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Reliable evergreen color

These came well packaged and healthy, with great root systems. They've been in partially shaded to shaded locations throughout the landscape this past year and have exceeded my expectations in growth. Now it's winter and they provide a reliable color interest along pathways. I've been very pleased. I would order from Great Garden Plants again.


First time ordering from Great Garden Plants. Arrived healthy and at least the 24" tall as stated in description. They all grew more than a foot the first year and are doing great so far! Will be ordering more to fill in some more space since these can be spaced so close together.

Back for more!

My pincushion plant did very well. It's November and we have already had a few nights in the 20s here in zone 7a. This thing is still blooming! I'm going to purchase more of these when they come back in stock.

Let’s Dance

Ordered this hydrangea at the end of the season but arrived looking very healthy. Looking forward to seeing its progress in the Spring.

Lakota fire coneflower

Blooming now in November zone 8B, beautiful pinkish flowers. Butterflies love it! So far all plants from GGP arrive healthy, good sized, ready to plant.

pollypetite rose of sharon

my plant is sleeping, due to cold weather it has no leaves. cant review it until spring

Gladly return shopping

Well packaged and healthy plant. Definitely recommend!

Very happy !

-----Very satisfied with my purchase.

Love this plant

I bought these plants late spring and they have performed so well all season! I love the blue-green foliage. They are planted next to my other fern leaf dicentra but these are so much prettier. Rose colored flowers look so pretty against the foliage. I live in hot, central Texas and they continued to bloom all season. Popped an extra emitter next to their root balls and they loved it.

Wee White Hydrangea

Has worked out perfectly! Has taken well to it’s new home so far!

When my incredible hydrangeas were shipped I was worried, It was so late in the year just the shock of them being transported so far.. I am so happy to say I did everything that I was supposed to do prep wise and when they came in let them sad watered them give them time to bounce back and they are beautiful, even with no blooms yet because they’re so little they are beautiful healthy green leaves I am so excited and cannot wait till spring to see them start to bloom thank you very much. It was amazing how they were boxed and sent to me they were protected as if the person sending them was the one receiving them thank you very much I Love my plants .

Anna’s Magic Bell

It is not doing well…..I planted it in 2 days, used a transplant with B1 starter. I have used it a couple more times. It still has some green at the base of it. I keep checking and hoping it will pull through? I have. P.S. I have watered it regularly.

PeeWee has put on a set of new leaves and is doing fine.

Great service from seller, shipper found lacking.

Great Garden plants did a fabulous John with packing the plant and getting into the hands of an overwhelmed shipping company.
An extra week without light may have killed my ordered pomegranate in the long run, but customer service was prompt and impeccable to rectify the situation.

Good plant

Healthy and well-rooted!

Great packaging to insure safe arrival. Plants are in spectacular condition.
Customer service is friendly, polite and extremely helpful. There was not one negative about my interaction from start to finish.Will be my go to place to order.

Funshine® Abelia
T.N. (Tennessee)
Not impressed

Followed all instructions for planting and there has been no growth at all. I don't think they're dead (yet) but I'm not impressed with my plants.

Iron Butterfly Ironweed

I love the plant, it arrived very successfully and I planted it a day later after fishing it in water.

I have deer and am concerned that they might have tried eating the tops of a couple of the plants!

Is this a deer-resistant plant! I have somewhat if a fence around my plants, just concerned that a deer got in!?!

Thank you,

Prairie Smoke Geum
J.C. (North Carolina)
Looking good so far!!

Plants arrived neatly in their boxes.

Irish Moss
J.P.A. (Florida)
They did not survive....

The plants did not survive. I thought I would get seeds? I wanted seeds. The price is only for one small item.

Hello James!
Reach out to our team at and we'll be happy to help you with your dead plants. In regards to seeds, we do not sell seeds, we ship all of our plants as young plants as mentioned on each plant's page. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns, we're here to help.

Doing ok

Bobo is doing ok. No new growth but still looks good and green.

When will something happen?

After all this time my plants just look like green balls. They are alive but they haven't grown any flowers or anything!

Hello Raul!
It is likely your plants already bloomed in our greenhouses as the greenhouse environment is much different than your garden. You should be seeing blooms on your dianthus in early summer!

What will it do next and when?

After all this time it is alive but it has not done anything. It just looks like a green ball. When will flowers come out?

Hello Raul!
It looks like you placed your order after these plants have already bloomed. You can expect blooms for the beauties to begin in early summer!

Healthy Plants

Planted them in the fall to get a head start on root development. The plants look healthy so hoping for fantastic growth come spring.

Kismet® White Coneflower
J.M. (Illinois)

Hearty, but not as vibrant as I had hoped