At Great Garden Plants, we are constantly working towards a more sustainable supply chain and production processes to benefit the environment.

Being a part of the green industry, we understand the importance and the magnitude of sustainable business practices. In the interest of our planet, we make a conscious effort to strive for lean production that naturally minimizes waste. This comes to us naturally, but in addition, we practice the following to care for the land surrounding our beautiful West Michigan location.

We have a staff-organized Sustainability Committee that meets monthly to strategize continued momentum for sustainability. Doing so allows us to stay current on new sustainability practices and bring new research to the table in the ever-changing production landscape.

Let’s get growing!

Choosing our plants and cultivating them respectfully is a step toward a greener world.

Our Commitments:

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Our new plant wrap bags are recyclable, compostable, and leave zero microplastics when it breaks down. The bags use Smart Plastic SPTek ECLIPSE technology which renders them biodegradable in 6-42 months when exposed to oxygen, similar to a leaf when subjected to the forces of nature.

This same Smart Plastic additive is used in our pallet wrap material as well.

The cardboard boxes used for shipping can be recycled or used in home composting. The outer box uses black and green water-based inks. The green ink is formulated with a yellow pigment and a copper-free blue pigment to match the green color and eliminate the presence of copper/ heavy metals. Water-based inks are made from renewable resources. No fossil fuels or petroleum are required to produce them, and no chemicals are necessary for cleanup, which helps prevent hazardous materials from entering the water supply.

We also cushion our plants with paper, not plastic, and are committed to researching more methods of sustainable packaging and resource use.

Plant roots

Greener Growing Practices

We rigorously practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles to minimize our use of pesticides through scouting and research. Propagation and growing staff are also encouraged to find innovative solutions to pest and waste issues that crop up in their ranges; this includes the use of beneficial insects. Our growers also wash and reuse plug trays, reducing plastic waste in the greenhouse.

Plastic Pot Information

  • Proven Winners® quart pot composition: black Lining 100% recycled, overall 70% recycled. Number 5 plastic recyclable.
  • Proven Winners® Shrub - Premium 1 gallon composition: 40-50% recycled. Number 5 plastic recyclable.
  • Black quart size pots, number 5 plastic, recyclable in some areas (please check your local facility guidelines).


Reduced Energy Usage

The double poly greenhouses used at Great Garden Plants provide high insulation levels, reducing the need for supplemental heat during cooler months. Meanwhile, greenhouse vents on the ceiling can rise to reduce the need for electricity to run fans during warmer months. This significantly reduces our energy usage throughout the year and aligns with the plant's natural lifecycle.