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Double Knock Out® Rose
M.D. (North Carolina)
Beautiful, just like all the others

I have purchased several knockout roses from Great Garden Plants and have
been delighted with the quality, price and shipping of these plants.

Not really satisfied

It came in not good condition, particularly dry because of long time sipping. I was planting it right away and now I don’t know if it’s alive or no, because outside cold and plants look with out foliage like die. We’ll see it when will be spring time.

We apologize that you received plants that are not up to our standards. As we try our best to provide exceptional service, some factors, like shipping and handling, are outside our control, and issues like this can sometimes happen. Most often, plants bounce back quickly once they've found a home in your garden. As it is the colder months, your new plant has most likely gone dormant. This does not mean your plant is dead but is just resting until spring. Rest assured, we have a guarantee on all our plants. Our fall guarantee covers plants received after September 1 until May 2023!

'Blaze' Climbing Rose
E.B.H. (Georgia)
Blaze Climbing Rose

The plant took off when I planted it.
Hope the root system is well established can't wait till spring.

Doing Nicely

I ordered 4 plants to be companions to my Pugster Blue butterfly bushes. They were small plants, but I could tell they were ready to grow and thrive. I planted them and they have doubled in size. It’s easy to tell when they grow because the new foliage is a lovely red shade. It deepens to a nice dark green. I can’t wait to see them bloom next year. I believe they will mature quickly.

My climbing rose looks like it is struggling against the Utah icy morning temps. I am hoping it survives its first winter. Initially took on new growths it arrived as a healthy plant.

Tater Tot® Arborvitae
D.B. (District of Columbia)
love tater tot

I purchased the tater tot at the worst time of year, late fall. Hope they survive the winter, but so far have been through about a week of light nightly frosts and they are doing just fine. They are very small, about 6-10 inch balls, and very cute. They look so proper but on a small scale. It would be really cool to have a small 10 inch high hedge, but I have spaced mine with a small lavender variety.

Fire Spinner® Ice Plant
P.S. (Missouri)

Great prompt response

Petite Knock Out® Rose
D.G. (Arizona)

I ordered four Petite Knockout roses for indoor in our family room. They
arrived in oerfect condition and are thriving beautifully. New blooms and
buds. I love these roses, they take care of themselves and do their thing. and
we just enjoy.
plants outdoors in pots.

Emerald green arborvitae

We planted it a month or so ago and watered daily. Now that the cold is setting in, will water less if any time at all. I love the Emerald Green. It is so pretty and smells so earthy! I cannot wait until spring to see how it begins to grow. I buy all my plants and shrubs from Great Garden Plants and have always had a great experience with the company.

5 star

Absolutely happy with my trees and the customer service you guys provided.

Beautiful plants struggling to survive

The plants were gorgeous and looked very healthy, although large for the four inch pots they came in. The soil in the small pot did not show any evidence of being root bound, so I planted them. They started wilting and went down hill. I discovered that inside the four inch pot the roots were tightly contained in a tiny mesh starter container and extremely root bound. They died despite my attentiveness and efforts to save them.

Hello! The mesh that you are referencing is called a 'Growcoon'! These biodegradable cocoons are used on plants that like their soil to be drier. When the plant starts as a plug, these help them develop a sturdy root system and provide great drainage. They are harmless to the plant, even when planted in your garden, and are helpful to the plant and it's developing root system.

Please email pictures of the plants to, making sure to put your order number and name in the subject line so that we may provide the best assistance possible. Rest assured, we have a guarantee on all our plants. Our fall guarantee covers plants received after September 1 until May 2023!

Arctic Sun® Dogwood
P.J. (Massachusetts)

I lost them, I think they were a little too small. I tried/trying to grow them inside but we'll see. I don't think that it would be fair to rate you because I ordered them look late in the season. I'll give you another chance in the spring. Perry Jordan

Hello! Thank you for your feedback. We do ship young plants, however, we only ship plants with well established root systems. Also, all of our plants should be planted outdoors. Rest assured, we have a guarantee on all our plants. Our fall guarantee covers plants received after September 1 until May 2023!

October planting

Seven quart-sized Pugster Periwinkle butterfly bushes arrived in October well packaged but slightly dry. With watering they hydrated well and were set outside and then planted en mass within two days in full sun. Now that it is the end of November in zone 8a, they have produced some new leaves and will be wonderful color contrasting next to white roses in the spring.

Beyond pinked

Love these plants..all four are doing great and even have blooms already!!

Time will tell!!

I bought 2 small Lil Kim Violet roses of Sharon, now planted. They’ve lost their leaves for winter. Won’t know til spring if they survived. By then the 60-day guarantee will have expired. The guarantee is useless, and my little plants are “on their own” now for the winter. I hope they will survive!!!
Charles S Bullington

Hello! Our fall guarantee covers plants received after September 1 until May 31, 2023.

So nice!

The plants arrived fresh and healthy and quickly bloomed, even in the cool fall weather.

New plants

Your plants were packaged well and we were able to remove them without damage. We got them into the ground right away and they are now growing well. This includes the coral bells and coneflowers as well. We tell you how they look in the spring.

Kodiak® Red Diervilla
k. (Missouri)
Very happy with these!

Plants arrived this Fall very healthy with excellent root systems, and were a nice size. They showed no shock at all with planting nor since. I’m excited to see what they do next year with the flowers and whether they’ll turn red (the spot I planted 5 of them is mostly shade).


My plants arrived in good shape. They are healthy and putting on new growth even in late November. Thanks for sending healthy nice plants.

Doing great. Will see after winter

Nice plants, fast shipping, great customer service.

One plant failed to thrive, and they replaced it immediately. Thanks!

Yin® David Viburnum
K.H. (Florida)
Healthy plants growing well!

Took some time to find the right spot for this unique duo. Very happy to see new green leaves and healthy growth here in FL. Thank you! Great company to work with.

Mr and Mrs Berry

Well Mrs Berry looks ok still has her leaves but no berries but did not expect to. But Mr berry for some reason lost all his leaves so right now he looks like a stick. Will see what happens next.year

Shade Grab Bag
M.P. (Georgia)
Amazing shade plants!

I received two shade plant grab bags. The plants were very healthy and are still doing well outside even now that the temperatures have dropped. I am very pleased with the plants I received.

Time will tell

As explained to the rep, plant came too late to plant, so he is overwintering in the breezeway. We shall see if Mr. Poppins pops in spring.

Hello! Typically orders ship seamlessly thanks to our shipping calendar, where you can select your ship date. We apologize for the delay in our team getting back to you and the shipment of your order. We appreciate your patience as we addressed the legality of shipping the other plants in your order. Restricted plants like barberry are something we take very seriously.

Rest assured, we have a guarantee on all our plants. Our fall guarantee covers plants received after September 1 until May 2023! If your Mr. Poppins does not fair well this winter, we would be happy to stand by our guarantee in the spring. Happy Gardening!