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Red Creeping Thyme
D.T. (Texas)
Dead On Arrival

I ordered 12 of these red creeping thyme and got 9 dead on arrival. The rest died within 3 days. From reading your past reviews this seems to be the norm when buying this product form you.

Tiny plant for the price

Very small plant for the money. I know it's a quart, but it's only about 4 inches max. Hopefully it grows fast.

Quart size rose is small

The plant size shown was larger than I received. I ordered 8 roses and they were extremely small, young looking and one doesn’t look very healthy at all. Very disappointed.

Walker's Low Catmint
M. (North Carolina)
Happy plants!

I bought two last fall, and while they thrived, one did become a victim of the neighborhood Tuxedo cat. Just remember this is in the 'cat mint' family!

Purple Mazus
T.M.B. (Virginia)
Survived the harshest winter

I started planting Mazus as a ground cover years ago, due to having far too many beds to mulch. I was not disappointed when it started to take over the lawn - neighbors comment on its beauty each spring, and it is such low maintenance! I struggled to get enough from my local nursery, so bought two sets of 32 landscape plugs from GGP late last summer. I was so impressed with the packaging and plant quality - deep roots, healthy plants that were not all entangled. Mere weeks after planting, they were spreading beautifully. Then we had a week of record-breaking cold, so I feared the worst. But with some warm days, I see them starting to green up again! Buying even more from GGP - so very pleased with the quality!

At Last® Rose
b. (Colorado)

roses were small but green and healthy when received. Planted in yard. One lost leaves and died. The other grew slightly and flowered. Do not know yet if it made it through the winter.

Hello! We are sorry to hear about your issues with one of your roses. Please send pictures of any plant you have question about to along with your order # and name and we can see if you are eligible for a warranty replacement!

L.P. (District of Columbia)
Not rabbit resistant

Beautiful plants but the rabbits devoured them all 😩

Quickly Died

My Boston Ivy was received and planted in the Fall. It quickly died. I waited till Spring to verify that it was truly beyond hope. By then it was outside the window to get a replacement.

Hello! We're sorry to hear that you've had some trouble with your Boston Ivy. Our team is always available to help out the moment that things don't seem right.

Happy Gardening!

Year 2 Review

I am very pleased to report that my plants are rapidly growing, and this summer produced their first round blooms. I have several of these in a row and am really happy with my purchase.

Best Shaped Hydrangea Ever

I have both Snow Queen and Ruby Slippers Oakleaf Hydrangeas. I can definitively say that Ruby Slippers has a much better form than Snow Queen Oakleaf Hydrangea. The form is tidy, dense, and compact, and the flowers rest nicely right on top of the foliage. It's also tough as my roofers dumped a pile of old roof decking and shingles on top of one of my Ruby Slippers Oakleaf Hydrangeas and broke several branches, but it is bouncing right back.

Hardy and Fierce

I bought one of these last summer. It was healthy upon arrival and was a fighter - remaining robust until the Fall frost shut it down. This plant seems to be a fairly slow grower - but I can work with that.
I'm looking forward to purchasing several more in the Spring to help complete the vision I have for my front yard. Thank you!

Great fragrance

I have several varieties of dianthus. This Raspberry Ruffles variety smells heavenly. I grow them in containers all along the railing of my porch.

Great little hydrangeas

These guys arrived small and in really nice condition. I didn't get to plant them right away but kept them out of direct sun and watered and they did fine. Planted them in a narrow bed around my bay window. They didn't do so well over the summer but I was hand-watering and other, better established hydrangeas in this area did fine. Even still, they tried to crank out the blooms - I got 3-4 blooms on tiny plants and they kept trying to put out new leaves. All plants survived the heat and a major freeze. This is a north facing bed but we just had a record hot summer so I'm hoping for them improve this year with better established root growth.

Great hydrangeas!

Plants arrived small, but in great condition. I followed instructions and planted in two full whiskey barrels - looking for a cascade over the edges of the barrels. Plants had all summer/fall to establish themselves, and even in the worse drought in history they tripled in size. They set a ton of flower heads but just didn't finish opening before fall. Expecting a really nice display this year!

Flowers til December in Philly!

I'm a beginner gardener and have several plants from Great Garden Plants in my balcony "garden". I've been pleased with all of them, but this dianthus has been amazing. I'm in Philadelphia, and there were flowers on it until DECEMBER! (Ordered and planted in spring 2022 btw, writing review in Jan 2023.) My favorite plant out of all of them!

Mini Holiday Christmas Tree ('Green Giant' Arborvitae)

Beautiful tree. Came larger than expected with a shiny red wrapped pot and an ornament!
No broken branches or browning. Will probably buy again next year if offered.


I left a one star on my review, since then I will say that they did an excellent job on customer service and refunded the full amount. Had no more in stock, but I will order again when in stock. Could not just edit my review so in fairness to them I left it here.

Beautiful plant!

It's been settling in for a few months now and is thriving! I can't wait for Spring!

Spanish Lavender Grab Bag
L.S. (Maryland)
One Obviously Weak

Delivery was fine, although upon examining the plants, one was obviously struggling. It had very little green growth and some brittle ends were broken, indicating dry/dead stems. All planted within a few days but that same one has not survived - it is now all brown, brittle, and shows no growth. The rest look fine and even showed some growth before the colder weather set in.

Hello! We are sorry to hear about your issues with our Lavender. Your plants are covered under our fall warranty which is until May 31 ,2023. Please send pictures of any plant you have question about to along with your order # and name and we will gladly send you replacements in the spring.

Buddleia Pugster Blue® - Butterfly Bush
david a. (North Carolina)
great product

They arrived in great shape looked beautiful and are doing great

So very sad

It is with broken heart and tired minds, that I have to report that my beautiful Tuf-Stuff Mountain Hydrangeas have died. They were so beautiful when they arrived to me. But overly hot (115) days & nights (80's) and now drought watering restrictions only 3 days a week and now cold to freezing temps (29 to 35) have done my beautiful Drama Mama's in. I tried everything during the heat and everything during this horrible cold to keep them alive. I truly am depressed about them. I have a very tiny front yard and I am desperately trying to bring in some flowers, besides roses (not much of a rose fan). So I am now looking for something else and I will eventually find something, but I took such loving care of these, and they could no longer stay. So depressed...

Hello! We're sorry to hear that you've had a difficult gardening season. It is more likely that your hydrangeas have gone dormant and are not dead. It is normal for hydrangeas to lose their foliage in winter. Once spring returns, your hydrangea should bounce right back to life! If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email us at, as we are always happy to help diagnose any potential problems.

Dolce® 'Apple Twist' Coral Bells
Anonymous (North Carolina)

I have a lot of HEUCHERA forever red and apple twist are my favorites!
Do exceptionally well in pots, they thrive on neglect, don’t like to much fertilizer
They don’t like to much hot summer sun either. Just watch if the heave out of soil in winter need to be replanted a little further down in soil . The flowers attack hummingbirds and they are perennial in my area zone 7B.

I know I am going to love this in my phlox garden

Your plants always arrive in great condition

Yellow Creeping Jenny
N.W. (Alabama)

It arrived very well packaged. It is thriving and looks super happy.

Healthy plant!

Very happy how the holiday decorations came up.