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Groundcovers- Trouble Free Shade Groundcover.  A Favorite!

Groundcovers- Trouble Free Shade Groundcover. A Favorite!

If you are looking for your own personal signature style when it comes to perennial landscaping and garden design, you might want to consider a few charming perennials that not only offer lot of character but look stellar no matter what season it is.

Groundcovers play an important role in the perennial garden.  Once planted and established ground covers will

Reduce maintenance
Forms a dense cover that discourages weeds
Provides a filler between larger plants
Help conserve moisture
Provides unity in garden design
Provides an aesthetic benefit
Reduces the cost and need for mulch

A not too well known, but favorite (owner's favorite anyway) shade ground cover to consider is Tiarella,  is a much underutilized ground cover for the shade. Tiarella are exceptional performers in the shadegarden and look great no matter what time of the year it is.  Spring brings fragrant white flowers.  But what we love most of this little beauty the 4 seasons of foliage appeal!  The maple like semi evergreen foliage alone provides 4 seasons of interest.

In the fall, as the weather cools, the foliage becomes dark and intense.  It is wonderful to watch the seasonal transformation.  This groundcover is ideal for edging along a semi-shaded area and appreciated for it's neat, tidy habit.  Little maintenance is needed except to remove spent flowers and rack out any dead leaves in the spring. 

Discover & enjoy this beauty.