and larger than I expected, much appreciated. You have a great website that is easy to navigate, awesome prices and great service....Keep up the good work.

More than I could ask for
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon
Jeff Lazewski  |  Apr 19, 2017
I bought 10 green giants last spring. The trees took to the soil very well and are doing great! I ordered 45 more trees and just received them. The trees are well over 3 ft tall. Some over 4 ft. I also had a bunch of questions and their customer service was great! Answered all my questions and answered very quick. I could not be happier. I would highly recommend great garden plants!

Wonderful Thuja Green Giants
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon
Cheryl H.  |  Jan 9, 2017
This email is long overdue...I made a purchase of your Thuja Green Giants in 2013. I had to reschedule my order delivery twice. Then I increased the order to a total of 20 of these trees. The trees were in absolute perfect condition, as well as perfectly packed for shipping. I haven't lost one! They are everything you advertise! I have wanted to send this THANK YOU for some time. Also, all the assistance I received from the lady I dealt with on the phone during my ordering, rescheduling, increasing the quantity of the order, to actual delivery...she was so very helpful, gracious and patient.

Green Giants
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon
Narina W  |  Jan 6, 2017
"Just to follow up- ALL my Thujas have grown and done well. I ordered 1 gallon Thujas from another company- and while they were in great shape and much cheaper- they were significantly smaller than the ones that you get at Great Garden Plants. If you're looking for true jumbo 1 gallon Thujas, I would say Great Garden Plants are a good choice for a larger start."

Great Plants!!
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon
Donna M  |  Nov 15, 2012
Just spent a gorgeous fall afternoon here in WV planting the 9 Thuja Green Giant trees! Hope they do well and grow fast! Just wanted to let you kn-w that my husband and I wree very pleased with the Thujas…size, packaging, quality of the plants, etc!! I'm sure I will be doing more business with you next spring!