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There is nothing quite so romantic and elegant in the garden as the rose, but it is important to note that all roses are not created equal.  With our busy lifestyles, it is important to select roses that thrive under diverse conditions, are easy to grow and maintain, and are disease resistant. You have all this, and more with Knockout Roses®. If you've been less than happy with previous attempts at rose growing, you will be delighted with the improved landscape performance of the Knockouts®.

The Knockout Roses® are carefree, perpetually blooming landscape roses.  Fragrant, 3 ½" flowers begin blooming in late spring and continue until fall. You don't have to give up your valuable free time removing old flowers from this blooming machine, since they do it themselves.   Reblooming, disease resistance along with lots of flowers make KnockoutTM roses a fine choice for today's busy gardener. Plants will grow up to three feet high and three feet wide, and are hardy in zones 4-10.

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All of our KnockOut Roses are grown in our Jumbo 1  Qt containers. They are big enough so they will bloom for you the first year in your garden. They are well-branched with buds, and about 12-15 " tall when we ship them.  We keep them pruned & compact so they arrive to you in excellent condition.

Planting Information
Roses prefer a soil that is well drained, and a soil PH from 6.5 -6.8.  When planting in groupings, it is best to space the roses to allow sufficient air circulation.  When you are ready to plant, make sure the container soil is sufficiently moist. Space Roses 3' apart. Dig a hole about 1 foot deep and 1 foot wide. Amend with organic material such as peat moss. Remove plant from the container, and position the rose on a soil pyramid in center of the hole so the bud union (swelling at the stem base) is just above the ground level.  In climates where the winter temperature falls below 0 degrees F., it is best to position the rose 1-2 inches lower. Work soil around the root until the hole is three quarters full.  Fill the hole with water and allow it to soak in, then refill again with water.  After the water drains, check to see if the bud union remains at the proper level.  Fill the remainder of the hole with soil. 
How To Grow
Roses prefer about 6 hours of sun per day, and will perform well if provided about 1 inch of water a week. Adding mulch helps retain moisture and suppress weeds.  Apply about 2-3 inches of mulch, but don't mulch heavily around the base of the plant.
Pruning Roses
Although this step may seem daunting to some, pruning helps the plants in a number of ways including:  removing dead wood, encouraging blooms and new growth, shaping plants, and improving air circulation around the plant.
Tools you will want to have at hand include a pruner and/or lopper as well as some thick, long gloves.
Take a look at the plant and start at the base. Begin by removing any dead or dying wood, then step back, and take another look to determine what you need to do to shape the plant.  Shaping can improve air circulation in the center of the plant. Make your cuts at 45 degree angles, and slightly above any buds.
Pruning time for Knockout RosesTM is in the spring. They bloom their best on new season's growth. Do not prune the first year, except to remove long canes, or dead wood. Beginning the second year,  prune your roses by  1/3 to 1/2 in early spring, and remove dead wood. Leave about 4-5 healthy canes that are evenly spaced. It is fine if the remaining shrub is only 12-18" above the ground.
We highly recommend applying Osmocote (a slow-release fertilizer) at time of planting!  You can buy Osmocote at almost any store with a Garden Center.  Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of this in the bottom of each plant's hole when planting, and it will release small amounts with every watering.  After the planting application, you will only need to apply the Osmocote once per year in the spring. 
The Ultimate Landscape Plants
KnockOut Roses® are versatile and vigorous garden plants.  Plant them individually among other sun perennials, or mix them in with your garden shrubs.  KnockOut Roses® are probably most useful when planted in large groups to create a summer long, colorful hedge! Try them along the perimeter of your foundation to showcase your home, or use them in mixed containers

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