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Black Lace® Elderberry
G.S. (South Carolina)

Black Lace® Elderberry

Lots of Flowers

Arrived in great shape. Once planted they quickly became fuller and full of blooms.
Love this plant.

'Munchkin Fire' Hosta
H.M. (New Jersey)
Cutest in the containers!

Brightness of the plant highlights in my shade garden!

Great healthy plant!

As soon as I received, put them on the ground and started to thrive! Great addition to my garden!

'Moccachino' Astilbe
H.M. (New Jersey)
Died but new growth coming out . We’ll see.

Once it’s on the ground, dies down but new growth coming out so we’ll see how it’s doing throughout summer.

B.K. (Missouri)

The plants arrived and look amazing. They appear healthy and are already covered in blooms. They look great in my containers with other flowers.

'Arp' Rosemary
B.K. (Missouri)
Great shipping / packaging

I ordered several plants and all arrived in good shape and very healthy. I just planted them after letting them rest for 24 hours. Very happy so far with the purchases!

Plants were all pot bound

Plants looked great when they arrived, however when I got ready to plant them they were all pot bound. It’s been 6 weeks since they were planted in the ground. I’ve kept them watered but they’ve all turned brown on the top, and haven’t grown at all. They don’t look like they’ll be able to spring back. Will change my review if they start doing better.

Totally Dead

I planted these in the fall of 2021 when they were on sale. All three of them are clearly dead. No sign of them this spring except little dried stumps. Obviously disappointed and won't buy again.

Very Blue!

Arrived in quality packaging a year ago. They've grown beautifully in a full-sun area in North Texas.
The best part? They're actually blue! Very pretty accent plants that survive high heat, drought, and multiple freezes. They are real landscape standouts!

Super healthy plants!

I had never ordered from this company before, so I had a very pleasant surprise when my box of Astilbes arrived! They were all in such excellent shape, it was amazing! It took me quite a bit of time to find plants for a shady area, with only 2’ between the sidewalk and the house, and I think that these Dwarf Chinese Astilbes are going to work really well! Two of the plants already have buds, so I’m hoping to see some blossoms very soon!

'Berry Smoothie' Coral Bells
M.M.K. (Virginia)
Color is VERY drab compared to the picture

I did see a review and response from another customer concerning the disappointing color. I will plant it and hope for the best. The plant will be mostly shaded to filtered sun in situ so I am not hopeful of a color change, but we shall see.

'Caramel' Coral Bells
A.D. (North Carolina)
Beautiful plants

Your plants are larger and healthier than from any other online nursery I've used. They arrive quickly and are packed very well.

'Mango Popsicle' Red Hot Poker
A. (South Carolina)
Not deer resistant!

I love, love, love Great Garden Plants!! I have ordered multiple times from them and bought many plants. Plants always arrive healthy! These were no different. However, they are not very deer resistant as was mentioned in the description. All of these plants were eaten down to nubs by our local deer before I even had a chance to plant them unfortunately. So there's different levels to "deer resistant." Hopefully they will grow back.

'Blue Glitter' Sea Holly
M.S. (Maryland)
Blue Glitter Sea Holly

Vigorous plant. Fast shipper. Highly recommend.

Powdery Mildew Issues

The plants arrived with powdery mildew. They were individually wrapped in plastic. This is a no-no with phlox, as one of their main needs is adequate air circulation. Had these been shipped without the tight plastic wrap, I'm confident that they would have been great!! Despite the problem with the plants, this was a great experience because customer service was AWESOME!! I will place another order as soon as the item(s) that I'm eyeing are back in stock. Thank you!! Happy gardening!!!!


Everything I ordered from you is thriving. The plants were shipped beautifully and they were the healthiest plants I have ever gotten . I have told all my gardening friends about your skills and you can bet I will be ordering again. Thank you so much. Mary in Kentucky

Plants packed very well but became diseased almost immediately. One rose possibly had Rosette virus!

I have had rose bushes before so I some experience with them. The roses were packaged beautifully and sustained minimal shipping damage. A few branches were broken upon arrival, but I chock that up to the plant being shipped and some minor damage is likely unavoidable.

My main issue is that when the roses were unpackaged and replanted they showed signs of immediate disease. The package arrived within 24-48 hours, were unpackaged same day upon arrival, and then planted the next day. The typical process was done to replant them - dig holes twice as deep and wide, mix in a little bit (I used less than usual because these plants were small) of Biotone Starter Plus fertilizer at the bottom, plant and backfill. The garden area these were planted in has been tilled w/ compost introduced over the years so the soil quality was good.

Within 24 hours over half the plants began yellowing at least 25% of their leaves, black spot began to form on numerous leaves, and minor signs of canker began appearing on stem. On top of all of that, I am afraid one of them has Rose Rosette Virus (incurable, contagious, and very dangerous to rose gardens) as one of the roses was exhibiting the tell tale signs of early stages of the virus. I immediately cut off that one stem (thankfully it was just one stem on one plant) and am hoping for the best. Over the course of the next few days more and more leaves began to yellow and exhibit black spot disease.

I have since pruned numerous leaves, branches, and even buds due to yellowing, black spot, and possibly other diseases/viruses. Disinfected pruners were used as is standard before moving from plant to plant (or in the case of Rose Rosette Virus the prunters were disinfected between cuts even on the same plant).

The plant as of now seems to be doing ok. Not great, but ok. They certainly look much sadder after the heavy pruning.

Overall I am disappointed with the experience. While I can certainly accept the fact that roses are disease prone, my experience points to these plants possibly being sick before they arrived. Such aggressive yellowing, disease uprising, and even Rose Rosette Virus manifesting so quickly is concerning.

I would likely purchase other plants that don't have so many disease problems from Great Garden Center again, but likely not roses.

Hello, thank you for your feedback. Please send us photos of your roses as soon as possible to Keeping our plants disease free is one of our number one priorities. Our growing team is interested in seeing what you're seeing and addressing any issues immediately. Once we receive your photos we will happily refund or replace your roses. Happy Gardening!

Didn't survive

I bought this last year and although arrived looking good it died in 3 weeks. I planted it in my part sun 6 hours a day part shade flower garden and it is the only plant that died.

Thank you for your review! We're so sorry to hear about your Bellflower. We do offer a 60-day guarantee on all of our plants. Unfortunately, your order is out of warranty since we are just now learning about the dying plant. However, we would still like an opportunity to make this right! Please send us an email with a photo of the plant to and we can see what we can do. Happy Gardening!

Buddleia 'Miss Molly' - Butterfly Bush

Rise Up Amberness™ Climbing Rose
S.G. (North Carolina)
Love this!

Arrived in great condition and has already begun blooming!

It died

It came in as a pretty small plant and never grew. Now its completely dead. I also got another variety, the black one, which is healthy and strong in the same garden bed, so hopefully just a fluke


The plants arrived healthy, but haven't grown any.

A Little Small But Healthy

Of all the plants that came with my shipment, this was the one that looked the most healthy. It's not very big, but it's brimming with vitality, so I have high hopes for the little guy.

Small -- Like Half the Size of Phlox for the Same Price at the Garden Store

Maybe they're fast growers. But right now, there's not much to the plant. I've got what I hope is a good spot, but reading these reviews, it sounds like it's hit or miss.