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Container Gardening with Sedums

Container Gardening with Sedums

Here's your answer to a no-fuss container gardening - SEDUM!. Sedum leaves have a thick, waxy substance which store water for long periods of times.  One of the best plants for decks and hot patios as the GROW AND THRIVE with little water

Sedum - The #1 Choice for an easy to grow, drought proof sun plant
· Enjoy attractive foliage & flowers for 3+ seasons
· Requires little water
· Can grow in shallow pots with little soil or water!
· Requires little maintenance

Sedum - Spillers.  Some varieties are better trailers. Recommended varieties:
Angelina, Blue Spruce, cauticola Lidakense, Dazzleberry, ellacombianum, Firecracker, John Creech sieboldii, tetractinum, tricolor, or Wildfire

For smaller containers, we suggest selecting from the following

ColorMagic™, Tokyo Sun, acre Aureum, album Coral Carpet,  Little Missy, Love's Triangle, hispanicum Pinkie, sexangular Elatum, and SedumSod®

Planting Tips

•Select a favorite container
•Drill drainage holes if necessary
•Fill with potting mix
•Water in well initially
•Plant in full sun for best results.

Give your garden an elegant finished look with colorful containers of easy to grow Sedum. How much do we love easy?

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