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Thymus coccineus - red creeping thyme
  • Thymus coccineus planted as a groundcover in bloom with thousands of dark pink flowers
  • Thymus coccineus growing around a rock
  • Creeping Thyme in bloom with dark pink flowers
  • Creeping Thyme growing in a one quart container in the greenhouse showing green foliage

Thymus coccineus - red creeping thyme

Fragrant, flowering ground cover
Item: #THYCO1Q
ZONE 4,5,6,7,8
As low as $11.19
  • Fragrant & fast-growing ground cover for sun
  • Perfect around stepping stones & over rock walls
  • Drought proof & deer proof
  • 1000's of dark pink flowers in early summer
  • Great lawn substitute
  • Ship size: Jumbo 3" Pot
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Thymus coccineus - red creeping thyme Description

Plant a carpet of fragrance!

Fast spreading creeping thyme (Thymus serphyllum 'Coccineus', aka Thymus praecox is one of the best low-growing drought tolerant groundcovers for sunny & dry spots.

Creeping thyme will crowd out unwanted weeds and thrive in poor soil where other groundcovers fail. An ideal lawn substitute for small spaces.

A low growing mat reaching only 1" tall. This no-fuss groundcovers requires little water and practically no maintenance.

Soft green foliage releases a perfume when stroked or walked on that will stir the senses and linger throughout the garden air. Hundreds of pink flowers are also fragrant and bloom in early summer, and the variety 'Coccineus' is known for its specially rich, saturated flower color.

Plant around stepping stones, over boulders, in stone paths, or let it spill throughout your perennial border. 

The only requirement this deer-proof and hardy ground cover has is a sunny spot with good drainage.

Thymus 'Coccineus' makes the perfect colorful & fragrant carpet for planting at the base of sedums, KnockOut roses, ornamental grasses.

Special features: Blooms first year, Attracts butterflies, Cold hardy, Deer resistant, Drought tolerant, Easy care, Fast growing, Fragrance, Heat tolerant, Tolerates foot traffic

Quick Facts

  • Botanical name:
    Thymus serpyllum 'Coccineus' (aka Thymus praecox)
  • Common name:
    Creeping thyme
  • Zone:
  • Sun exposure:
  • Delivery:
    See schedule
  • Ship form:
    3 " Pot
  • Soil type:
    Normal, Sandy
  • Soil moisture:
    Dry, Average
  • Height x width:
    1" X 18"
  • Flower color:
    Dark pink
  • Foliage color:
    Fragrant green
  • Bloom season:
    Early summer
  • Uses:
    Alpine & rock, Container gardening, Cottage gardening, Edging, Ground cover, Naturalizing, Rock garden, Small spaces, Under planting
  • Cannot ship to:
    AK, HI
  • Patent #:None



Soil: Will grow in most well-drained soils. The addition of peat moss, processed manure, or compost are excellent soil additives to the soil at planting time. Mix them about 50% with your existing soil.
Light: Full sun -- Will handle shade, but full sun is needed for best foliage and bloom.  
Water: Keep soil moist but not soggy as plants establish them selves. Once established, tolerates dry conditions. Dislikes wet conditions, especially in the winter. A layer of gravel on the soil around them will help protect the foliage from wet soils.
Spacing: 12-18"
Fertilizing: Feed plants lightly in spring with fish fertilizer, or any type of liquid plant food.
Winterizing:  In the northern part of its range, cover the plants with pine boughs or some other lightweight mulch to protect the plants over the winter. Prune away winter-killed stems in spring.
Maintenance & pruning: After bloom fades, shear back spent flowers, cutting into the leaves to keep plants compact and to encourage new growth. In the West, prune plants at any time to keep them dense. In the South, plants may "mug off" in summer heat and humidity cut back and once weather cools you will see a flush of re-growth. Can be dug and divided during the cooler spring months of March, April and May.


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Blow fly breeding ground
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michelle  |  Jul 8, 2018
Pros. Grows quickly, pretty decent at keeping weeds in check. Cons. The flowers they produced for me were a washed out pink, couldn't really tell they were flowers until you got up close. The description reads something like " they release fragrance when stroked or walked on" Well, mine release blow flies, a hundred of them! They love this stuff! Its actually quite unnerving. Does anyone else have this issue?
Owner Response: Michelle, Strange...Blow flies can smell dead flesh from as far as a mile away and are usually the first insects to find dead animal matter. Because blow flies require a considerable amount of protein to develop past their larval stage, female blow flies seek dead and decaying flesh as the ideal place to lay their eggs. Could there possibly been another source in the area other than the Thyme? They are also known to be attracted to natural gas leaks or dead moles under the earth. Let us know if you can! :) -Mary

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Ross D  |  May 19, 2014
I received the plants today. They are just as advertised and not bare rooted, Real Plants!! I'm so inpressed that I placed another order this afternoon, you can send me anytime, sooner the better.