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Ilex Castle Spire®
  • Castle Spire is an evergreen female holly with a pyramidal shape and red berries
  • Castle Spire is an evergreen female holly with a pyramidal shape and red berries
  • Castle Spire is an evergreen female holly with a pyramidal shape and red berries

Ilex Castle Spire®

Dramatic evergreen for year-round beauty
ZONE 5,6,7
As low as $14.99
  • Classic blue holly!
  • Dramatic pyramidal habit
  • Tiny white flowers in late spring become red berries
  • Needs male pollinator Castle Wall® nearby
  • Sets abundant fruit/berries
  • Ship size: Starter Quart
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Ilex Castle Spire® Description

  • Classic evergreen holly with handsome green foliage
  • Tall pyramidal habit is ideal for foundation plantings or hedges
  • No pruning required to maintain shape
  • Female variety – will develop berries if pollinator Castle Wall is planted nearby

Special features: Evergreen, Boxwood substitute, Hedge

Quick Facts

  • Botanical name: Ilex x meserveae 'Hachfee'
  • Common name:
    Blue holly
  • Zone:
  • Sun exposure:
    Full sun (min. 6 hrs/day) to part shade (4-6 hrs/day)
  • Delivery:
    See schedule
  • Ship form:
    Starter quart
  • Soil type:
    Moist, well-drained soil.
  • Soil moisture:
    Average. Leaves can brown if it becomes too dry too often.
  • Height x width:
    8-10' tall x 6-8' wide
  • Flower color:
  • Foliage color:
  • Season of interest:
  • Uses:
    Hedge, Specimen, Containers, Formal gardens
  • Cannot ship to:
    AK, HI
  • Patent:PP14310 i>



Soil:  Moist but well-drained soils are best. Dry soil in fall and winter (before the ground freezes) will increase the chance of winter burn.  
Light: Full sun (6+ hrs/day) to part shade (4-6 hrs/day).
Water:  Average - do not overwater, as holly can readily suffer root rot.
Space:  min 6' apart. If you are planting a male so that fruit will develop, plant it anywhere within 50' of this female variety. One male will pollinate up to 5 females.
Fertilizing:  If desired, fertilize in early spring, once the ground has thawed, with a granular rose fertilizer. A second application may be made in late spring/early summer as well.
Winterizing:  2-3" of shredded bark mulch is important to protect the shallow roots and minimize water loss. Do not allow plants to enter winter "thirsty" – dry soil during cold, windy weather is the main cause of leaf browning or even the plant dying.
Maintenance:  None required. Note that if you do trim, you are likely to remove flower and berry potential.